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3 Important Points For Your Air Stewardess Interview With Singapore Airlines ?

Looking to become an air stewardess with Singapore Airlines ? Possibly the best airline in the world?

Known as one of the best jobs in the world, a cabin crew’s lifestyle is one of many colors, fun and laughter…

As a flight attendant, you get the chance to travel for free… experience different cultures, live in different metropolitan cities, taste different mouth watering cuisines and most importantly… meet and leave smiles in the hearts of holiday makers.

A lifestyle so envied by others… it is no wonder the selection criteria is so strict.

In order to become a full fledged flight attendant, one has to go through a series of harsh selection process and a rigorous 4 months cabin crew training course.

In a typical SIA cabin crew interview, there are a total of 6 different stages you have to go through. While the stages do change over time, the selection criteria never change.

This is because, all airline companies know who they are looking for and what kind of a candidate makes a fine cabin crew. That is to say, all the interview process is catered to discover that “inner side” of the candidate to see if they are fit for the job.

Here are 3 tips that you can use in your interview if you want to become a cabin crew:

Smile – While it is simple, a lot of candidates fail to do so during their interview process and you do not want this to be your reason to get booted out.

The aviation industry is a competitive one and a smile from an air stewardess can easily make a passenger’s day. When it comes to service, especially from an award winning airline, smile is one of the most important factor when it comes to a cabin crew selection.

Do note that nervousness and uncertainty in the interview process could lead you to focus too much on the questions asked and forget your smile.

Confidence – Another key to making a fine flight attendant is your confidence level. This is because a crew is responsible and needs to meet hundreds of passengers on a flight. That includes talking and handling emergency.

If you lack that confidence… how can any passenger feel comfortable and safe with you up in the air?

Personality – This might be a bit subjective but here is why it is important to you, especially if you are going for your flight attendant interview.

If you can’t display a side of you that keeps the interview wanting to know more about you, then your chances of getting through is gone. In a typical SIA walk in interview, there are thousands of other hopefuls like you wanting to get the job.

If your answers are the usual “classroom answers”, your chance of getting past the interview will be cut.


“I’m very pleased to find that Cabin Crew Secrets has helped me learn insights in an organized and systematic manner.

Cabin Crew Secrets also provides actual answers to sample questions during the interviews rather than just leaving the reader empty-handed at informing them of the sample interview questions only.

In fact, I’d be surprised if a lot cabin crew hopefuls aren’t already purchasing this manual!”

– Jess

See what Jess is talking about here — Insider Cabin Crew Tips



  1. hey…
    thanx for Ur wonderful tips…i have a according to u Wat shud b the weight in proportion to the height of 5’2… coz chart wise i fit into the criteria…but sq girls really seem very fit yet underweight…though i m proportionate in my weight i look kinda extra healthier…. do they also take average physique gals o they look only for actress-like -postures…can u help pls….

    • ammie…

      they are looking for stewardess right ? not runway models… and most of the time.. it is the “illusion” the kebaya creates… there are many flight attendants with average physique…

      • Hello kristine, am i able for this job. im 154 in height and 43 in my weight?

      • dear… you need to be at least 158cm… =/

  2. hieee……
    thanku so mch for ur response…

  3. Hihi

    I had emailed you at Hope to hear from you soon! =)

  4. i wan to be air stewardess how can i be one of your? i know its not easy but i will love to know more

  5. hello kristene,i just wat to know that something from u, i appliesd 4 singapore airline interview but my height doesn’t reach 158 my height is almost near to it, so it will be a negative point for me or not?

    • Hi dear,

      yes, its a negative point due to safety issues. But if its very near, you can still try… they used to have a height test, for girls who are 157 or 157.5. But apprently, I heard from the last interview, they took that out. I am not sure if they will put that height test back in again… depending on how badly they want new crews…

      if they do, then you might be subjected to the height test to see if you can clear the height.

      hope this helps.

  6. Hi kristine,i just want to know that,may i able to be a cabin crew in SIA even though i’m a malaysian?

    • hi geraldine,

      of cos you can… there are openings in for SIA crew in Malaysia at the moment at Kuching and Ipoh.

      SIA is an international airline and recruit Taiwanese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Indians, Malaysians,
      Indonesians, Singaporeans(Duh), Thais( hopefully soon )

      • Hi Kristine, i’m Malaysian also, do u think i can try the interview at Singapore? Anything still need if i want to apply air stewardess?

      • Hi dear,

        yes you can apply for the interviews in Singapore =)

        Well.. as long as you meet the minimal requirement as stated in SQ website.

  7. hey,kristine..
    im bracesing i qualify enough to be an air-stewardess?
    will SIA employee me?

    • Well,

      I’ll be honest, it’ll lower yr chances, you can’t fly with braces on. Unless you are removing it in the next 3 months or so.

  8. HI,
    May i know, if i’ve a tattoo on my ankle area can i still go for it?can i like wear stocking to cover it? if the kebaya long enough to cover is it ok?
    And, may i know,for the different stages is in one shot interview or another day?how long will an interview takes?

    Pls get back to me asap. Thank you very much…

  9. this 19th is my intervw..n i have no idea what to study n do research for the managmnt round 😦
    any tips where i can do research about the company, isu, n etc…for the managmnt round???

  10. hi kristine…there are few question i would like to ask…now im 19 and my height is about 163 and 164 and my weight is u think i did past the minimum requirement?what we should wear on the day of interview?
    can you list out what is the task in the all 6 stage you mentioned…
    appreciate your valuable advise…thank

    • hello dear,

      its quite obvious you do meet the height… didnt you read the requirements ?

      Formal wear is recommended in my view…

      as of task…. just answer what they ask lo… keke… no special task la

  11. thanks for the wonderful tips that you given to me

  12. Hi Kristine,

    I’m keen in going for the interview.

    But i’ve light toned hair as i was a hair model.
    So is it a INSTANT cut if i showed up with “dyed” hair ? 😦

    thank you.

    • as long as its dark natural colours.. you should be alright =)

  13. Hey kristine, for the kebaya fitting round. Will they check the back for acne, because im currently undergoing treatment for acne on my lower back. its not on the upper back.

    thank you

  14. hi dear,
    just wanted to know when is SIA going to conduct interviews in chandigarh.Can u tell me the details of upcoming interviews.

    • err.. I wun know dear.. but you can check from the company’s main site.

      You can access them easily with link on the right hand side of the blog on “recruitment news”

  15. Hi Kristine,

    I’m so glad tht I got the offer. I’m gonna start my training in Sept. I’m so happy but at the same time nervous too. he he. So, I hv few questions here.

    1. Do we have to buy our own mid and big size luggage?

    2. Do SIA provide some kind of housing allowance or loan for expats for the first 4 months of training?

    3. Is it true that the tailor-made kebaya size can’t be changed once it is made. Just in case tht you lose or gain some inches?

    • Yes.. they are not sponsored… unless they got damaged during duty.. then the company will help with some subsidies =)

      Yes, that is why for Malaysians, the bond is slightly longer…

      Nope, for 2 years, you will wear the kebaya that is tailored made for you, after that, you can go for refitting if.. need be..=)

  16. Hi Kristine,

    Hope you are doing well..

    I know i have been asking u too many Question so far..but hopefully this just the last one..:P

    my eyesight is minus 2.75..and i usually use contact lenses..but off lately, i have been using colored contact lenses?
    Is it fine to wear colored contact lenses for the interview..or do i just wear contacts with my original eye color??..since my eye number is really high , will that b a problem??

    Also, Like i mentioned earlier, my first round of interview is in the next week on 28th of Aug…and i will b buying your manual hopefully by tomorrow or Monday.. Will a weeks time be sufficient enuf to prepare for the interview through your manual..Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you Kristine,

    Awaiting your reply

    Warm Regards,

    • hello dear,

      no colored lens =), normal contact lens would be fine =)

      For “eyesight” wise, as long as you can see with glasses, there should be no problem. Anyway, you will only go through this after your interview, in the medical should you pass all the stages =)

  17. hi kristine,

    im 162 and my weight is about 45 to 46. Am I under weight? Well im 18. Im going to further my studies on tourism. Unfortunately i failed my maths on my SPM examination. Is it a negative point for me to become a cabin crew? Is tourism a good field for cabin crews? I totally love when it comes to hospitality.

    Thank you Kristine,

    Your reply will be appreciated =)

    • cal your BMI dear, that should give u a good indication =)

      and no.. they go by credits.. not subjects.. except for english… =)

  18. Hi Kristine

    Tommorow i’ll have an intervew, guess i found this site too late. Still i would like to ask , you awready said that casual clothes are good for the intervew, but i am towd from everyone around me to wear a certain suit. It reminds a bit of a stewardess outfit, it is elegant and thay think that would be best for an intervew. I am verry confused sens for some reason i feel like it might have the oposit efect. We must present awso two pictures, and i thought maybe it would be better if i am with the suit on the pictures and casual clothes on the intervew.
    You’re answer will be truly valuable, even thou it might be too late having in mind I askd so little before the intervew.

    Thank you Kristine

    With best regards,

    • I never say casual dear…

      I say office working attire… which is not casual at all.. but if its in yr culture to wear the suit, why not bring it along with yr office wear… afterall.. all you need is just to put on the suit..

      and.. pls read through the post again.. never was one time i mention casual… cos my main recommendation is always office attire.. not too formal.. not too casual..

  19. will they consider candidates with tattoos?

  20. dear Kristine,

    jus to ask, i hav a visible scar on my elbow…is it acceptable for cabin crew?

    • dear…

      it really depends on yr scar if its big or small.. and if its obvious or not…

      I mean.. no doubt scars is a factor… but its also quite subjective you know…

      • hi Kristine,
        thx for ur reply~

        ok…it is quite visible so i dun really dare to try cabin crew interview in d past…

        but my family & friends are encouraging to try the cumin interview at grand hyatt on 6th….they said dat d sleeve are long enuf to cover my scar…

        anyway, i decided to gif a try~ as u said, it is also quite subjective sumtimes~
        thx kristine 🙂

        wish me luck~ haha….:)

  21. Hi Kristine,
    I am glad to find out this website..
    I would like to ask you whether a chinese nationality stand a chance for interview? As the website indicates that only singaporean or malaysian can be apply.
    I am not a Singapore PR yet, but i have been living here for 8 years. I had my secondary and poly education here.
    Thank you very much!

    • hi dear..

      I believe they do hold international interview for chinese crew.. but its back in China that is =)

  22. Hi Kristine,

    I am happy to find out this website here, you done a great job 😀 I am planning to go for the interview on the 11th Dec in Malaysia. I would like to ask you some questions here. My skin condition is not that good actually, I have some acne marks, acne and blemishes on my face which is not really invincible and can be covered by concealer. Is this acceptable?

    Thanks alot!

    • Hi snowy,

      you just have to go and try.. but I’ll be frank, chances are slim.. its just that if you dun go, chances are 0%. So.. you can still go try for it, but with marks and all.. you just have to prepare yourself for the worst =)

      sorry for being so frank…

  23. Dear Kristine, i want to order your book but i don’t have credit card, can i bank in to u?

  24. i want to be air stewardess but in the same time i’know its not can u share with me about that

  25. Do they hire filipinos who are non-permanet residents of singapore?

  26. hi kristine, i would like to ask if kerbaya has sizes? what are the available sizes? I’m slight plump and i am not sure if i can fit into the kebaya. Please advice. Thanks

    • hi dear..

      I am sorry but the sizes are “tailored made”. meaning.. all the kebayas are leftovers of previous crew who contribute or donate back to the company. So… the only thing I can say is.. you need to see how the sq girls are.. which is roughly what you’ll get in sizes…

  27. Hi. can i ask you regarding the interview, what type of make up do i need?

  28. Hi kristine,

    I planned to attend for the cabin crew interview in the coming january… Wat entire should i wear and is it my BMI should be ideal because my weight is 45kg and 161 height im consider as under weight..but i realy interest in this field…

    Appreciate your reply soon.
    Best regards,

    • Like I say, under is better than over.. so.. as long as its not too far off, its ok…

      Attire ? My advise is always go in office wear… though some will still go through in jeans and all.. but what we want to do here
      is to create good first impression as oppose to trying to win with answers and all..

      If you can combine first impression and good answers.. oviously, yr chances are even better..

    • hi kristine,
      thank you for the reply, you answer realy help me alot..


    • hi kristine ,
      may i know when will be the first SIA cabin crew interview in malaysia 2011??
      hope to hear from you soon…thanks=)


      • ha ha.. erm..

        The link on the right side of the blog will give you the notice once its posted =)

  29. hi kristine!

    i would like to ask is it ok if i have 4 small moles on my face and a small light scar on my left palm? Do you know when is the upcoming airstewardess interview?

    Peini (:

  30. Hi Christine. I’ve got a B for o levels English but unfortunately failed my GP for a levels. Do I still meet the criteria?

    • err… whats your highest edu level ??

      go for the highest edu level.. not individual subjects..

  31. hai kristine 🙂

    I’m dinda, and I come from Indonesia. I would like to say that I really like your notes, because my dream is become SQ stewardess.haha. So I think you have been give me some help to know about this think. the reason why I want to be a stewardess is so much reason that appear in my head –“, so I think this a goal in my life. I really hope that more notes, or anything that I’ve got, it can help me to be like you 😀

    Thank you so much, Regards
    Adinda 😉

  32. Hi Kristine. (:

    Need to seek some advice from you. I have many freckles on the cheeks of my face. Does it affect my interview in the skin check round? 😦

  33. Hi Kristine,

    Love your website, keep up the good work!

    I meet the requirements (have to double check height soon), but do you think I’ll be at a disadvantage, applying for an SIA cabin crew position, because I’m currently not residing in S’pore at the moment?

    However, I will be in town for the walk-in interview, and would be able to fly back IF I get called back for medical checks/training.


    • yes..

      because you will be based in singapore… for all flights go in and out from here…

      I mean.. if you are not staying here.. then.. obviously its going to be a bit of a problem..

  34. Hi, I’d like to know a few things. Firstly, will they check for scars on your legs?
    And secondly, SIA has just announced that they are flying to Brazil in time to come so if i mention im half brazilian in the interview, would it be an advantage or disadvantage as it may seem that i dont FULLY represent the ”singapore girl”? Lastly, what are some questions they’ll ask in interviews? I’ve heard some hear-say claiming that they ask the simplest questions like “what are your hobbies” and some other things.

    • Yup, thats some of the questions they’ll ask =)

      no.. it doesn’t give you any advantages…

      and for leg scars, they’ll just scan through.. its more for the neck and lower arms area that they will be more concern about.

  35. Hi Kristine,

    your information above is very helpful. I want to try to apply, but i have some questions. is there any age restrictions? and for the bachelor degree, do we need to meet the minimum level of GPA? and my height is 170 cm and i’m 50 kg. i wonder whether i’ll be too tall or not :S

    For your attention, i would like to say thank you very much.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi dear,

      recommendation is to go before 30.

      GPA is… ?? For edu wise, as long as you have a degree, then they will take your degree as benchmark.

      No, certainly not =)

  36. Hi Kristine,

    I’am Lisa here from singapore there would be a walk-in interview on Feb 19 2011.So excited ,yet nervous ,i really hope to get in because i did my research and tips from my sister who taught me on how to present myself to the interviewer and for what i think is to make the interviewer feel convince about your answer . Thanks for giving us tips on how to handle the suitation ,is it alright if i wear white top and a cardigan over it plus a black skirt ?

  37. Hi Kristine,

    On the current SQ requirement it didn’t state the age limit. Therefore I need some advice here, should I go for the interview as am a lady who is in early 30s, have many years of customer service experience and overall I am slim and people commented that I do look young.

    Thank you and appreciate your time taken in answering my question.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Sam,

      As you age, the chances are lower.. but it does not mean you can’t get them (because there are no black and whites)

      This means that you need to be really very good and have very good reasons why they should pick you over the rest…

      The best age I’ve seen so far are between 22 – 26

  38. I’m turning 32years of age.Am I still eligible to apply for the cabin crew position. Thought of going for the 19th Feb walk in interview. Or I dont stand a chance at all?

    • I can only say.. chances are slim..

      but you never know till you’ve tried

  39. Hola kristine,

    I would like to ask you, will the interviewer be particular with the teeth? is it a must to have a totally straight teeth? because i have some vampire teeth but they are all in order.

    Hope to hear from you. =D

    • Hi eve,

      that is pretty subjective. Teeth is one of the things they look for.. but not in exact details..

      as long as its not too bad.. minor minor defaults is ok de..

  40. Hi Kristine,

    Chinese new year was just over, and I’m heading for a toughest interview tomorrow that I ever heard which is SIA cabin crew interview.

    I’m 23, just graduated from one of the Malaysia U, and honestly i don’t have any working experience. According to the Malaysian requirements, will I pass their qualification when I register?

    If not, can I fill in with my 2 months part-timer boutique sales or part-time freelance modelling/event,shows girls/usherette, or part-time chinese dry meat sales, or internship with an event company? Please advice. Thanks:) Have a nice day!

    • Hi dear.. as long as you are a degree student.. you qualify.

      Always take the highest edu as yr bench mark

  41. hi kristine,

    i see that you have speedy replies on yr site and have learnt quite a bit from reading them.

    Think im the first guy to comment here.

    Im 25 years old, army-shaved hair. height 190. am i too tall to be a steward?

    im taking my degree now.

    Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    • Nope.. you’re not the first guy =P

      actually.. I haven’t seen steward that tall… i suppose 1.9 is really very tall.. lol..

      have you considered other airlines that have caucasians ? because.. they are very tall as well.. and 1.9 may just be very average to them =)

  42. Hi,
    I would like to know why are the airlines so strict with having good complexion.
    Will they accept me as my skin is the type which will have breakouts during pms otherwise slight enlarge pores on the cheek areas. Thanks

    • Well.. for a start,

      it is the gracious, feminine image that gave SQ girls an edge over the rest…

  43. hi kristine,

    i would like to ask u sumthing..
    when the next interview for cabin crew? is it true it will be held on 26th February?

    • 26 Feb if I am not wrong is for malaysians in KL… =)

  44. Hi, i would like to know, how long is a contract with SIA after the training? and we from malaysia have to be based in singapore?

    • hi dear,

      contract is 5 years.. for Malaysian.. bond is 21 months (excluding 4 month training).

      and yes.. you will be based in singapore.

  45. hi kristine, i have an approx 3-4cm scratch-like scar on my neck. will it affect my chances of qualifying?? 😦

  46. Hi Kristine,

    I have a scar at my leg and few marks at lower arms.
    Will they really check the scar at leg? and for the marks at lower arms, they are not really obvious…. would it be fine?

    Thank you so much!

    • dear.. scar wise is subjective cos it really depends how obvious it is..

      leg is less impt.. so dun worry too much about them.. as for lower arms.. what marks are you talking about ? and since they are not obvious, you can go try for the interview..

  47. Hello… I just want to know if body shape really matters if u want to be a SQ cabin crew… Wat i meant was not plus size/fat but chubby?

    • hi dear,

      it matters… but its not for you or me to say or qualify ourselves but rathe how the interviewer see it. As long as you are within healthy BMI range, I suggest you give it a shot. =)

  48. Hi Kristine,

    Lisa here ,i went for the interview on 19 feb but i failed ): sad.I think i did a bad introduce about myself i never speak much think i was too nervous or what my mind totally went blank i even forgot to say i take up Japanese too arr…seriously disppointed in myself.They just asked us to give a brief introduce about yourself and what is your fav food and why.But i am trying again on the 2 april this time i will do much better.

  49. Hello,Kristine,

    I am esther.Nice to meet u.^^
    i am 17 years old tis year..but i very intresting in this cabin crew job..i decide next year whn finish SPM exam thn go to interview..but i have many question wanna to my height is 158.weight is u think i have chance to pass the requirement??tis cabin crew job need take any course or not??

    Hope u can reply me as soon as well.
    Thank you.=)

    • Hi dear,

      your height and weight met the basic requirement so.. there should be no issue at all. As for courses, you will have a training course after you pass the interview. =)

  50. Hello,I would like to know 18 years old can interview for it???if can,when is the next interview date??

    • Hi dear,

      age is NOT an issue… but its your qualification that matters. That is to say, you need to meet the basic edu requirement. For details, pls visit SIA website for interview dates and requirements..

  51. i love to be a cabin crew.. but i wan to knw. i just having my n level and can i apply for this job!!!

    • Dear,

      I am afraid not… you need to meet the basic requirements first… =/

  52. hi hristine,i jus get my spm result..i’m worried i’m nt be qualified coz my BI paper take gred wil be affect?

    • yes dear…

      erm.. SPM is NOT the min requirement… pls dun get it mistaken.. cos SPM only qualifies if it is combineed with relevant work exp..

      It would be better if you further yr studies before trying out for cc dear.. getting a diploma or STPM is a lot safer.. be it for the job or even in your future

  53. thx 4 ur reply dear…tat means spm level mus combineed wit relevant work exp la..nw i’m working as a receptionist if after 1 year i try to interview izit i qualifies???

  54. Hi Kristine,

    Your replies really helps a lot and I hope you could help me too… I just currently withdraw from my polytechnic and have a 4 credits O and a year of experience in customer service, do you think it’s alright for me to try it out?

    hope to hear your reply soon….

    • Hi Nur,

      there are no 2 ways when it comes to edu requirements.. you need to meet the basic, which in yr case should be 5 Os inc english..

  55. Hi Kristine,

    Was wondering can i apply for this coming 2 april intake , i’ll be graduating on 26 May.So now i don’t have my diploma cert yet?

    • Hi dear,

      at this point, its safer to get yr diploma cert first cos you need them for verification.

  56. I have short sighted in both my eyes(500 smtg).am i still eligible?
    it can be corrected by contact lenses though…


    • Hi dear,

      i can only speak for myself base on my case. Mine was 350 and I had no problems with it. So.. I dun see yrs a problem too =)

  57. Hi Kirstine,

    But is it possible if i show them my letter of confirmation that i’ll be graduating on May .Think i can try ba..

    • you can try dear =)

      No fixation on rules, as long as you can convince them =)

  58. Hello Kristine.I’d like to check with you,if I already finish my SPM last year can I go for interview on the 2nd April?

    • hello dear,

      SPM is not the basic requirement… its STPM…

      for SPM, you need to come with relevant work exp in hospitility and in addition, i believe there is a certain grade for english pass, pls check the website for more details on the edu requirements.

      and as of now.. actually.. I would recommend you getting at least a dip or complete yr STPM before trying out for the job. First off, it makes things alot easier in terms of how people look at you and second of all, it is also to lay a better path for your future as well should you decide you want to move onto something else in life.

  59. N is it a mz dat being a cabin crew mz noe hw to swim??

  60. Hello, Kristine… I’m graduating very soon this June 2011 as a degree holder, so can i know when is the next interview in Penang?

  61. Hello Kristine,

    I’m very interested in being a cabin crew, I’m very cheerful and will always carry a smile but I’m quite big sized (55kg/162cm), butt quite big (don’t think its a good thing!) and have small acnes on my forehead 😦

    I am thinking if I should try for the coming interview cos SIA only seems to choose girls with flawless complexion and slim-built type and chances for me will definitely be almost zero.

    Also for the skin check, do they check our backs and legs? And about how many candidates will they pick out of the whole lot?

    Sorry for the whole loads of questions.
    Looking forward to your reply!

    Thanks! 🙂

    • hi dear,

      if you dun try.. you wun know ya ? and these are things, ie, yr weight, that you can do something about it no ?

      1) Nope, they dun.

      2) it depends…. especially on the number needed for company expansion and attrition rate. So.. I dun have an exact answer for that..

  62. hi kristine,

    i’m a student who had just passed my spm last yr(2010). but my birthdate is on the 22 sept. so i will only be 18 by then, to be exact. there’s an interview for MAS on 7 may. can i apply for the interview? do they count for the exact age or just a rough counting?

    other than that, my mum also told me that to apply for the job, i must know how to make-up. air stewardess interviews need thick make-ups. is that true?

    • hi dear… pls read my latest post…

      you should find my answer there…

  63. Hello Kristine,

    I found your blogs after searching in Google.
    It helps me a lot before I go for SIA Cabin Crew Recruitment in Thailand.
    In 2010, I failed in fitting Kebaya round. I can’t explain how I was depressed.
    It’s good news for me for SIA cabin crew recruitment in 2011,Thailand.
    I will try my best as I can! I hope I will have a chance to join SIA in someday.

    Nice to meet you here ! 🙂

  64. vanakkam,kristine…

    im am jz 17 years old tz year..2weeks ago there was road show held in my skul..i got registered my name there…luckily i rcved de msg 4m cabin crew,,n gave a notice that i can attend de interview tz jun during skul holidays,,n if qualified nx year jan will be de training 4 me,,nowdays im olwas speaking in english although im an indian…madam,,could u plz,bring me in a right way to prepare 4 an interview..n oso plz give me some advices that relevant to the job,,,,im expecting a lot 4m u madam,,,thank you,,, 🙂

  65. How’sa going Kristine

    What happens after stages of interview and medical check up:

    1) How SIA will contact me if I pass/fail? and within how many weeks I should keeps my hope up?
    2) Do I get training in KL or Singapore, if I interviewed in KL?
    3) How many days from 1st interview to training starts (in your case)? (prepare my resignation letter for current employer)
    4) Does SIA provides accommodation facility if the training located in Singapore? (a problem for me while all my friend living in KL & Aus, can’t find a place & temporary bunk with friends at start)
    5) How long is the term of employment contract? (i heard some 2 years and some 5 years)

    • Hi Calvin,

      1) Call = pass, letter = fail — depends on your start date and available date. Usually you will know your results within 2 weeks.
      2) Singapore
      3) depends on yr available date, fastest should be within 4 – 6 weeks.
      4) Nope. they dun. They will give temp housing for 1 week or a month i think, so.. you need to get your own lodging within that period.
      5) 5 years Contract – BOND period is 24 months for malaysians

      • I have another Q,

        Do you know how much roughly (range from/to) SIA pay for training allowance? I have to do some budgeting on my living expenses during the training period while living in 11th world most expensive city.

      • 1.4k for dip and another 200 for degree holder. inc CPF =)

  66. Hello,
    I am Candii age of 25 turning 26 this coming June.
    May I know what is the age requirement for SQ ?

    • Me too, any idea for the age limit to gain entry?

      • There are no black and white in age. But Its a known fact that as you age, your chances gets lower, I would actually say.. try to go before you hit 30.

  67. will they reject me because I don’t have a straight teeth?

  68. hello,,,,mam,,,

    tanks..4 never bother me at all….

  69. I am a malaysian. I have a diploma but i failed my spm. is there a problem with that?

  70. I,m Indonesian, but now I’m in Singapore. Can I apply here? or I’ve to apply from Jakarta?

    and if yes I’ve to apply from Jakarta, does it means I must bring my application form to the office and already wearing the suitable dress since I knew it’s a walk-in-interview?

    Thanks in advance, Kristine 🙂

    • Hi dear,

      you need to apply back in Indonesia cos its slightly different in the stages.

      Yup.. its the same as in applying here in sg.

  71. thanks ur answer 🙂
    btw do you know how long the walk-in-interview period in Jakarta? cos i didn’t found bout it.

    • err.. what do you mean by “how long” ?? frequency or interview duration ?

  72. hello madam..the next interview is next month ryt???how they will invite me to walk in interview,,will they contact me??or i hv to get them?

    • erm, you have to go to their website and see the application details dear =)

    • Yo Avreel, is better you sharpen your English proficiency. If you have problem on defining “walk in interview”, my second guess is you have problem with your English (with no offence friend). Your chance at 1st stage interview will be in jeopardy, because the first round is to filter out the English proficiency, confidence of speech, preparation & etc.
      All the best, same to me.

  73. Hi kristene,
    How do they normally measure our height?
    I saw somebody commented that she was 159 n yet she
    could not reach a line which is suppose to be the height of the compartment and she was booted out.I am also 159 so when i read d comment i m a little concern cos i thought i m safe if i m already 159.

    • On the average, at 159, she should be able to reach. You wun be asked to touch the line unless they doubt your height or very border line cases. But generally, most people at 159 shouldn’t have a problem.

      It is done with a height scale.

  74. hey, im 16 this year but been wanting to become SIA stewardess since i was a kid. i was born in malaysia but im half english. i can speak fluent malay and english (also thinking of learning mandarin). my height is around 165 and my weight is around 44kg. i really look british at not malaysian at all, is not a problem right?
    – i have some question here: –

    1) is it true tht you have you get at least 5 credits in your spm?
    2) what course should i take in college for further studies? will hospitality be good?
    3) i have some freckles on my face due to the hot sun but im having some treatment to get rid of them. will if affect?

    thank you so much for your time 🙂

    • hi dear,

      1) pls read through the edu requirement in the application site =)
      2) erm, depends on how you want to curve or draw your route map in the future. ie, IF you are not a cabin crew, would you still go the hospitality route ?? if not, then why are you studying it ?? So.. study something which you really like and want to make a career out of, be it anywhere or any job.
      3) You mentioned that you are having some treatment ya ? And its going to be 2 more years before you can attend the intefview.. so.. theres still time =)

      • thnk you so much 🙂

  75. Hi kristine,

    I’m from Thailand and i would like to know whether air stewardess accept thai people or not, because i really want to become air stewardess..

    thankyouu 🙂

  76. Hi girl please help me here,

    im a very fair chinese girl, normal weight 162cm and 48kg, pleasant, smooth and nice skin, no tattoo or scars but i have a worrying problem which is my academic studies.

    im currently in my 3rd year in diploma but i did not do well in the o levels failed 2-3(including english). Does that means that i did not qualify? If i am able to finish my diploma soon would they take it as my highest academic and disregard the olevel? Please advice thank you very much .

    • Yes dear, =)

      They’ll take your highest edu as bench mark.. so.. make sure you pass your diploma =)

  77. Hi girl,

    i will like to enquire if i attend the interview in spectacles will it be a problem?

    • no it wun be… =)

      But preferable if you wear contact.. since its the image(how you will look like as a crew) you want to portray. =)

      • Thanks lot. =)

        Anyway one more question: Will pes status affect one interview. It is due to the fact that i “keng” through my pes status- C9. However, i am totally fit. Heard that SIA do not hire male stewards with PES status being at C and below. Your help is greatly apprecitaed 🙂

      • It does in a way, mainly because some of the stuff you do as a crew requires your body to be strong, ie, lifting things etc

        You are there to take care of the passengers… obviously.. you don’t want this to turn around as the pax taking care of you or anything…

        in addition to that, if you can’t operate, other crews will have to step up to cover your duty… thus… it wun be fair to them either…

        So.. ultimately, it depends on what causes that downgrade in pes status and the company will then decide.

  78. Are we allowed to wear those freshkon big eye contacts in black/dark brown? Thanks~ 🙂

  79. Hello,english must credit ?

  80. hello,,sorry,,i have another question also~do u know when is the date of interview??i am malaysian,,can i apply singapore airlines?i need to go kuala lumpur for interview right?

  81. Hi Kristine,

    I understand the height requirement is at least 1.58m. My height is 1.53m and i know my chances of getting in is very very slim. However, i would still like to try for the interview. Like you said, you wouldn’t know until you have tried. I would just like to ask if SIA provides higher platform sandals for more petite ladies? Thank you so much.

    • hi Melissa =)

      no.. they dun provide higher platform sandals for girls. The shoes are pretty much standard, a heel one and a flat one

  82. do they take blood samples during the medical check?

  83. Hi Kristine,

    It has always been my dream to be an air stewardess since young but I’m under bad influences a couple of years back and i left 2 records of shoplifting 😥

    if I’m honest throughout the whole interview without hiding my records and I’ve already change a new leaf. Do you think will i still able to stand a chance to be part of the air crew?:'(

    • hi dear…

      well.. If I am the boss of the company.. I would give you a chance..

      but generally speaking… in reality… it will affect your chances… ultimately, this will depend on what the company have to say…

  84. Hi Kristine,

    I previously noticed there will be an interview on 9 Jul at sheraton, however i have just checked the website again and noticed it will be on 7 August, is there a change on interview date? or I have just missed out the latest interview?

  85. Dear Kristine,

    Nice and informative postings:)
    I attended my first sia interview on 9 july. I went smoothly through the first round of interview. But sad to say, I was being rejected during the second rd which was the skin check. I am kinda disappointed as I am not sure what was the reason for the rejection.
    I wont say I have flawless complexion but no obvious marks or acnes. I dont have any visible scars as well. Hmm.. so I really wonder what was the reason. I would pass off as pleasant looking but I do have wide jawline. I was wondering if it’s because that they just find me not pretty enough?

    If that is the case, is it true that I wont need to try my luck again since the skin check rd is something that is beyond my control?

    Thank you very much:)

    • if you are not pretty or pleasnt enough.. how do you make it past round 1 dear ?

      There has to be something els.e..

  86. Hi Kristine,

    I am currently doing an internship with a travel agency (counts as experience?) and i have just 3 more weeks left to graduate. However, I wouldn’t get my certificate just yet, instead, i will be getting a transcript saying that I have completed my course and will be getting my diploma certificate around April next year. Is that good enough?

    That aside, I have 6 O level passes and have worked in the fnb industry ( fine dining, events and something along that line) since i was 16. I’m turning 21 in November and I would really love to go for the August interview.

    Do you think I’ll be considered?

    • Yes. Do you have the transcrpit yet ?

      • Not yet. But I can produce some kind of letter from my school to say that I have completed my modules and will be graduating soon. Will that be enough?

        Thank you for your time 🙂

  87. Hi Kristine,
    May I ask, what should we wear for attending an open interview? I would like to attend the August interview at KL.

    • hi dear,

      normal office wear would be nice. =)

      not too formal but also not too casual..

  88. Hi Kristine,

    May i know, if i’ve a tattoo on my ankle area can i still go for it

    • for guys, maybe.. but for girls.. its unlikley they’ll let you through… cos.. the shoes and sandles we wear can’t cover the tattoo..

  89. Hi Kristine,

    Would like to know if they do look into scars on our legs too? Plus, I have a small growth on my finger since young. It’s pretty small but obvious though. Will it affect my chances?

    Thanks for the time and I do hope for a reply from you soon.

    • If its small and can’t be seen.. it should not be a problem…

      as for legs, yes they do – below knee level

  90. hey! they do check the leg too? for any scars?
    how about backne? will they check that thoroughly?

    • yes dear,

      they check the leg too, below knee level and nope, they dun check your back..

      • how strict are they on checking the legs— below knee level? cos i have scars on my calves. they take into consideration if there’s scars on the legs??

  91. hi kristine,
    may i know for every how long SIA will conduct a recruiment ?and how long will the interview take usually?thanks for ur answer =)

    • as of the current recruitment pattern, its 2 months once.

  92. another thing i’m not sure with it is if i want to go for the interview,is it i just need to bring the application on the day of interview?or i need to submit it before the interview and i will only get notified if i’m shorlisted for the interview?

    • hi mag,

      depending on the country you’ll at. Some countries are “write in” only and short listed to be notified by email.. some countries, like singapore, all you need to do is fill up the application and go for the interview.. its a walk in .. so yes, you need to print yr application, fill in and bring it on the day itself.

      • Hi kristine,
        I am going for the 27th aug interview but I’m only graduating next march(2012). I know they won’t hold the application for long, but IF I pass this time, will I be like ‘shortlisted’ at the next interview?

      • Nope dear,

        you wun… =(

        I suggest you go during the intake like.. nov or dec. Its better that way =)

  93. hello Kristine,

    I passed all the requirements on the airline’s website, but
    will it be possible for me the enter the interview in 27 Aug 2011 if I am going to graduate from Poly next year around March?

    best regards,

    • Hi dear…

      erm.. It would be better if you go for the one held in Jan. From Aug this year to Mar next year is too long. They wun hold yr application for that long even if you pass..

      • thanks! 😀
        Oh, good, that means they’ll have another interview in Jan 2012?

      • hi dear,

        most likley =)

      • oh good! Thanks a lot! 😀

  94. hey! re the earlie post by me… just wanna know, how strict are they on checking the legs as in below knee level? cos i have scars on my calves. they take into consideration if there’s scars on the legs??

    • leg wise, they are not as strict as compared to hands, neck and face. Then again, it depends on how obvious and serious those scar on the legs are…

  95. Hi kristine,

    I came across someone who asked the same qn as i wanted to ask, like can i go for the 27th interview if im only graduating nx march(24 feb to be exact).

    Lets say if i pass the interview but they said they can’t hold my application for so long and asked me to go for another interview in Jan, will i be at least ‘shortlisted’? Like they will consider me more during my next try (since i’ve alr ‘passed’ the first time).

    • Nope dear… you will need to go through everything again…

      • Oh u mean there will be another one in nov/dec?? I thought the next one would be Jan 2012 alr?

  96. Hi kirstine

    I am a hair stylist and would love to become an airhostess
    I am wondering what I need to do to help me.
    I have a few problems that I think will be a down fall for me they are :
    2 pretty delecate tattoos a butterfly on my neck that can be
    Covered with a low bun or hair down. A small flower
    Tattoo on my wrist that if I wore a buttoned up shirt would also be hidden.
    I am also trying to learn spanish to help me.
    Would I have to work in a hotel for a while to help me too?
    Also I colour my hair blonde would this be a problem?
    Hope you can help with my questionns looking forward to hearing from you
    :D. X

    • hi dear,

      erm… how “low” is teh tattoo ? judging from yr description.. err… its unlikley they will accept you due to the “neck” tattoo… and the one on the wrist…

      So… =(

  97. Hi Kristine,
    I got thru the SIA interview back in Dec 2007, passed my medical check up in msia, but i didnt go to S’pore due to some commitment, i also received an email asking me to go to SG for medical check up.
    I’m planning to attend the next interview on 1st oct 2011, will they blacklist me since i got thru the interview and medical check up before, but decided to back out at the last minute.? I was 26yrs old then and now im 30 years old. do U think i still have the chance considering my age? (btw, i do get compliments saying i look younger than my age).


    • errr…. I’ll be honest dear..

      its a lot harder at 30 now… but you can try… =/

  98. Hi Kristine,
    I’m interested to be cabin crew in SIA, i fit in all the requirement however i have some freckle on my face, is it difficult for me to get the chance? I’m having degree in Malaysia now and will be graduate on April next year. Beside, if i learn Japanese is it will be an advantage for me?
    Hope to get your reply soon.
    Thank you

    best regards,

    • Erm,

      just go try my dear.. if its not serious, you might still stand a chance. And yes having a second language helps.

      As for the interview, try to go for the one in Jan or feb. if you are graduating in Apr

  99. Hi. I’m 25 this yr.. I dont have o level.. But I have a ite certs.. Plus I do have experience in customer service for 8yrs in fnb line. Its that ok if I just give a try for up coming interview?

    • Hi sam,

      you need at least a diploma for the Interview qualification =/

  100. Hi. I have some questions hopefully you are able to enlighten me. During the first interview if they ask questions such as “what is your favourite food” or “what is the super power you want to have”, should my answer be linked to the cabin crew job? Is wearing blazers for girls considered too formal for the interview?

    • of course not my dear…

      what makes you think it should be linked ?? =P

      and yes.. its a little too formal… for blazers.. but if you are comfortable.. then of course, you can wear them..

  101. Hi I am only 19 this year and have yet to graduate from poly, can I go for the interview this year? I will graduate in Feb next year.

  102. Hi, I’m J and will be graduating next year July with a degree in arts. I met with the pilot at the SIA booth in my sch career fair earlier this year with another friend and was encouraged to apply. But, my teeth are slightly yellowish and my elbows are kinda darker than my arms. Does that mean I won’t be able to get through the interview. Also is it too early to apply?

    • Hello, I just realize smth stupid. Hahah. I intro myself as J but published my name as x, I wonder if u can don’t publish the comment and just reply to me via email? Thanks so much.

    • hi dear, yes.. its a bit too early to apply. You can start going for the interview 3 months before you grad though. =)

      As for what you’ve mentioned, well, dun worry too much about them.. go try for the interview if you really want to be a crew and see how things goies. “Yellowish” is subjective ya ? If you think if yellow but others dun.. then.. its not =)… try avoiding those stuff that’ll stain yr teeth.. ie smoking or coffee if you are worried. =)

  103. Dear Kristine,

    I have some acne marks on my face but it can be covered well with concealers. Should I attend the interview when there are 2 or 3 pimples on my face?

    How long should I take to prepare myself for the interview? 5 days to do research and study through your guide?

    Look forward to your reply.

    • there are no time frame my dear.

      As far as I can advise… the most important is not about studying.. but rather.. understanding the human psychology of behaviors and also.. the principles of a cabin crew job. Once you mastre both.. the interview should be a breeze..

  104. Hi , i am Cherrie , Age 15 this year , may i know what kind of poly courses best suits to be a future ” SIngapore Girl ? “

  105. Hi kristine,

    I’m interested in becoming a cabin crew with SIA and there’ll be an interview in KL this november. However, I’m a little worried as I have a scar on my eyebrow. Its not obvious from far but a little obvious from near. do you think I will get through the skin check? Thanks.

    • hi dear,

      you just have to go for the interview and try it. You never know till you’ve tried ya ? If its a small one.. sometimes.. it can be overlooked… so.. its subjective depending on the size and the “obviousness”

  106. How about the acne marks? Is it fine to use concealer to cover them to attend the interview?

  107. hello dear!!!!!
    i have one query that from where should i study about the things asked during interview.and i am using glasses so then can i become an air hostess.and my height is 154cm then can i become an airhostess.

    • hi dear…

      this blog should be helpful for you =P

      and.. glasses doesn’t matter.. though.. if you are going for the cabin crew interview.. I strongly recommend contact lens…

      and… unfortunately… you need to be at least 158 my dear

  108. Hi Kristine,

    My scar is about 2.5cm long. but its almost the colour of my original skin already. if i can cover it with a concealer, should i just keep quiet about the scar? or if i tell them that i have a scar there but can be concealed, will they consider me? Thanks.

    • well dear.. it depends on where it is located and if it Is easily spotted…

  109. Hi Kristine

    May I know what’s the cabin baggage allowance for SIA air stewardess? Is it the same as a passenger? How do you deal with fragile items like your own camera and laptop? I would love to do travel photography if I become an air stewardess. That would require a bag for the photo equipment.


    • aha dear, yes.. its the same =)

      err… you can always put them in your cabin bag… so.. it shouldn’t be a problem.. I mean.. I brought my laptop and camera and put them in my bag as well. =)

      You are allow one garment bag and a cabin bag onboard. Of course.. you also have a cargo bag as well..

      But ultimately.. you have to see the “outstation” baggage allowance… cos.. that is what matters.. not the singapore airport

  110. Hi Kristine,

    It is located on my eyebrow and it can slightly be seen from a certain angle cause my skin is not even anymore after the stitches. However, from a certain distance, its not obvious.

  111. hi kristine,

    my name is shalini. I’m just 19 years old.I’m a Malaysian. currently i’m study in diploma in business and law in KL. After i finished my diploma i would like to be an air stewardess at Singapore. my weight is 48 kg and height 179cm.
    so, how i apply for the interview? i hope that u will reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    • hi dear,

      in malaysia, they hold a number of walk ins. So.. after you graduate, go to SIA wesite.. look for their latest walk in interview, venue, date, time.. and be there with the required documents for the walk in interview.

      thats all you need to do =)

  112. Hi Kristine,

    I would like to enquire if private diploma holder can be consider? The duration of the course is 7 to 12months.

    • erm.. I doubt this diploma is accepted dear..

      it has to be academic ones.. the one that takes 2 or 3 years.. as of what I know

  113. Hi Kristine,

    I’m a Malaysian citizenship and I don’t have Singapore PR, am I still able to go for the interview on 12th of Nov ?

    I’m male, 23yo, 1.71 cm tall, but wearing glasses, highest education is STPM with a band 4 in MUET, do I meet the requirements ?

  114. Hello dear, I read through your blog and found it really useful!
    I’m from malaysia and 19 year-old now, currently doing my degree in nutrition and holding my foundation science certificate.
    Do you think this is a suitable age for me to go for the interview which will be held in kl this coming sat? (as I’m wondering to withdraw from this course) or you’ll suggest me to cont my 4years degree?

    • as far as studies goes.. My recommendation is always.. get yr degree first dear.. its more impt.

      even at 23, its a very good age to go for the interview =) So.. it wun be too late.. and at that point, you also have yr degree certs as an advantage and securing yr future as well (should you decide to stop flying)

  115. Hi Kristine,

    I went for the Cabin Crew interview on 1,2 October 2011. However, they said I did not make the mark during the management round so I left. But after about a week, a lady from the interview called me and told me that they have reviewed my application, found me suitable and wanted me to go for the medical review on 10 October 2011. My date of availability I wrote on the application form is 10 December 2011. It’s been one month of agony spent waiting, and I’m pretty unsure of my chances as I have yet to receive any letter or phonecalls informing me of the results. Is there any number that I can call to check since the next interview is on 3 December 2011 and I was thinking I can try for it again if I’m being rejected.

    Pls advice.

    • as long as you went for the medical, they will give you an answer.

      In addition, do note that despite yr available date, you may not exactly start on 10 dec etc. You could start in Jan as well… they just need to sort and plan yr training schedules or batch depending on the seats or slots available.

      So… dun let that pressure you… and at this point, you just have to wait for their reply

  116. Hi kristen-thank u so much for the tips.just wanted to ask something..iam so intrested in being a cabin crew has always been my dream..but unfortunately my height is only 156cms…just a matter of few cms..some of my friends are working with international airlines even if they dont meet up the min height I just wanted to know if there is any chance? I have an even toned skin,no acne or blemishes or tattoos…and I look asian..please let me know..will ne eagerly waiting for the reply…thank you…

    • hmm.. dear.. for SIA.. its very unlikley.

      However, you can go for other airlines.. that actually count “arm span” instead. You should shortlist a list of international airlines that you would like to work or hope to work with, check their criteria and proceed from there.

      But as far as height goes.. SIA is very strict… so.. unless you can grow that 2cm.. SIA is currently out of the picture..

      • thanks alot kristen,know what I recently measured my height and its 157cms…iam so happy n excited..i think I can grow 1 more inches by doing daily yoga and stretches..once I reach ill get back to u…thanks alot for ur suggestion…:)

  117. Hi Kristine,

    i have a few of question need to ask u …
    1.can i use my secondary certificate to apply such as spm and UEC?
    2.the diploma for apply as cabin crew is allow in any type such as culinary etc?

    • Hi,

      culinary.. I doubt so..

      The diploma should be of academic nature.

      As for secondary cert… erm… I am not sure.. haha. This you should check with the schools.. =)

      • as i knw …there is something call inter-excel which train us to bcome a air-steward rite? after graduate from the course , the certificate we get from them can replace others?

  118. Hello Hello,

    I am very much interested to be a air steward, but i do have a mole on my left arm and a scare on my left leg. Will it affect my interview? However, i am taking third language now and also i do have make-up skill, will all these increase my chance?


    • hmmm.. for guys,

      it shouldn’t be much problem.. especially if mole is on the arm or leg. Generally you guys wear short and pants during work.. so.. as long as its conceal.. it shouldn’t be too much of an issue

  119. Hello Kristine,
    I am currently in my second year of my poly studies, i still have a year to go. However i am thinking if i should go for the walk-in interview on 3 December, can you advice me on if i should go for the interview or i should wait for the final year of my poly studies?

  120. Hi love, do you know when is the next interview for air stewardess job? im from KL.

    • hey dear,

      you can go to SIA website and check their updates. You can use the link on the right hand side of this log for easy access =)

  121. Hey kristine!! Just had a question so i thought u would b d bst person 2 ask. I m 19yrs n 166 cm n m 62 kgs so m i fyn 2 apply 4 SIA???

    • erm… I think you can drop your weight a little dear =)

      but yes dear, its worth a try

  122. I met the same interviewer whom she previously failed me for my 1 to 1 interview. And she failed me on skin checked round despite she say I have good skin.
    Is it me unlucky that she wants to failed me or did I say something wrong that I mention to her about the previous incident?

    • errr… could be either way dear… but i seriously think you should not have mentioned her…

  123. Hi Kristine! Just to clear my doubts. Im 20 this year and my height is arnd 169-170cm and my weight is about 54kg.So am i able to apply for SIA?And one more thing, will it affect my interview if i have a dark eye circle? 😦 Hope to her from you soon! (: Thanks in advance!

    • hi dear,

      since you are pretty tall… i think you are still alright.. hmm.. but ultimately, do note the overall appearance.. cos.. some may look very slim but may on the higher side of weight while some, while light, doesn’t look “slim” and slender.. so.. its a balance between the 2.

      as for dark circles.. yes it will affect.. so.. i do suggest you do something about it.. ie, putting contour creams or eye mask =)

  124. hi kristine,

    hello. my name is shalini. I’m from Malaysia and I’m 20 years old.
    now I’m fresh graduate in diploma of risk management.
    i haven’t diploma certificate yet.
    so I’m interested to b air hostess. so now can i apply for the job miss?

    I’m looking forward for your reply


  125. Hi Kristine! Is this blog still working? Thanks for the wonderful information!
    Anw, I am 22 yrs old, 167cm, 57kg, Male, Sg.
    Still serving the army now, but hope to be a cabin crew after I ORD in 6 months’ time.

    Questions to ask you:
    1. Although they stated that for guys min height is 165cm, I still think that Im short at 167cm as compared to the stewardess. My friends also said that I’m too short, which kind of discouraged me. Will they still clear me during the height test? Or they will boot me out as I don’t look tall comparatively to the others?

    2. Do guys need to put on make up as well? Eg putting on concealers to cover up freckles? Is the skin test for guys as stringent as it is for girls?

    3. SIA website stated that the basic is 3.5k, but accordingly to my friend’s sis who is also a SQ CC, he said that the basic is only 1.2k. Is that true?

    4. Can I go for interview before I ORD such that I can start training straight after my ORD? How do I be informed of the interview dates? Is the interview held 4 times in a year?

    Appreciate your reply! Thanks a zillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • keke… your questions are pretty funny..

      and yes, this blog is still working… but not as active… but still, i will do my best to keep it updated when i have the chance… my workload outside is just overwhelming me… =(

      I came in today becos I know there is an interview below.. so.. just wanna help clear some doubts for hopefuls… though I will need to go in another 10 minutes..

      1) Nope.. it does not matter. As long as you meet the minimal height requirement. so at 167, its fine le

      2) Nope.. u dun have to. and nope.. guys are not as stringent as girls when it comes to complexion.. but still… you need to maintain it.. cos afterall, SQ does care alot about image.

      3) huh ? Basic is 1.4k, but plus allowance and all, it should add up to 3.5 or more. I beleiev the website says, a monthly salary of 3.5K.. not basic. =)

      4) yes.. you can.. its best you go 3 months before you ORD.. and they will only confirm you AFTER you had in your army graduate cert.. I know there is one… meaning.. even if you pass the interview or medical.. you wun know… and they wun call you… and you have to hand in the army cert before they can confirm yr place.


  126. hi, i’m turning 19 this year, Singaporean and awaiting my A level result but i would love to go for the inter view in feb and be a cabin crew.

    what do you think? or should i wait until i get the cert and go for the next interview (not this feb one)?

    • hi dear,

      wait for yr cert first is my advise =) there will always be an interview in 2 – 3 months. It is better this way than the “agony” of a confirmation.. trust me on this =)

  127. Hello Kristine,
    First of all, I love your blog, It helped me a lot =)
    So here’s my question…I just applied for a flight attendant position at SIA. The thing is I’m eurasian, half french-taiwanese. I only have the French nationality for the moment but I’m about to get the taiwanese passport…
    As the recruitment process for taiwanese people is closed since february 2012, I applied on a form normally designed to Japanese candidates…I don’t know If It’s so bad I’ve done that?
    Because in both ways, I couldn’t have showed myself physically at the interview since I live in France but I am really willing to be based in SIN If I ever receive a positive answer. Do you think that I could negociate with the airline…? I had so much hope for this position but I’m afraid they don’t accept candidates living overseas even If they’re Eurasian 😦

    Thanks for your help!

    • hmm.. yours is so much a special case.

      Erm.. Eurasian… but your features is more towards asian.. or european ? =)

      if its Asian.. then there is a chance once you get yr taiwanese passport. Else… they are not open to european countries yet.

      Of course.. if you want, apart from SIA… there are other airlines who are on par and sometimes.. better.. ie, cathay, emirates or even qatar.. who are more open to other international nationailities. =)

  128. Hi Kristine,

    I am currently on my bachelors degree and will be finishing in Dec 2012. There is a cabin crew interview next week (29 june 2012), and I was wondering if I am able to come to the interview even if i haven’t finish my degree? But I do hold a diploma degree already. Is it possible for them to let me finish my degree first then start the training?


    • Hi dear..

      yes.. you are already qualified to go for the interview…
      but.. yr available date needs to be at least 6 months of less..

      usually, I do recommend going 3 months and not the 6 months…
      it does gives you a better position to be in

  129. With 4 credits can I be able to enter SIA ?

    • dear,

      for educational requirement, its a mandatory requirement, so.. there are no 2 ways about it. If you have 4 credits.. then.. you should at least get a diploma cos the higher edu certs will overwrite the Os

  130. hi,
    ive been reading ur blog n really love it. but i realize tt im not eligible bcos im not a malaysian, im a singapore PR since 7 years old. that means i cannot attend the singapore interview rit??

    • erm… your original citizenship ?

      i mean, apart from Malaysia, there are a couple of nationalities that they do accept. So.. if you happen to fall within those, then its fine =)

  131. hi, my original citizenship is from China. Im aware tt there is interview there but ive only been to China a few times since my family is in Singapore so going all the way there for interview is really hard for me.. do u think i can go for the singapore interview?

  132. Hello:),I want to be a stewardess,my height is 164 cm then weight 60. Can I?

    • Hi dear,

      of cos you can.. but my recommendation would be to shed a few weight before going.


  133. Hi. I’m 13 and its my dream to be cabin crew. I wear glasses. Is there a chance I can become an air hostess if my diopter is above- 2. Thanks for the help

    • Hi dear,

      wearing specs is ok de. I also wear spec arr.. =P

  134. Hi Kristine,

    I’m interested in joining the cabin crew but I have quite a big birthmark on the back of my left calf (around 5cm?) that the kebaya should be able to cover.. Do you think I’ll pass the skin check? :/

    • hi Karen,

      just go for the interview. Its discretionary as it would depend on how much tone difference and obvious it is =)
      and this have to be judge by the person who is checking you. =)

  135. Anyway tq so much for the tips…it wil help me to success the interview …n i hv a question on it???
    Wt is the qualification for tis job???m 164 height n 45 weight it k for me??

  136. Hello Kristine! Why they couldn’t let Filipinos like me apply as cabin crew in SIA?? =( Lots of Filipino are working their in your country. And if ever I was given a chance to apply there, wouldn’t hesitate to take that. I mean, there’s a greater opportunity there in in your country. ='(( I was planning to go there just to apply as cabin crew.

    • Hi dear,

      that I can’t exactly comment. Maybe.. it will be sometime in the future. But currently, its not =)
      I mean.. like 2 years ago, they opened to thailand, and it was never opened in the past. So.. we wun know wat the future holds ya ? =)

  137. But is it still possible for them to entertain me if I’m there already applying?
    Or, are they going to reject me once they knew that I’m a Filipino citizen?

  138. Hello Kristine!

    Good day to you!
    if we go for interview, will it be better to bun up our hair or tie a pony tail to leave a better first impression?


    • hi dear,

      as long as it looks clean and neat for u =)

  139. Hey, I’m interested to get one. Is this still on? 🙂

  140. hi kristine!

    I am wondering whether light freckles on the face affect the skin check round? I am a male btw.


    • If its light, it should be fine. especially for guys.

  141. hi dear kristine,i’m wondering if there is still direct transfer into sia after working with silkair for 3 years? 🙂 thank you

    • Hi dear,

      you can request for a direct transfer… which you will need to go through a management interview. But then, your performance in Silk Air must be good, ie, OBA, MCs, complimentary letters etc.. if it adds up, then they’ll grant you the transfer.

      • Hi dear kristine, is it 3 years or after 2 years once the bond is completed ?
        Thank you so much kristine 🙂

      • Contract is 5 years. Bond is 18 Months of flying =)

      • hi kristine, i mean we could apply for the internal transfer after 2years or is it after 3years working in silkair?tq so much.

  142. hello,i am lady who wants to be a cabin crew girl but have blackspots on ma legs.i had it through mosquitoe bites.can I still apply for the job??

    • Mosquitos bites is not a concern my dear. Black spots.. should be fine.. I dun think its that bad =)

      • it isnt all that bad.kristine is it neccessary to have a second dialect befor u can apply for the job???lets say speak in french or anyother language



    • Hi dear,

      well.. you need to cut some weight first before you can go for the interview. They don’t “accept you first” and wait for you to cut the weight. Simply because, it will mean jeopadizing another person’s slot..

      • Thank you kristine

  144. hi kris,
    i went for the interview on 13th july,got boot out on skin check rd. i had experiences in the interview b4 abt 3-4times, 4 yrs back and skin check is always not a prob, big diff from then n now is i have a tattoo on my inner forearm near to elbow and i was tinkin if it cld be a prob? during the interview we were asked to fold up sleeves but i didn bring it up too high, but stil the checker asked if i hav any to declare so i said yes n showed her as she asked me to.

    I have crew frens/frens who all tells me tat it sldn be a prob as guys will be wearing long sleeves n jacket for work, or it might be traditional mindset of the checker, etc.

    So the Qn now is, i know im gonna use tattoo concealer as i go for the next walk-in, but sld i deny or stil declare tat i hav one?
    or is there any other better option i sld go for?

    ps: i cant be sure if its bcuz of my tattoo bcuz my face texture is ok,height is ok.etc. unless the checker doesn like me or my smile.. haha.


  145. hi.. im interested to apply the job. but i duno how to go bout it. Watz the best way to apply?

    • go to SIA’s website, lok under careers and watch out for the walk in interview dates.

  146. Hi I have a little bit of brown freckles on my cheeks does that mean I will lose my chance as being an air stewardess? Also does that consider as pigment spots on face? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Hi Shermin,

      You mentioned little.. so.. it may not exactly be a problem. =) I would say, there are still a chance to get in with some light make up

  147. hi there,

    i’ll be going for walk-in interview in Singapore this coming October which is on 5th Oct, Saturday. I wonder if the interview will take up to 2 days as I’ll be going back to Malaysia, Sarawak on the next day. Let’s say I pass,If all the stages take up 2 days, and I only able to attend for the first day, what will happen to the 2nd day stages? Is it possible for me to postpone it to another day? Kindly reply me…:)

    • Nope… they’ll likley forfeit your application..

  148. Hi! Good day to you!
    Glad that I have found your blog to extend my research or knowledge before proceeding to the upcoming interview on October, I would like to ask or clarify with you about few things.

    1) Should wearing earrings be okay for interview process ?
    2) How many stages of interview or test do one have to go through, describe each stages and a tip to recommend for each stage.
    3) Should I keep my nails clean and natural finish or it would be more presentable if I had done classic gel manicure for my nails for the interview?
    4) If I was told I had pass the interview process, what is the next phase going to be like?
    5) How would you describe the company culture?

    I cant wait for your reply! Cheers (:

    • 1) earrings is fine but only 1 on each side… and not multiple
      2) err… please read through the blog dear.. haha… its more informative than me summing up here. =P
      3) both are fine as long as they are presentable and well groomed – but no “extreme colors”, ie black etc
      4) You will be going for medical, after you pass yr medical, they will call you to arrange a contract signing and yr training date.
      5) hmmmm…. thats a very tricky question. but its up to you to find out… ahah… but… I would say, it depends on who you meet.

  149. hello there,

    I just turned 29 and would like to join SQ if there is another walk-in-interview this year. But I am afraid that chances would be very slim. I have few years working exp with a deg and masters.

    Also I have fine facial hairs on the cheeks, sideburns and neck. With some acne scars on the back which could be seen as it’s not gonna be covered by the kebaya. I have body hairs on the hands, arms and legs which I frequently remove.

    Pls assist. thx.

    • hi dear..

      my advise is… if you want… you can go try for the interview. Through the way you mention… chances are, will be affected. But dun let my advise stop you. ts better to go for it than let regrets set in in the future.

  150. Hello,I would love to be part of Singapore Airline stewardess.I am studying in Singapore gov school and next year will taking my N level and I am studying in Normal technical stream is it alright to go for the interview ?I am from another country and studying in Singapore under student pass and may I know how many languages are required ?please tell me as soon as possible and thank u so much:)Hope to hear from u soon 🙂

    • Hi dear,

      ‘N’ levels are not the basic reuquirement they are looking for. If you want to be a cabin crew with singapore airlines, the minimal edu level is 5 ‘Os’ with English pass. Else, its best you get a diploma before going for the interview.

  151. Hi Kristine! Is it ideal to be an air stewardess if I am overweight, or should I not waste time on applying? Also, I wear glasses and have visible freckles on my face and a birthmark on my calf.

    • hi rong..

      1) if you can, try to cut down to “ideal”)
      2) Glasses is not a problem. All u need to do is switch to contacts when on duty
      3) Well… if its a bit… its still sometime acceptable.
      4) It cannot be obvious or a big patch. Else, its fine

      • Hi Kristine, thanks for replying!

        1) What weight range would be ideal? My height is 1.65cm.
        2) I see, that’s great.
        3) There are two on my face, both on different parts of my cheek. Perhaps makeup can cover them.
        4) It’s usually not obvious until it’s noticed. Usually it can be covered with stockings, but I am not sure if it’s part of the uniform.

  152. Hi kristine, i am really interested in joining SQ but do they accept private diploma cert?

    and if they do,i will be receiving my cert only 3 months from now but the next interview is july next month can i go ahead with it with a letter from the private school that i graduated?


  153. Hi!! Id like to ask; if I have a tattoo on my upper back. Just words… one line across, will I be considered? Or will I be cut off immediately. ..

    • erm… it would depend if it is visible when you dawn the kebaya.

      If its in the middle of the upper shoulder… more or less… chances are slim..

  154. Is it OK of I dye my hair blonde and put on blue contact lenses cause I don’t really look like a Chinese and I look like mix

    • errr… no. pls dun.. if you are considering for the interview… haha. But if its for personal reason… by all means =)

  155. Hi Kristine, I went for the interview my height is 162cm but I cannot reach the height test mark. And they failed me.

    Does all the interviewers require us to do the reach test even after measuring our height? Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

    • Hey dear,

      usually, you dun have to take the “reach” test if your height passed the 1.58. erm.. did they measure 1.58 on the spot or did u do that measurement somewhere else ? ie, in the past checkups etc ?

      • Hi Kristine, Thank you for your reply. Yup they measured me on the spot and after that they asked me to do the reach test.

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