Posted by: cabincrewkristine | December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

First, I wanna wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. =)

This is going to be my last post, and I will be officially ‘closing’ this site as well as the cabin crew ‘secrets’ manuals at the end of the year.

It has been slightly more than 3 years since this site was launched and I am proud to say that it has helped just over 532 hopefuls got their job as a cabin crew. That is the official number of students who have sent me their success stories. I am sure there are more (Students whom didn’t send me the emails) but let’s just stick to this numbers as its the “official” one. =)

I want to thank everyone for your support for these years, hearing my thoughts, my rants aka sharing some of the personal journey with all of you.

Will I be coming back ? At this point, I don’t think I will, but then again, no one can say this for sure. I guess the reason for me to come back again is when I find new inspiration or something to that extend keke.

As for all the girls/guys who are still trying for your interview, I will leave this blog as it is. I am sure it still contain a lot of useful information for you to prep yourself for the interview. =)

As for the sale of the cabin crew manual, unfortunately, It will no longer be for sale at the end of the month.

To leave a final ‘word’ on this blog… as always:

On being a Cabin Crew:

1) Stay safe in all your flights, be it onboard (duty), or outstation.
2) SAVE up generously. Don’t over spend on stuff you don’t need.
3) Always be improving, upgrade when you have the time.
4) There will always be good flights and bad flights, Look forward to the good ones. =)
5) Make more friends and always try to be happy. Whatever that’s inside, talk to someone… don’t keep it to yourself.

On being a “Person”:

1) Be filial – It’s unconditional love that’s has a clock attached…
2) Be forgiving – Practice love, not hatred. It makes you more beautiful
3) Be good – Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t harm anyone regardless if its stranger, friend, foe..
4) Be thankful – Never compare… instead, look at the things you are given.. friends, love, life, education…


Thank you and thank you again. =)




  1. Heyy Kristine,

    Just wondering if you know a way to apply as a returning crew? Or do we also have to walk-in the interview as well?

    Thanks in advance!

    • hi sha, I believe you can write in to the recruitment department. If you have any Union friends, I believe they can help as well. =)

  2. Hi Kristine, I understand that the Cabin Crew Manual is no longer for sale. Just hoping if I could get it. Would this request be made possible?

    Looking forward to hear from you! Thank you in advance!

    • Hi dear,

      erm… haha… it wouldnt be fair for u because the manual actually includes my email support. So.. if I am no longer doing that… its not fair.

      But ask questions here ba… anything, I can help, I’ll just answer ok ? =)

  3. Hello Kristine! 🙂

    Was finding tips about SIA interview and chanced upon your blog and i am so thankful that i’ve found your blog! I am officially a new student of yours! Thank you for being such an angel and providing everyone tips! 😀

    I am preparing for the upcoming SIA interview and i would love to ask you some questions. May i communicate with you through private email? 🙂

    Thank you so much in advance! ^^

    • Hi V,

      I am not very active anymore… haha. Erm, maybe, you can ask yr questions here. More ppl can see the content and share the insights =)

  4. Hi kristine,

    The upcoming April interview will be my 2nd time. Any advice for me to do better this time round?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey dear,

      erm.. review what happened the previous time.. and… dun make the same mistake again. haha. Sound vauge doesnt it… lol.. cos I duno what happened the previous round.. keke.

      But rem to smile, be nice and show yr pleasant personaility. =)

  5. Hi Kristine

    Is there any way I can still buy your cabin crew secret manual? I am interested to get a copy!
    Please drop me an email

    • Hi KRISTINE…

      It doesn’t matter to me even though you no longer provide the email support. I will need your cabin crew secret in order to prepare me for upcoming interview. Could you please make my request be possible? Thanks 🙂

      • Hey dear…

        haha.. u are so keen it almost makes me give in lol. I’ll answer yr doubts and questions here in this blog ok ? haha

      • I have a birth mark right bottom my shoulder. It is a patch in darker color compare to my skin tone. Could it affect during grooming stage?

      • Actually.. no. It doesn’t affect anything =)

    • Hi dear,

      erm… sorry to say, I dun provide them anymore. And yes dear, I know you dun mind the email support not happening, but just wan to be fair. maybe, you can ask me questions here, if i happen to check back, I will be able to answer them.

      Err// try to ask early before the interviews though… cos i dun check ‘in’ everyday. Doin it occassionally cos I know there will be hopefuls still wanting some help..

  6. Hi, would I be able to purchase your cabin crew manual still? It’s ok if you’re not able to give the email support, at least I’ll have access to the tips. Is it possible?(:

    • Hi dear,

      just ask me yr doubts and questions here =)

  7. Hello Kristine!

    I’m currently pursuing my part-time degree at SIM. Students enrolled in the part-time degree programmes are required to have a full-time job and since I’ve always thought of flying of SQ, I was wondering which option do you think is more advisable: 1) To resign from my current job and switch my job to flying with SQ (if I do get it) or 2) Finish up my part-time degree first before applying?

    Also, should I let the interviewers know that I’m currently in the midst of pursuing my part-time degree or should I leave that out?

    On a side note, may I ask why the manual isn’t for sale anymore?

    Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Hi dear,

      the manual isn’t for sale any more because I dun have the time to run full support for my students. The thing abt the manual is, after buying, I usually help my students through email on their questions, doubts… and sometimes, even clarify their mistakes during the interview so they dun make it the next time. It’s also the reason why the success rate is so high because students share what they say and did during their interview and i help them improve.

      After doing it for… say 3 years… actually… its very tiring and due to recently workload, i dun have the time to do it anymore… so… decided to discontinue. =)

      1) What job are you working as currently ? Are you happy with yr job now ? That’s the key question you should be asking.

      2) The best would be to get the flying job first then apply for part time studies. Thats the ideal scenerio. So… if you ask me, currently its best you finish yr part tim degree first.

      *They prefer non-part-time applicants. Its also why — For reason 2. To get the job, pass yr probation before applying for part-time degree

      • Hi Kristene,

        Thanks for replying me! It’s a huge pity the manual isn’t for sale anymore because I would really love to have it. I think it will help me greatly but I understand where you’re coming from. 🙂

        I’m currently working as a Client Services & Marketing Manager. Do you think the client services part of my job will help my application? And no, I’m not really happy with my job haha.

        I’m thinking of switching and applying to SIA now because I aim to fly for 5 years and to complete the contract. If I apply only after completing my degree, I’ll already be 32 by the time I finish the 5-year contract. :/ And I think that’s a little too old/late to start building my career? If I apply now, or next year, I can finish the 5-year contract before I hit 30 and that to me is ideal.

        So perhaps I should leave out the fact that I’m currently already enrolled in a part-time degree course during the interview? Or what do you think?

      • Hey dear,

        whatever you are working as, dun really matter. Its just a “platform” or “medium” for them to ask questions. ie, if its totally unrelated, they could ask, what you are doing now is totally different from a cabin crew job, what makes you wanna switch. If its service, they could ask, so.. what have you done in terms of customer service, good or bad etc.

        Like I say, its just a “medium” to carry on a conversation. =)

        hmm… yea… after 30 its too late. But on a side note, do note that when you are on probation, you cannot take leave, change flight… and it might affect yr “exam dates” if you are flying. Please be wary of that.. so even if you skip that during the interview, and yr exams happen to be on a flight schedule, its harder to explain.

      • Hi Kristine,

        Even with no email, with the manual alone the success rate is also already very very high! haha maybe lets says manual is 90% with email is additional 0.5% success rate …. but with the manual alone is very powerful already hehe. Coz there is magic sentences and words which interviewer want to listen 😀

  8. Hello babe!

    I know that you are not selling the manual anymore. And I read your entire blog in preparation for the upcoming interview. However I do have questions regarding the first round as to what should I say?

    I know you mentioned that we should present our personality and stuff and also being confident! However, you also mentioned that there are specific stuff to say which are only present in the manual. Is it alright if you reply to my email straight as I have actually lots of questions to ask and will appreciate it if you are able to render your help.

    Read your entire blog and…. I felt so inspired and motivated to try and achieve this dream. And I hope you will extend a helping hand to help me 🙂

    • hey dear,

      as mentioned before with other hopefuls, you can ask me yr doubts here. If you are afraid to expose too much, just make it sound generic or tactical haha. I’ll try my best to clarify yr concerns =)

  9. Hi Kristine,

    Can I check with you, is the probation 4 months or 6 months? Will it be ok if one only start to request short leave right after the “probation” period? Or should one only do this after the 2 years compulsory bond?

    Thank you.

    • you have 14 days leave every year to take. err… unless you are saying extended period… then its best you at least finish yr bond. 18 months.

      The probation is 6 months, after at which u can take yr annual leave.

  10. If let say I got an offer from another airlines, but by the time I finished my contract, I will be 27 yrs old…my dream is always to be in SIA compare to others but i know is not easy to enter. So, will it be better for me to enter SIA after my experience on cabin crew but I am 27 already? Or I should try SIA now? Please advise…

    • SIA now. =)

      • I am 58kg, 172cm…would I able to fit the kebaya?how’s your opinion? As I know..the kebaya is quite tight fitting…

      • wow dear,

        you sure are tall. I think you should be fine, Maybe 55kg would be moreideal, but because you are tall, I still think you should be ok =)

  11. Hello Kristine, I really love your blog because of the great tips on becoming an air stewardess! Can I ask if it’s possible to conceal a make up on the wrist and get through the interview?? 🙂

    • Hi dear,

      It is possible, but we are talking about small ones, and the one not exactly very visible. If it is big and obvious, then there is no point in trying to conceal. All in all, concealing cuts both ways, so you need to judge for yrself if it is tiny and small or big and obvious.

  12. Hi,
    Just wanted to ask if girls w braces are capable of being an air stewardess for SIA? My teeth ain’t exactly bad or something. I wanted to get same minimal adjustment to get that “perfect” smile so I was thinking if I can put on braces? Anyway is having nice teeth a requirement for SIA? Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    • Hi dear,

      nope… once yr braces in on… especially visible ones.. you can’t fly until you get them off. Nice teeth is a “unsaid” requirement. But you dun need perfect teeth… 90% good is good enough.

  13. Hi there,

    I know this site is closed but I hoping you would see this.

    Just wanna say a big thank you to you and your blog. To me, it’s helped me so much on pursuing my dream as a cabin crew. I’ve been reading your stories since I was 17 and back then I haven’t had a O lvl nor diploma. However your stories keep me believing and motivate me towards my goal. I’m turning 20 soon and graduating with a diploma. (Yes am still a loyal reader here) I will be joining SIA after I graduate, and despite this site is close. You gave me a lot of helpful tips and I still read back all your entries all over again. I will you all the best in your future endovours! Cheers! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the support. 3 years… wow… must have been a such a long long time.

      Hereby wishing you all the very very best for your interview ^^ Jia you Jia you Jia you…

  14. Hi Kristine,

    I have been reading your blog and went for my interview on 19th Jul 2014. I managed to breeze through day 1 round and have the final interview the next day.

    But fail at the 2 to 1 interview stage.
    It’s about self introduction, what do you know about SIA, what is your past time. And lastly he asked “u mentioned u have rhinitis. what are u allergy to. i mentioned it’s just mild sinus”. Filling up health declaration form is needed. Question including number of pregnancy including termination of pregnancy. I was wondering if me failing is the problem with the health declaration or the interview part?

    It’s kinda of disappointing. It’s so close…
    Hope u can enlighten me.


    • Hmmm… acually.. sinus could be a problem because the air in the cabin is actually not “fresh” and could affect yr health in the long run. If you ask me… it could be a combination of both. If not, at least the sinus part did play a role in it.

  15. Hello Kristine. Can I know what goes on with SIA side after medical?

    • They will go through the reports of yr medical and see if you are clear. Thenafter, I am sure they did perform some background checks and if everything is clear… they will arrange yr training date and call you when all is set. =)

  16. Hi Kristine,
    Do you know what’s the height for the reach test?
    Thank you !

  17. Hi kristine!
    I love reading your blogs especially the Q&A.

    I would like to ask you, I am from an interview batch of April. And till now, I’ve yet to get a golden call because I’m still serving NS till this mth. however last week I got an email to come down to submit my NS ORD cert.

    So from your experience, am I in the safe zone?

    • Yes, pretty much safe from what I can recall.

      Its always the case for guys. I have students who also face similar situations like yrs, but they are all flying now.

  18. Kristine I know this blog has been closed. but I wanna thank you again. I sent you an email .. you should know who I am. I am in a national reputable airline which has based here ,,,, from a Caucasian country hehe … thank you so much… I guess the manual don’t memorized but get the essence and speak in our own words … more believable…. hehe

  19. hello Kristine wanna say thank you to you. Have sent you an email .. wonder have you read 🙂

    Once again, Thank you!

    • I hear you… =)

      thank you for remembering me …=)

  20. actually i sent a comments but did not get approval from you ….. sincerely show my gratitude to u 🙂 i have passed !!!!

  21. Hi Kristine,

    If still taking my diploma (finishing in April), can I still apply? And do they accept private diploma?
    ‘Cause I saw from the official site that the next interview will be during January, but those graduating in july, but must hold o lvl cert, can apply. Does this mean I can’t apply and have to wait for the next one?

  22. Hey Kristine,
    I know you are not active in your blog. But I chance upon your blog recently and have learnt a lot from your blog. And I would sincerely like to express my gratitude to you. For sharing lots of information with us.

    I have keen interest with sq. As it has Been my dream to be a spore girl since young. I went for the interview on 31st Jan. I gt through round 1. I was waiting for my round 2 height check. To my dismay, the person in charge for the height check never let me through the height and reach test. As I stated my height as 156cm in the application form. As I am unsure if it’s 156 or 157. And I left the place, not knowing what to do. But before my, there was a candidate who was 157 and she allowed the candidate to pass through.

    I was very lost at the moment, and unsure of what to do. I am waiting for the next round of interview to come. But is there any thing that I can do ?

    Thank you =)

    • Hey T,

      the only thing you can do now is to try to increase yr height. When it comes to height, its always subjective.. but you always wanna be on the safe side right ? In that way, there wun be any dispute. Height is a “constant”, its not somethng we can have control over, ie, improving communication, grooming etc… so, the only way is to try as much as possible to increase it.

      While some may have said that its passed puberty, what you eat have an effect. Stretching and jumping still has an effect. Drinking plenty of fluids also has a slight effect. Google it my dear… when everything adds up.. maybe… it could just give you that 1 – 2 cm even if its just temporary – cos all you want is to get pass that height test and you can fall back to 156 etc.. you know what I mean ? =)

  23. Hey there,

    I would like to know if silkair cabin crews are allowed to crossover to SIA through internal transfer after serving the bond? Or should the crew attend SIA walk-in interview session instead? What are the chances?

    Thank you.

    • Hey dear,

      yes.. silkair cabin crews are allowed to cross over. From what I know from the girls who crossover, the interview of the crossover is very easy… 10 mins I think lol. But of course, you must perform well during yr time in silkair as all performance records are shared.

  24. Hello kristine,

    I’m currently working in the force and also pursuing aviation field part-time diploma.

    am aware that one of the requirement states “Degree/Diploma (those who are graduating before (x month & year) may also apply if they have any of the two educational qualifications below.)”

    If i have a local diploma certificate and an ‘O’ level certificate too but didn’t have the 5 credits as stated “5 GCE ‘O’-level credits including English and working experience” but have working experience.

    Will i be still be able to proceed on with the interview ?
    Anyways is there an age limit for a guy, not being able to join the cabin crew ?
    just want a heads up for myself. if you have any idea/clue ? 😉

    would love it too if you could revive the “cabin crew secrets manual”. haha maybe when you’re less busy with your work that is.

    Looking forward to hear from you !
    Thank You kristine 🙂

    • Hi Kayden,

      As long as you have a diploma, it supersedes the O levels. =)

      So, you can definitely go try it out. For age wise, best to go before 30. Thats my recommendation =)

      Cheers ^^

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