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Life As A Cabin Crew

I’ve got a recent request asking me to state more about my life as a cabin crew. Initially, I wanted to create another blog so that this blog will be about the cabin crew interview tips while the other, about the the life I’ve had as a cabin crew.

After spending some thoughts, I’ve decided to put the life of a cabin crew here too… except that I won’t post my pictures.. due to… you know.. avoiding issues with the company.

I want to make this a one stop hub for all cabin crew hopefuls to find cabin crew related stuffs and how the interview will go about as well as a sneak peek into the life of a cabin crew.

As I’ve mentioned… as a cabin crew, you get to meet people from all sorts of life, be them celebrities, ministers, the rich… and the famous… and I mean up REAL close and personal…

Even when you outstations, meaning that you are at some other countries enjoying your “crew rest”, you do have a very big chance to see celebrities and big names roaming the streets.

I for one am lucky to actually get to see Shawn Yue, a very popular actor from Hong Kong. He looks very different from his photo and movies and I must admit, he looks better on screen.. hee. The thing is… I never get to speak or get his signature, because he was rather “low profile”.

Other big names I’ve actually encountered was the Argentina Soccer Team… including the wonder wizz Messi. This time was slightly better because I get the chance to actually speak to them in person.. hee hee. The thing is, conversation in English was a bit hard though. In fact, we even took a photo together and one of my friends who went out with me actually got some of their signature… although I did not really know most of their names.

Wang Lee Hong

One of the celebrities I saw as a SIA cabin crew

Another big one, and… I don’t need to tell you who he is. I mean… he looks really good in person… very tall and suave.

He doesn’t carry this “I am celebrity, so please don’t bother me” kind of personality. In fact, he was very friendly.(Saw him during one of our 3 off days at a Europe Stop)

Since me and my friends were in Europe, and the only people who knew him was us, we get to meet him up close, took pictures with him.. and I mean group picture… and he was standing just next to me ! We spoke…and even got his autograph !

In fact, he volunteered himself to have a picture after learning that we were from Singapore. ^^

This was the photo I took when he was doing his photo shoot and trust me… you will not find this photo anywhere else as it was taken from my personal handy little Olympus digital camera.

Do you know who he is ??

After much said, do feel free to comment and let me know if you prefer me to post more of this lifestyle sneak peek post here or do you prefer it is all about cabin crew interview. ^^


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  1. nice post, great life ๐Ÿ™‚
    i would prefer to see any cabin crew related stuff here instead of u post them in another blog. hee.

    oh i have one question, i discovered that most of the sia crews (girls) are tall, i think they are above 165cm. the height requirement is 158cm but is that mean taller girls have more advantage?

    • It is subjective on personal views.

      But as long as you clear 158 and can carry yourself well, every girls stand an equal chance. ^^

  2. wow your reply is very fast!
    hehe thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. one of the celebs, is he wang lee hom?? o.O

  4. Are there anymore life stories as a cabin crew? I’m so curious! =D

  5. […] as one of the best jobs in the world, a cabin crew’s lifestyle is one of many colors, fun and […]

    Are there any more other Taiwanese celebs who flies on SIA?

    • err.. I saw Shawn Yue once =P… but his HK right ? =P

  7. Hi!

    I’m really eggcited for this job! But i have a little dilemma now cause i’m actually forgoing a higher pay job for this, but..the working hrs are of cause longer. Jus want to seek ur advice on my situation..thanx for ur help! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • arr..

      you are so cute… well.. it really depends on what you want in life. I couldn’t which is better because I dun dictate your life.

      I only feel that, as long as you are happy.. and know what you are doing, and most importantly, do what you want to do in life… ain’t that’s what life is ? ^^

  8. Yes Kristine! =P

  9. Stumbled upon while looking up for some reference regarding a job as cabin crew. Well, like you, I used to have a dream about being a cabin crew especially for SIA since young. However, there are still doubts and confusing questions that I couldn’t answer them.

    And the height problem, seems like I can’t even qualify for the basic requirements. Aww..the disappointment. There is really no chance for someone with a height below 158cm eh?

    Anyway, It was really refreshing to learn about life as a cabin crew from a person working inside. Those we normally see are just the surface of what they want to show us, whats more important is the inside of how things work. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Hi dear…

      well.. if you did read some of the post.. there are so many.. so.. haha.. i wonder if anyone will go through all of them… but 158 is because of the safety requirement as some emergency stuff are kept overhead, and you will need to clear that height.

      Well.. if you are close, you certainly can try streching and hope it grows that little bit…. =)

  10. Dear Madame !!
    I hav many questions to ask u becuz I may b join SIA family in shortly.. Would u mind if I can add ur mail or u prefer me to ask here!!
    Thx so much

  11. hi kristine…im from Mumbai..i applied for SIA interview in 2010 & got selected, cleared medicals and even got a work permit but could not leave due to personal reasons. will i be eligible to apply again?

    • sure dear,

      just that you have to go through all the stages again..

  12. Hi Kristine,

    This is actually my second post, i didn’t get any reply so i post another, hope you dont mind. I’m considering going for this 7 Jan walk-in interview at Suntec. Hope you dont mind answering few of my doubts. Thanks so much!

    – I have a freckles like birth mark on the mid-section of my arm, about 10cm in length. Based on this, will i get rejected during the skin check round?

    – others have red rosy lips but mine is dark-coloured but with right coloured lipstick, the dark colour lip of mine should be able to get cover up. Should i cover up my dark lip during the interview or leave it as it is?

    – I have met the height requirement stated, but i am rather skinny, i am 160, 42kg, am i consider too skinny to be choosen?

    Thanks so much for answering my doubt! Hope i can get your reply before the interview!


    • hi dear,

      1) this issue is pretty subjective.. as it depends on how the interviewer sees it.. as in, will it be too “much” for him/her or just ok.

      2) nope.. i dun see this as an issue. Why dun you wear a decent lipstick on the day of the interview =)

      3) hmmm… dear.. i would suggest getting up to like 45 or 46 to be on a safer side..

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