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Read This Before You Go For Your SIA Air Stewardess Interview…

If you are going for your first SIA Air Stewardess Interview, you will be shocked at how many girls or flight attendant hopefuls there are in your region… all wanting and yearning to be part of the Singapore Airlines family.

In fact, many cabin crew hopefuls gave up even before their turn is called as the numbers sometimes run in the thousands… this is not to scare you off… but at least you won’t get a “culture shock” when you are there for the first time like I did when I was having my interview 4 years back..

No wonder being an air stewardess with Singapore Airlines is one of the most envied jobs in the world!

Despite all the hype and rave, what many don’t realize is that you don’t actually need to be a super model look-a-like to be in the aviation industry.

I’ve met, known and worked with many different crews every single day and I can tell you right now that looks is definitely secondary… but of course.. you must at least look decent and pleasant lah =P

Think about this, what is SIA famous for?

Yes, service… and world class service certainly doesn’t start with the looks.

If there is anything you want to display in your interview, it is your Personality!

Are you the kind of person who enjoys meeting people? someone who can talk, interact with the passenger and fellow colleagues or are you always sulking and hiding yourself away in the corner?

Are you a fun and jovial person? Someone who light up the moods of the passengers and fellow crews, boasting each other’s morale and improving working relations with each other or are you a person whose mouth is “filled with gold” and can’t seemed to open them for the fear that the “gold” might fall out?

What is your favorite past time? Are you an outgoing person… whose favorite activity is hanging out with others, sharing stories and laughter or are you really someone who locks themselves up in the room every single day?

As an organization known and made famous by its service standards, you certainly want your cabin crews to be a “people’s person”.

If you are going for your SIA cabin crew interview, forget about looks… just be sure to showcase your outgoing personality as a person and your chance will raise so much higher…

Remember, you are not going for an audition to be a runway model… but an audition to be a cabin crew, someone who can warm and make a passenger’s flight so much more memorable and comfortable.


Discover what SIA Interviewers are looking out for during your SIA Interview — Air Stewardess Interview Tips



  1. kristine I have some more to ask.. Firstly, If I have to stay in Singapore, will they help me to find house or room for rent ? (I am Malaysian) and during training, if there is no class on that day can I go back home? As a SIA cabin crew we will get ticket discount every time we purchase, how much is the discount?just curious..

    • yes.. you get discounts for flights after you start flying.. but normally… and I mean almost most of the malaysian crews under training either take bus home or budget airlines… cos.. its still cheaper than the SQ ticket after discount…

      Yes.. you may go home.. but please be sure to come back for the training and don’t be late or anything.. cos.. missing the lesson or being late.. especially during your training.. could cost you the job.

      Room.. they will give you like 1 or 2 months(I can’t remember) to find yourself.. but before that, they will provide you with a place to stay while you search for a place to stay.

      oh by the way… for trainees.. i dun think there is discount… you need at least 6 months before being eligible.

      and sorry… i cannot divulge the discount due to company privacy issue..

      • kristine Im so glad if you can show as an example of your duty roster I really wanted to see…

      • Hi dear…

        I can’t do that… it’s against company policy to reveal this. But what I can tell you is.. generally its almost like a 1/3 working month.

        Because you work one sector.. once you touch down at the station.. you get to rest (or an off day)… and then you work one more sector back.. then you get another off day… sometimes.. say.. a London flight.. you get one sector up.. then rest for 2 days… and work one more sector back.. and get another 2 days.

  2. Dear Kristine,

    i’ve purchased your cabin crew secrets manual a few days back using my friend’s debit, but she accidentally closes the window too fast.haha. Do you need me to send you the receipt for verification? what should i do?

    • hmmm… yes felicia, can you email me the receipt ?

      a copy of the paypal receipt should be sent to her email.. and you can retrieve the information from there.


      just email me your friend’s emil and your email and once its verify, i’ll send you the link ^^

  3. hoho..she’s currently out of singapore for the holidays and she had a seperate email account to keep track of her monthly spendings..haha…guess got to check with her when she returns 2weeks later! am just afraid that theres not much time to prepare.

    • can you give me her name dear ?

      I check for you her name then ^^

  4. hi kristine.
    one more question.

    u mentioned that there’s alot of people during the interview. this coming interview is frm 9 to 1pm. do u think they will exceed the timing as i have somthing on in the noon. thanks.

    • Yes.. I am sure it will exceed… depending on what time you reach… and how far you go…

      • oic. hmm guess if it pass 2.30
        then no choice already. =(
        btw. what do you suggest the ladies to wear for the interview?

        thank you for answering! =)

  5. Hi Kristine(:

    I read every post u wrote and i seriously enjoy reading and it make me excited for the upcoming interview that i will be going.

    I have question to ask u.
    There is Silkair and SIA interview this coming month. For me, i would really like to work with SIA since childhood but with my qualification of private diploma would i be able to get in? Another problem is i won’t be receiving my cert till next month. Will it be good if i go for both Silkair and SIA interview?

    Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks!(:

    • Hi Jasmine,

      For private Diploma… I am not very sure.. but.. you can call them and ask if they accept private diploma.. most likely should not be a problem.

      Well.. you can go try for both hee… but don’t let either side know you going.. =P

      Hopefully you get into the International ones… cos silk air only does regional turn around flights and no “overnight” in other countries…. even if have… its only regional.. but the good thing is.. you get to go home everyday =)

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        anyway i just purchase the book and i hope it will deliver it to me as soon as possible because i will be having the silkair interview this coming saturday.

        Lastly thank for your advise(:
        Apperciate much!

  6. Hi Kristine,

    There’s a walk-in interview in Jakarta this 27 April. And I keen to to take part. What do you suggest ladies to wear for the walk-in interview?

    And i would like to purchase your manual. Can I use debit card to settle the payment?

    • hmmm, yes you can.

      Formal working attire is preferred, eg, office wear

  7. hi kristine,
    im still not sure for the interview in jakarta. one of my friend said around 27 this month.. but im not sure since i read your post there’s only upcoming interview in malaysia for now.
    do u know when is the exact date SIA will held an interview in jakarta??

    • I did not put the Jakarta interview onsite because its not release in the sia website. However, it might have been released in your local papers which I dun know about or it could be a specific interview for those who sent in their application.

      I am sorry but I really can’t answer this for sure… yup.. from this blog, I’ve heard people talking about the interview on 27th… anyone care to clarify on this point ?

      Thanks ^^

  8. Hi Kristine,

    will like to ask you for the basic req.
    if I only got nitec & higher nitec for education qualification,
    am I still eligible to join SIA?

    • hi dear,

      You will have to see if your “O” levels got the required credits as stated in the website
      and some relevant working exp.

      If you do have the above O + work, then, you still can apply.

  9. okay.

    ‘cos I flunk my O’s.
    & i further my studies at ITE.

    thus, considering that I had no O.
    but only nitec & higher nitec.

    means I wont be eligible for it, unless I take up private dip or smth?

  10. am 21 this yr, but i do have working exp though.
    had been working since I’m 16.

  11. Hi kristine, pls reply me. thx

  12. okay, means I have to further my studies.
    and take dip?

  13. Hi Kristine,

    Have any age limit for become SIA cabin crew, i am 27 year old for this year, still qualify for it ?

  14. hey kristine, i’m still a diploma student right now and will graduate on july. I heard that they dont accept if you have tattoo?

    • If the tattoo is visible, eg, when you put on yr kebaya, then… no.

      If its not visible, eg, covered by yr clothing, then its ok.

      • Oh it’s at the back waist so won’t be seen i guess? I missed out the interview this year, don’t have time due to classes clash but I am looking forward for the next coming vacancies next year .. They only have intake once evey year right ?

      • nope…

        they have a number of intake…

        the one you just miss… is the 3rd interview session for this year ^^

  15. Hi Kristine.
    I just found your Blog a week ago, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Since I really want to work as Cabin Crew, it gives me tonss of info! Keep Posting!=)))

    Anyway I’d like to purchase The Manual. Do you accept credit card?

    and do you know when will SIA recruit again in Indonesia? Does SIA also recruit in China? cos I’m Indonesian, and currently working in China.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi dear,

      yes, you can use credit card to get the manual. Pay pal does accept credit card even with a pay pal acc.
      On the order page, at the right side, there is a “no pay pal, continue” link, and you can proceed from there.

      Yes, the company does recruit in China. but, china’s interview is slightly different, so I dun suppose you want
      to go for the one held in China.

      The last one that was held in Indonesia was in Apr, I suppose you’ll need to check back July or August.

      hope this helps ^^

  16. I can’t find the order page. could you give me the link please?

    what dou you mean by different? are the requirements and procedures different?

    one more question Kristine, how long does an interview usually takes? I mean from first round till last round? Cos I am working outside Indonesia now, I will need to take leave to go to Indonesia’s interview. Thanksss againn! =))

    • Hi dear,

      nope, its because those were for Chinese… I mean… its not really a walkin interview, its one where by you summit the application and they’ll call you. So, its strictly for Chinese stewardess. Procedures is about the same, but like I say, you can write in to see if they were to accept your interview in China…

      Typically, it takes 2 days… eg, first day you’ll complete most of the interview and 2nd day is the management.

      hope this helps.

      Order link ? I think you are refering to this ? –

  17. Hi Kristine, i’d like to purchase The Manual. is it possible to send it to Jakarta? and if it’s possible, how much will the total cost be? thanks..

    • Its digital my dear, meaning that you can access to it and download it after your transaction is complete.

      Because it is digital, it is a flat rate across the board since there is no shipping fees, be it if you are in india, indonesia or malaysia.. =)

      Rem to hit the “return to merchant” button once you are done. Thats abt it…

  18. hello. i’m interested for being a FA but i heard that they dont accept person with scar.

    as i had read the replies above, scare on face can be concealed but how about the scar of the BCG injection i got whn i was small?

    its somewhat obvious.
    and how about other scar on body?

    anyhow the scar can be covered by clothes, is there gonna be a problem?

    • As long as its covered my dear…

      The kebaya is not “sleeveless”… so… you don’t have to worry about your BCG…

  19. Hi Kristine.
    I just completed Paypal transaction to purchase ur manual, but the thing is I closed the page that has “Return to Merchant” button. ><! So what should I do now? How can I download the Manual?


    • hi my dear, dun worry too much abt it. ^^

      I’ll send you an email, pls check ^^

    • Hi, Cris !
      I think I’ve met you at SIA requirement in Jakarta last Saturday at SQ Centre, am I right?
      I remember because you said XXXXXX πŸ˜€
      so how is the interview? did you pass? and what about XXXX?
      totally forgot to ask your number πŸ˜€

      • Hi Elita.
        I think I remember you too. =))

        do you have msn? let me add your msn.

      • hi Chris,
        I do have msn but I never use it, do you have yahoo messenger or or skype? please add me :
        yahoo : terracota_emperor
        skype : elita.azhar

        really excited to hear your story ^^

  20. hi christine, i would to purchase the manual but i dont have any means of credit/debit/paypal thingy.. can i like c.o.d. u the money or anything? thank you

    p/s: i went to sia interview last week and got eliminated at the grooming (catwalk and smiling) stage =/

    • ehhh… are you a singaporean ? or malaysian ? or….?

      Singapore is easier… but for malaysia.. its abit hard becos of diff acc bah…

      • im malaysian. but currently in singapore =)

      • Hi Vincent,

        Were you attended the interview in Kuching?

      • hi FSW: yup at kuching… u went there too?

  21. Hi Vincent,

    I was there and I failed the skin check too. I think the chinese pregnant lady was pretty strict. What time you were booted out in skin check? Mine was about 4pm, I guess we had bumped into each other as the crowd on that day was pretty small. FYI, I am from Kch but working in sg πŸ™‚ How abt u?

    • lol mine was about 3pm. maybe we did bumped into each other, but everyone was so nicely dressed, didnt have the time to notice anyone + nervous that time πŸ™‚

      im from kuching too, just finished studies, currently still looking for job in singapore. what do you work as?

  22. Hello Vincent,

    Good and nice to know another guy fr KCH! hehe πŸ™‚ I am working as Recruitment Consultant and what kind of job you are looking for? Are you heading to JB this Saturday?

    • recruitment consultant? what does that job do? em.. do u have fb or email? i think we better talk over there lol

      and yes, im planning to go to jb this sat. how about you?

  23. Hi Vincent,

    My msn is XXXXXXXXXXXX
    We can talk more fr there πŸ™‚

    • hey samuel,

      it seems like i cant email to the address above. Delivery Status Failure. i tried twice and still fail =/

  24. Hey Vincent,

    I am sorry. You may try sending to XXXXXXXX

    See you there πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Kristine..

    I completed paypal trancaction to purchase ur cabincrew secret manual on 26th may.But did not download the manual.
    Dear,i have planning to go for interview on 19 jun…Is it possible can i get manual A.S.


    • huh ?

      I thought you have registered and get directed to the manual download page ? cos in my records you have already registered for the member’s list…

      anyway… I will send you an email, so please check…

  26. i have miss out this may interview due to my poly intership programmes.I hv a question.How many times per yr did SIA held the interview. As i am still a student, i dont hv credit card o paypal. I only have a UOB bank acc. Is there anyway to purchase ur SECRET? and for malaysian like me, is there a better chance for me to pass the interview if I go to the interview in Msia(KL)?

    I hope you can clear my doubt thanks!

    • if you have a debit card, it works too…

      Actually, i personally feel that malaysians have better chance at this moment, because there are so many interviews held in malaysia this yr.

      Well.. no particular difference, because they don’t care, whats impt is still yr performance and how you present yourself that day ^^

      • Hi kristine

        Thansk lot. I think I will go for the next interview after purchasing your SECRET. Eventhough i didnt go for the interview on may , but i still sent in an online application form. Will they call me back for interview if I am qualified?

        BTW, ur blog helps!


  27. BTW how to order by debit card?

    • Hi,

      I am not related to Kristine in any way. Just that I see similar questions being asked every now and then. Haha, so I shall copy and paste the answer for your info.


      1) First go to the following link:

      2) Credit card or debit card are both acceptable. Fill in the information on the left hand side of the screen.

      3) The book is digital, you can download it immediately after your transaction is complete.

      • hi danny

        i dont have a credit card, then what should i fill in at the credit card collum?

  28. hi danny

    i dont have a credit card, then what sud i fill in in the credit card collum?

    • Erm, you don’t have a credit card…but do you have a debit card? A debit card should have a string of numbers printed on it. Type it under the section “Credit Card Number”.


      • wooo thks danny. are you a CC?

      • wah danny,

        you made me feel so bad here haha… with you helping me with the replies ^^

        Thank you =)

      • Ooops =X Cos’ I thought since I know the answer, can shun4 bian4 answer Chuan Yi.

        @Chuan Yi: I am not a cc yet. waiting to start training. I am an existing happy member in the Kristine’s members club though. =)

      • wow u pass the interview? i want to have the secret recipe but i dun even have a debit card as i m still in school..can i use bank transfer? =(

      • hi Danny,
        er… I don’t have Credit Card but I have Debit Card, but when I try your suggestion to fill the Credit Card Column with my debit card number, it is not working,,, what should I do?

  29. hello..
    im fieya..i want to ask u few question…hurmm…i see the sia website..i see the interview at i want to try go there…if not apply application form..can’t or not..?just i come there…

  30. kristine

    confirm right the next interview at ipoh on 19 june 2010..?

  31. Hi kristine,

    Is the coming interview held in KL, at 26th June 2010? Must we fill up the online application form and send to them before the interview ? i thought we supposed to download and print out the form, fill up and bring it to the interview day?

    thanks alot.

    • Hi dear,

      the latter is correct. The sumit one is not for “walk in”. For walk in, is DL, print, fill and bring along ^^

  32. Hi Kristine,

    I went to the interview held in Jb yesterday.. but failed in the last round (mgmt round).
    Should i try again? Does it mean i stil stand a chance? Wad shd i do to improve myself?

    Thx =)

    • hi there my dear,

      i’m sorry that you din make it at the last round. You certainly can improve yourself by going through what the questions were asked and go through yr own answers. See how you could have ans better as well as thinking what might possibly be the case that booted you out.

      As for failing in the mgt rd, there is a min ban of 6 mths before you can go for the next interview again.

    • Hello Kristine =)

      Out of curiosity, I am just wondering what is the purpose of the 6 months ban? Do you have any idea?


      • hey Danny,

        Actually, I do not know why… In fact, it was implemented only like… these few years.. cos i never heard of it during my time… but I guess they are trying to “crowd control” and probably give other people chances… that’s my take

      • Hehe, thank you for sharing. I learnt sth from you again.

  33. Hi Kristine

    Thks for your reply.
    However, im thinking to gv myself a try again by attending the kl interview on 26th June.. the interviewer n Sia staff didnt inform me tat mus ban for 6 months wor..
    i have totally no idea abt this 6 mths “rule”
    shd i go for a try? πŸ™‚

    • haha, well, maybe you should… keke…

      if you got through.. maybe that’ll dispel the 6 month ban thingy… and ahem… =)

      • hi cathy did you managed to get through when you went the second time?

  34. hi kristine…is carolyn here….i was wanna to know if my spm result BM and BI is only get the gred D is it still qualified go for the interview???because of my so poor spm result it was make me down n lost all my courge for the interview….!!!!so wat should i can do ????

    • did you meet the min requirement as stated in the site ?

      if yes.. it does not matter… the qualification is just paper or ticket to take the interview.. the rest… is totally up to yr performance in the interview..

  35. hello =)
    im excited over the upcoming walk-in interview on 26 june 2010.

    however, im still quite nervous even after preparing my speech and writing bullets-point in my notes.

    As this is my only dream job, i’ve held very high expectations of myself and am afraid of being rejected.

    i do not know how to put on make up very well, let alone conceal my dark rings, tiny pimples and faint scar on my elbow.

    i’ve been comtemplating whether to get the manual or not as i do not have the money as well.

    thank you for your time =))

  36. hi kristine πŸ™‚
    i have tattoos but it is not visible wearing the kebaya an i still qualified for the interview?

  37. Thanks for the encouragement!
    How long will i need to wait if i purchase your secret manual? im hoping to get it before the interview this sat! πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Kristine.
    for the kebaya round, are there sizes for the kebaya? cause i’m a little bit ‘meaty’.
    What if i dont know how to swim? can i still apply?

    • There is no swim test … so you can pretty much relax abt swimming…

      but during training, there is.. but you’ll be given life vest, so dun worry abt it…

      sizes of kebaya is based on the size of ex crew as they are donated by previous set of crews who either promote or left. So.. it depends on whats availale there…

  39. hey you! ive always wanted to be a cabin crew and i have gone through cabin crew interviews before eg for Qatar and SIA, but obviously im writing this post i didnt get through but very likely because i was nervous. Anyhows, i am currently an undergraduate and i have 3 more years upon graduation, but considering there have been SIA interview’s going on quite frequently, what would you consider me doing. Go for the interview try it out and who knows i might get the job and hold my degree for the time being or just pursue my studies.

    • hey dear…

      I would suggest you finish your studies first… its more important…

      • oh thank you πŸ™‚ you are very sweet thanks..Just one more question, i recently went to the airport and i noticed one cabin crew in particular wearing a very dark purplish/blue kebaya not the normal usual kind…is that new? i only know there is Red and Green for seniority.

  40. Hey` May i know what’s the age requirement for cabin crew?

    • Below 30 I would say.. although its not stated…

      best is between 21 – 24

      • Is there a need to have Uni-degree ?

      • Depending on your country…

      • In singapore … What’s the requirement basically? ^^ Thanks for replying so quickly!

  41. Heylo Kristine how are you?
    I’m T from M’sia..27 this year..Male..178cm..64kg..
    I’ve been working in S’pore for the past 5 yrs in F&B line till now..
    My question is :
    Can i still go for the interview coz i’ve failed in my English subject..(F9)
    Then what the suitable clothes for me to wearing for attend the interview?
    Thank.. πŸ˜‰

  42. Heylo Kristine how are you?
    I’m T from M’sia..27 this year..Male..178cm..64kg..
    I’ve been working in S’pore for the past 5 yrs in F&B line till now..
    My question is :
    Can i still go for the interview coz i’ve failed my English subject..(F9)
    Then what is the suitable clothes for me to wearing for attend the interview?
    Thank.. πŸ˜‰

  43. I don’t hve 5 credits in my O-LEVEL..
    Ecspecially,ENGLISH subject.. 😦
    Can i still go for the interview..?
    Coz my English just a simple & basic only..

    • Hey Haizil..

      I am sorry to say… no… due to benchmark issues…

      unless of cos… u have a very impressive resume which you can try summiting online and see if they call you up…

      as for walk in… its very the impossible.. cos they will boot you out immediately (no questions asked) if you dun have the edu requirement.

  44. HMm,can anybody plz help me?
    What should i do?
    Go for it or…
    Come & hit me with ur comment..Thx πŸ˜‰

  45. Then do have the email address to submit online?
    Bcoz i can’t find it on the website..
    N how do i purchase the handbook frm u & how much does it cost?Thx Kristine..

  46. i got the S.P.M certificate actually but i’ve failed in my english subject so can i still can go for the interview?

  47. i got the S.P.M certificate actually but i’ve failed in my english subject so can i still can go for the interview?
    Can u gve me some commend plz..

  48. any website to submitting online?

  49. Hello Kristine,

    First, I would like to thank you and your helpful blog for the information of SIA cabincrew πŸ™‚

    I am from Indonesia and just attending the FA walk-in-interview in Jakarta, on July 24 2010.
    I was very excited.

    But in the end, I did not make it to the second round after the first round for the body measurement (they’re checking on my height and weight) then guiding me to the interview room with five other candidates. During the interview, each of us were asked to introduce ourselves.

    After the interview done, we were waiting for the result. Not more than 3 minutes, a lady came out and said that all of us couldn’t pass to the second round. I was a bit upset and I had been questioning myself. Did I do something wrong?

    I did not think that I was bad while introducing because I really prepared and I was the only one of five candidates that got the question from the interviewer. Which is about when I could take my braces off.

    For the dress :
    I was wearing a formal office suit (It’s a black skirt to the knee, white shirt plus office-wear black stocking and black dress heels of course).
    I did not put too much make up too.

    Honestly, It’s hard for me to accept it. ‘Till now I have no idea why I did not make it.

    What do you think, Kristine?

    Do you see that I could try again in the future?

    Am I just too skinny??
    Because I weight 45 kg and height round 160 cm.

    Or I have to be super pretty to pass?

    Hope you can reply to my response.

    Thanks! GBU πŸ™‚

    • Hi dear…

      then… my question is… when is the time you can take your braces off ?? =)

      and nope… although looks does matter to a certain extend… you dun have to be super pretty… the company is looking for service excellence personnel… not Miss Universe =)

  50. Hello again Kristine,

    I’m so delighted having your response πŸ™‚

    I’m going to take it off very soon as what I had had answered while doing the interview.

    Was I giving them the wrong answer?

    Another news that I’ve gotten from one of candidates is the FA must speak excellent English.

    Is it true?

    Thank you for reading and replying them πŸ™‚

    • hi YF…i also try the interview…i used braces also and didnt pass the first round…is it about the braces? i also answer that i will put it off this or next month…btw….how are you now? do you get in? since your post is about in 2010…n now is 2011…. please tell me more about your second try….i just feel like what you felt last year…+,+…thx for your kindness YF… πŸ˜€

  51. hey kristine,

    i’ve read your post and you mentioned that looks are secondary, but what about skin conditions? as i have some acne marks on my face, will they still accept me??

    • well dear,

      it depends on how bad your acnes are.. and how obvious they are.

      Dun forget the condition of your skin.. yes looks are secondary BUT you still have to look pleasant… afterall you are selling the Singapore girl image… on an international route

  52. Dear Kristine,

    There’s going to be a walk-in interview held in Singapore this Saturday for potential flight attendants. They stated on the website that the time is between 8.30am to 2.00pm.
    1) Does this mean I have to be in by 8.30am (because I’ve read from your other post that there are mass interviews and stages to pass) or can i walk-in anytime I’d like?

    2) Also, I am just about to graduate with a diploma. If I do get a chance with SIA, would they allow a 4 months notification period (August- early November) before I begin training or would it be too long for them? Is this common? As I also don’t have my diploma yet, would they still consider me during the interview stages?

    3) And lastly, I’d like to know the years you’re contracted to SIA as a flight attendant if you’re hired. I’ve heard that some airlines require you to stay for 5 years.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    • The bond is 18 months + 3 months training.. meaning… you will need to stay for at least 21 months (for Singaporeans), but the contract is 5 years.. meaning.. you can work as a crew for 5 years.. after at which they will decide if you can carry on.. but after 5 years.. you’ll get a gratuity sum of money.

      Nope.. 4 months is generally alight. if you pass te interview, your application wil be put on hold and they will only process it after you summit your poly certs.

      you wll need to be there early to avoid the massive crowd…

  53. Hi kristine,

    If i have a small scar & birthmark on my lower arm that is not very obvious you don’t notice it.

    Do i still have to indicate on the application form that i have visible scars etc?

    I’m afraid i’ll be kicked out just because i ticked yes for visible scars!


    • errr… thats a very very moral ethic issue.. haha..

      if it can’t be seen.. then.. =P (I am not teaching anyhting here..)

      but if it can.. then its safer to put yes… and they’ll ask you to show them.. if its not obvious.. then.. maybe you’ll stil get through =)

  54. hi dear, i only have N level but i have a diploma but not from poly, can i still go for th interview?

    • hello dear,

      I am sure you can go try for it. =) is it a PVT Diploma ?

  55. Hi Kristine,

    If i failed the medical check-up. did SIA notice me?

  56. Hi Kristine,

    This should have been the first and the most imp.Q from my end, that I should have asked you and I just realized it.

    GCE β€˜O’/SPM* (or equivalent, please state):___
    GCE β€˜A’/STPM* (or equivalent, please state):___

    I do not have any of the above qualification as per the terms mentioned… coz in india the education system is totally different. I am not at all aware of these terms:(

    The interview that i will be attending is in india, and assumed they r looking for indian qualification??as per my qualification i have done my 10th, 12th, bachelors degree…i mean i have 15 years f education….

    So what do i add in those filler??

    I am sorry to come with such question:

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Warm Regards,

  57. Hi, kristine, I know there will be an upcoming interview toward the end of september this year, so I was thinking of purchasing the book but will it be 2 late if I purchased now…cox I am afraid that I will not ve enough preparation for the interview, please do give me some advise, thanks…

  58. Hi Kristine,

    I had my intervew today…
    I cleard all my rounds, the first stage, kebaya , skin test, but got booted for the last managemnt round…
    I am very suprised &dissppointed because i was good as compared to other 3 girls in communication:(, Anyways, Do u knw wen r the next recrutiments conducted in india, if not, ateast the gap ??is it 6 months

    Thanks ,


    • hi dear.. yes.. that gap you mentioned should be safe… abt 6 mths or less.. =)

  59. hi kristine
    i failed my eng o levels – d7 but i have a local polytechnic dipolma which i grad from RP. do i still need eng to pass? as i am afraid that they will ask me abt my eng. or they will see my dipolma cert only?

    • they only see the highest edu available…

      think about this dear… if you are a masters degree student… do you think yr employer will even care if you fail psle or is an n level student ? no.. they will only take yr masters as the benchmark.. =)

  60. sorry kristine. another question, i am still holding my current job and if i need to tender registration letter, i need to gif a month notice. if i gt thru the interview, will they still accept me as in waiting for me to quit the job in 1 month time? my tummy is a bit big lol.. due to my glutton for food 😑 but overall i’m thin and my height is 1.64m. will i still qualify?

    • depends on yr overall look dear… I can’t really comment for sure.. because I dunno how its like..

      but bear in mind that the kebaya will show… so.. it still depends on the look..

  61. hi kristine,

    I’m Shelley from Indonesia. I’m interested in being a stewardess, and I would like to be one of stewardess of Singapore Airlines.
    I’m a bachelor of English literature and I’ve just graduated this year.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in flights, all about cabin stuff, etc. Do you think is it still possible for me to be a stewardess eventhough I don’t have such education background?
    And what about the minimum standard for the height and weight?
    Can I take the test by online?
    Sorry for asking too much, but I will really appreciate if u’re replying my comment :).
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon πŸ™‚

    Thank you

    • hi dear,

      yes.. you certainly do.. when I first started out.. I dun have exp in flights too =P

      height wise… its standard… for girls is 158 and above.. weight wise.. my recommendation is between 19 – 22 =)

    • Dear Kristine,

      Thank you so much for replying my message, really appreciate it.

      But one thing that I’m a little bit confused is about the minimum standard of weight.

      You said your recommendation is between 19-22, what does it mean? I mean, how is it stated in kilograms? πŸ™‚

      By the way, I’m 1.68 m, 62 kg. What you think about that? πŸ™‚

      And then, I have asked a friend of mine whose friend is accepted as the stewardess of SQ airlines. She said that in the interview, the physical look is absolutely important, such as you must have no pimples on your face and back. Unfortunately i have some on my forehead, is it really matter?

      Sorry for asking too much (*again..hehehe), because on December 4th, 2010 there will be SQ walk-in interview for recruiting cabin crew in Indonesia. So I try to collect as much information needed for the interview πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to hearing from you


      • Well..

        on a side note, physical look does matter to a certain extend.. though its not everything =)

  62. Hi Kristie,

    Do u know anythng about the upcoming interview in Malaysia.If im not mistaken is on the 9th October 2010. I’m not prepare at all but i wanted to try.Do u have any tips?Is it too late for me to buy the manual.Pls advise.Btw im new here.Thanks

    • hi dear… pls read up on the blog post… I believe there are over 40 post that you can find tons of tips on…

      sorry.. but I can’t type out everything over and over again =)

      good luck ^^

  63. Hi Kristine,

    2weeks from now, SIA will have walk in interview in my country…
    I have no issue with height requirement, but I do have big issue with AGE, as I’m 26 years old now.
    Do you think I still have a chance? SIA website does not state any age restriction…Do you think I’m too old to pass SIA selection?

    Thank you.
    Your blog really do helps us, thank you sooo much…

    • no…

      26 is good.. but try not too drag … =)

      I’ll put my stand at 30 (as long as you are below… chances are better… 30 up.. chances are slim)

      • Hi Kristine,

        Thank you for your reply.
        I had decided to go to the upcoming SIA walk in interview on 30Oct2010.
        I got myself your CabinCrewSecret yesterday, and now is still gulping it down πŸ™‚
        I will come back at you asap with more questions, if any.
        Thank you Kristine, for giving encouragement to us cabin crew hopefuls πŸ™‚

        Best Regards.

  64. When is the S.I.A interview for this year or 2011?
    Thks my sweetheart Kristine.. πŸ˜‰
    MMmuackz.. ;*

  65. hi kristine,
    i have this birthmark on my finger, will it prevent me from being an air stewardess?

    • nope… i dun think so..

      well.. actually it depends what kind of birthmark it is.. but generally.. it should not be too much of a problem if its close to skin colour

      • but mine is red in colour,
        do i have to laser it off before i can be one?

  66. What diploma should be taken to be able to become an air stewardess?

  67. hi, if my teeth was smaller than normal people and quite crooked, will it be a big disadvantage? should i go put braces? thanks

    • yes.. its a disadvantage if its crooked.. but also depends on how bad it is… little is ok..

      dear.. pls read the latest post… I am sure you’ll find more information there =)

  68. Dear Kristine,

    Thank you so much for replying my message, really appreciate it.

    But one thing that I’m a little bit confused is about the minimum standard of weight.

    You said your recommendation is between 19-22, what does it mean? I mean, how is it stated in kilograms? πŸ™‚

    By the way, I’m 1.68 m, 62 kg. What you think about that? πŸ™‚

    And then, I have asked a friend of mine whose friend is accepted as the stewardess of SQ airlines. She said that in the interview, the physical look is absolutely important, such as you must have no pimples on your face and back. Unfortunately i have some on my forehead, is it really matter?

    Sorry for asking too much (*again..hehehe), because on December 4th, 2010 there will be SQ walk-in interview for recruiting cabin crew in Indonesia. So I try to collect as much information needed for the interview πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    • Dear.. little is still ok… as long as its not like the outbreak kind.

      I have friends and batchmates who does have a little pimple here and there.. so.. its not really flawless skin that is impt..

  69. Hey Kristine.
    I was just wondering if its okay to go for the interview with coloured hair.
    It is not that obvious. I dyed my hair mid brown colour. Or is it best that i dye my hair black?

    • Hi dear,

      dark brown is still ok =) Dun worry about it dear =)

  70. Hi Kristine,

    I am highly interested in going for the FA interview. I am outgoing, outspoken and basically really friendly and I love to do PR. I am 1.68m tall so basically I am tall enough but I have bunny teeth 😦 Can i put invasalign and go for the interview? 😦

    I wanna be FA uhhhh! 😦

    • Hi dear..

      As far as braces goes… you need to have them removed before yr interview.

      As far as invasalign goes.. I haven’t seen how it looks when one wears them.. so.. I cannot really give a good answer for it.. unless its like.. totally invisible even if you smile.. then.. maybe… but as long as it is detectable when you smile.. you need to have them sorted out first , ie after the invasalign treatment or timeline before trying for the interview..

  71. Hi Kristine,

    On December 4th 2010, I’m going to have walk in interview for the SIA cabin crew.
    And I found that in the application form, there is a question about the capability of swimming.
    Actually I don’t swim well.
    It doesn’t mean I can’t swim at all, but I’m not an expert of it especially when the depth of the water is higher than my height.
    Is it a must requirement for being a stewardess? I mean the capability to swim? πŸ™‚

    And then, actually I’m still working now in a company.
    I will resign once I have been accepted.
    Is it OK when in the interview I say that I’m still working now?
    or I have to say that I have left my job?

    Thanks for the advice πŸ™‚

    • Swimming is not a requirement for being a cabin crew =)

      So.. dun worry abt it..

  72. hi kristine, i am 1.76cm and 64kg.
    My waistline is 30cm…do u think i can still go for the interview??
    Or rather, will there even be uniform to fit me during the kebaya round? =X

    Thank you for your advice in advance =)

    • errr..

      you can try…

      actually.. you dun really have to worry about the kebaya.. becos.. its at the very last round. If you are able to proceed to the kebaya round.. it means that you look generally proportionate and should have no problem in the kebaya…

  73. Dear Kristine,

    Thank GOD i found your site. It is so resourceful πŸ™‚
    There are something that i need to ask you…regarding your cabin crew secret manual, did you update it from time to time? I mean lets say your manual has been written since last year, it’s been a year long ’till now and i guess there will some changes in the interview session, thus im worrying that the manual might not be up-to-date….am Desperately seeking for your advice to clear my doubts πŸ™‚

    Another thing is…(sorry for this noobie question..) must i tie my hair up?i have long hair till waist…
    Thanks and your kind assistance is much appreciated.
    Hope to hear from you real soon.

    • Thats.. quite long…

      I would suppose you tie them up… and make them as neat as possible. You might need to cut them when you got the job..

      Manual is updated from time to time.. and you don’t really need to worry about it being “out” because what I teach is NOT any push button magic or stuff but rather.. to give you an insight and understanding of what it takes to be a crew and what kind of person they are looking for. As in.. if you understand what characteristic a cabin crew possess, you stand a very high chance of getting the job.

      In addition, it is these traits that makes SQ the number 1 airline.. so.. nope… they wun be outdated unless the airline decide one day they dun want the best crew they can find.. =)

  74. hi,Kristian. my name is jessie from Malaysia. I do have some questions need your help. first of all,i’m 27 years old. i’hv been working for beautician line for pass 6 years. in my SPM result specially english test was not really good. it only 7D pass. Do u think i still have the chances to go for the interview?
    Is there any first interview in 2011 in sarawak, Malaysia? because i currently staying at my hometown at sarawak here. it will be more convenient if here could be conduct for the interview. Will be another interview open after January?
    For my pass company i do work under Star Cruise company for 1 and half contract and also half year at Singapore. Do u think i can use this for my interview advantage?
    And one more thing,the interviewer will let us know the salary after pass for the first interview or when?
    I really appreciated of what u had spend the time to read and try to answer all of my doubt. Thank you so much.

    • I would recommend you do a write in and apply for it dear.

      Your work exp should help you cover the edu level, but should you go for walk in without the min edu requirement, most likley they’ll not let you through that round..

      • thanks for ur reply. where should i send my resume to? will they inform me to go interview? i think i cant make it for the interview this month because i still at sarawak and rush for me without any preparation. do u know when SIA will having another interview again on 2011? i really i can hope that i can try it.

  75. Hi Kristine, you are so dedicate and helpful:)
    Just to check with is there any requirement on eye test? I have severe short sightedness (-10.00 each eye), will this affect me to become cabin crew?

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    • – 10 is… err.. how many “degrees” keke.. sorry… but I am pretty bad in all these..

      My eyesight is 300 on one eye and 200 on the other… so.. if it is within this range.. I would say, its alright =)

  76. how tall must stewardess be?

    • what if my height is 1.5? is there any chance i can become an stewardess?

      • Sorry dear.. you need to be 1.58 minimal..

  77. hi kristen,I’m currently a student in my final year in poly. i’ve been in singapore since 2004 on a student pass. My education has been subsidied by the government and will be granted PR status once I’ve worked in sg. However, I know that SIA only looks for sg citizen. I wonder if I should still go down for the interview this sat. If not, do you have any contact whom I can enquire from

    • erm… they also accepted malaysian PRs…

      dear, please visit the link on the right hand side of the blog and you’ll see the recruitment link, from there, you’ll see the nationaility they employ =)

  78. Whats the min age limit?Love your site,thank you so much.I love this site now:P You are so lucky): hope i can be one)’:

  79. Hi Kristine,

    I would like to check, i have moles on my face, those tiny ones, should i get them removed before I go for the interview? My teeths are uneven. I have tiger teeth, those that are on your gum and by the side, should i get them corrected before i go for the interview. Im going to be 21 this year. Or should i try out the interview first, and see how it goes before i do anything to the moles and teeth?

    your help is greatly appreciated as i do not have any friends from SIA to guide me on this.

    • moles is not really a very big issue if they are small.

      As for tiger teeth, yes, you should get them corrected before the interview to increase the chances of being selected.. of cos, you can still go try for it before doing anything else. =)

  80. Hi Kristine,

    I am wondering if the followings affect my chances of getting through the interview:
    – I am 25 years old
    – I have braces on my bottom row teeth, but are not visible when I smile
    – I have some mosquito bites scars on my calfs(as I am very fair, they are visible)
    – I have colored hair

    Would appreciate your help answering these queries! =)

    • hi dear,

      1) Does not matter
      2) You need to have them remove
      3) Does not matter (unless very bad)
      4) if its dark colour, should not matter, anyway, if you get through, you will need to dye back to black or very dark brown.

  81. Hi Kristine!

    Hi, I’m PeiNi, 19. I’m VERY interested in becoming a part of cabin crew! :p
    May I know when is the upcoming interview this year? Can you tell me the dates?:)
    Btw, I would like to purchase your manual, but i do not have the cards mentioned on the page, can I do a account transfer to you bank? o.O πŸ˜€
    Here are few questions that I hope that you could answer me:P
    -Is it ok if I have 4 small moles on my face? Must I write that down on the application form?
    -Is it ok if I naturally have sweat palm (sometimes)?
    -Can I wear a black dress above knee length for the interview? Must we wear high heels?

    Hope to recieve your reply asap
    PeiNi πŸ˜€

    • Hi dear,

      I think I dropped those answers in an email to you =)

  82. Hello πŸ™‚

    i am just wondering if it is ok to leave a while after the initial 21mths bond to get my degree? would the 5 year contract still hold? by the way, i’m waiting for my A level results & wondering whether i shld attend the 19th Feb interview..thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

    • hi Van,

      After the bond, yes, you can leave anytime you want.

  83. Hi Kristine!

    Im looking forward for the up coming interview (19 Jan). i got booted out the last time in the 3rd round which is the face and weight check and till today i still do not know why! Im 21 this year and my height is 163cm weight 54kg. Is it due to my weight as i believe that my face has no visible pimple or scars only a mole on my right cheek it that the reason? Or am i overweight? Please assist!:) Appreciate it to the max!!

    • dear,

      pls check the BMI to see if its an weight issue..if not, then its not.. (18 -22)

  84. Hi Kristine, is it a “must” to be a diploma holder to be qualified for the SIA interview?

    • As long as its stated in the requirement… yes…

  85. hi Kristine! I’m a 4th year Bachelor of Science major in Psychology graduating student this March 2011. I only have few questions in mind and I hope you can answer me back.
    1. I’m only 19 and been to a lot of work trainings. Do I have a chance to be hired?
    2. I don’t have card to buy your manual but I so want to have one. How can I have it?

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Hi dear,

      As long as you have a degree, you can apply for the job =) there are many young crews with no prior work exp, so its ok. We all learn from experience =)

  86. I would like to ask you,If i got astigmatism or short sightedness,am I still eligible to apply?

    • hi dear..

      the first chim word… I dun really understand.. keke.. so.. maybe you can enlighten me a bit ?

      Short sightness.. yes you can still apply =)

      • Astigmatism is means by ζ•£ε…‰.

  87. Hi Kristine, I am 31 yo .. guy. .. i meet all requirement stated on the SIA web but I am not sure whether my age is an issue. I applied for the position few years back and was called for interview but i couldn’t make it last minute.. I have been working for many years and earning a good pay now but flying is something that i really really want to do for years..

    Just wondering, if i go for the walk in interview, will i be eliminated immediately due to my age? or should i apply for the position via email … ? thanks …

    • Hi Jubi..

      well.. age is of a concern here… you can still try though because no age restriction is being imposed as yet. However, you will really need to shine and give them compelling reasons as to why they should pick you.

      But, for a guy, i really wouldn’t suggest trying at 31 because, most guys I’ve flew with take flying as a short term career because of the promotional aspects, thus, it wouldn’t be a wise move to do a career switch at 31…

      just my 2 cents worth.. but you still have to make your own decision =)

  88. Hi there,was just curious if im standing tall at 1.54-1.56 do they close one eye and still accept me in?cos as for jetstar intrnational dey do accept

    • hi dear…

      No they dun…

      For jet star.. maybe.. because its a smaller aircraft.. but as far as height is concern.. its a requirement for SQ and even the CAAS..

      • hi… i’m new here…
        but about height issues… my friend’s cousin din reach the min height as they require but they still accept her… and now she’s flying d… haha! or mayb she’s lucky?

      • very… =)

        most likely she is just nice at 158 at measurement.

  89. Hi Kristine,

    Im a stewardess from SQ, just found out your informative n useful site of yours. Would like ask a big favor from u if u can be so nice to help me as i have rooms to be rent out at my place from mid march 2011 onwards.

    I hope u could help me to spread the info to new crew regarding the Rooms for Rent.
    My place is at Pasir Ris, there’s direct bus to airport n SIA training centre as well.

    Pls do not hesitate to contact/ sms me if interested for more details.
    My Sg. no.: +65 90016907
    M’sia no.: +6 012 2003491

    Really appreciate if u can help!

    Many thanks.

    • hi dear,

      did you try posting the the sia crew facebook too ? I am sure you get more crews there =)

  90. hello kristine.. i’m from malaysia and i’m 18 yrs old now..i’m vry interested to be a stewardess.. i would like to interview after i get my spm result.. but i have some questions to ask u before tat.. 1. is short sightness can be accepted?? 2. my body size is quite big due to my big bone and i’m chubby but i’m on diet now.. is it ok? hope to hear u soon, thkx πŸ™‚

    • I can’t say anything about size dear… but as long as you are within healthy BMI range, it should be fine.

      For short sightness, you can always wear contact during duty… so.. its not an issue..

  91. hi kristine..i want to ask if my bmi only 17, is it qualified? my eyesight 650 on both it ok? hope to hear from u soon. thanks πŸ™‚

    • hi Kelly.. I would suggest trying to get it to 18.. just to be safe..

      and eye sight wise.. 650 is a bit high.. so.. I cannot exactly comment.. mine was 350 when I got the job.. so… anything more.. I can’t exactly guarantee..

  92. Hi Kristine! I’m currently a degree student and will be graduating this September. My friend told me that there’s an interview next week. Should I go for the interview before I get my certificate? I’m hoping to be a cabin crew since my childhood. Or should I wait for the next round? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi dear,

      you certainly can cos its within the 6 months time frame =)

      it depends on your choice.. though I would say, a degree do stand a higher chance though but then again, no harm trying and gaining exp first ya ? =)

  93. hmm kristine. when u talk about personality. that kind of ambiguos to me. because it’s sth based on others perception on u. i mean there are many types of people in this world.
    what i mean is, when someone don’t talk much at 1st impression, it’s easy to give an initial impression of cold, emo n etc.
    i mean, it is always a high tendency for those u know, crowd puller, always friendly or “can act friendly” , gang leader sth like that to be picked ?

    naturally, girls talk more. so i wonder if male cabin crew is more to physical thing (like handling luggages n etc) while female is more to serving the passenger ?

    not that i like sulking in the corner or lock myself in room everyday, some people feels comfortable with people they close to. -__-‘
    im friendly too, just that im not that u know, extrovert and actively engaged in conversation like wazzup, yo like that.

    • hi dear,

      nope.. a fs holds the same responsibility as an fss. So.. its important to know that. =)

      Yes.. its based on someones perception of you.. so.. the main thing is.. if you can’t create that impression that you are a person who loves handling with people.. how can you expect the interviewers to see that you are suitable for the job ?

      If you can’t let them see that you are someone who can talk to pax or handling questions ask by pax or even going the xtra mile to making the pax comfortbale.. what reasons do you give them to hire you as a crew when there are so many other candidates ?

      I do understand what you are trying to say… then again.. its a job … its what makes SIA different from other airlines because service is what it is known for. I know that sometimes.. you are a good person, but that does not necessary mean that you are suitable for the job ya ?

      Each cabin crew.. averagely needs to handle 50 pax per aircraft.. so.. that’s the number of people you will have to deal and leave impression in representing the company… so.. what you do and who you are as a person is important.

      Yes… I do understand also that maybe you really like to travel, then.. like i say… job is a job.. and it may not be suitable for everybody.. just like even if you are super smart does not neccessary make you a good teacher if you can’t teach or talk in front of many people (ie: a class).

      In other cases, maybe… you might consider being a pilot =)

  94. thkx for ur reply kristine πŸ™‚ u r so kind and helpful ! hope tat i would have the chance to be one of a cabin crew in SIA and be friend wif u in there.. but i only know basic english so i will maybe go australia to study english before i go for the interview.. there will be interview for cabin crew few months for once right? i also wanted to ask u that for malaysian only can interview in malaysia or i can also go singapore for interview? because i live in jb and it’s quite near to singapore.. it will be more convenient if i can go singapore for the interview.. btw, i had bought the manual and i realized tat it really help a lot.. i will get well prepared before the walk in interview to prevent getting booted out,lol.. oh ya, 1 more thing that i would like to ask u is if i only have spm result is it ok? sorry for asking so many questions in once :p

    • Singapore one is open for Malaysian citizen with Singapore PR status… else if you only have malaysia citizenship, then.. apply the one in malaysia..

      err… depending on if your SPM meets the basic requirements =)

  95. Hi.
    I would like to ask if they would take the height more than once because I failed by a cm the last time and am planning to go for the next interview in april..

    • normally its only once…

      but then.. if at the kebaya stage (after managemnt) should they feel that you are not up to the height, they might ask you to take again.

  96. But its like a definite thing? No height no job?

    Thats so sad…

  97. Can I request to touch the red line if I fail the height requirement?

  98. thanks for reply πŸ™‚ may i know whether they will do eye test or we just fill in the form for eyesight? if no can i just lie to them? πŸ˜›

  99. hi,
    after reading those blogs… suddenly i’m loosing of confident…
    should i still try it out at this cuming saturday’s walk in interview??
    for the requirements… i’hv just meet the minumum..
    my height is 1.58m n my weight is 45-46kg.. isit ok??
    n suddenly, i gt 1 big pimple that r very visible… i still can go for it ?? 😦
    n isit ok if i hv naturally sweat palm???
    hope to hear from you soon…

    • Go try for it dear.. err… whats holding you ??

      I mean.. you are still you right ? Ask… What have you got to lose anyway dear ?

      for sweaty palms.. it depends on how serious it is…

  100. Hi kristine,

    i would like to enquire
    – is thick makeup advisable to cover my moles near the mouth or just let it be? there are 4 moles, 2 of which are more black. all at the left side ofthe mouth.

    -i have hand hair, would they be strongly against it or they would still be ok with it and ask me to shave it off if i were to be accepted? would there be a chance they will do that?

    -my bmi is around 16.5(ht=160, wt=42). that would be too skinny?
    Thank you Kristine for your time. Hope to hear a reply from u soon!:)


  101. Hi,
    If I misplaced my o level certificates and my highest qualification is diploma in mass communications. Will sia penalised me? I heard they need to verify the certs after you clear 1st round. I can get copies of my gce o level but not the certs just the statement. Will I get kicked out as its not the cert?

    Also, what’s the cut off age to join sq? Is 27 or 28 too old? Do advice. Thanks!

    Your manual is useful πŸ™‚ made it to last round and got kicked out at kebaya. Perhaps, will be good to hear from you what they are looking at. Thanks!

    • no you wun… and in fact, if you are a diploma, they will most likely just see your diploma..

      Its good to bring along any verification for your Os though..

      Nope, 27 or 28 is still ok.. like I say before dear… at least before 30 =)

  102. This job got part time or not?

  103. Hi Kristine

    I just went to SIA interview for Penang recruitment last Saturday, and I didn’t make it. It’s okay because it is my first time job interview. I still graduate while on the same sit with me on the interview have job experienced and even still work as cabin crew for other airlines. No wonder I felt like really small kids who just being told to go for that interview. Haha ! =) Maybe because I’m Malay, and bald, also my skin not really good like others who have those nice and soft skin. Well good for them and good luck. I will not give up and will try for next cabin crew recruitments. Just wanna share with you and all the candidates who will be a cabin crew soon. =)


  104. Hey babe! I would like to try out for the next interview. I know the minimum height is 1.58m, I’m only 1.53m but my friend who is also a cabin crew says that I should just try out as my personality and looks are very appealing and in favour of the job. My friend also mentioned that if I’m not tall enough, they might ask me to try to touch the top of the overhead compartments to see if i can reach? hahahaha im not too sure either! Do you think my chance of getting in is very small? ): im pretty slim but busty (hahahaha)

    please help babe! (:

    • haha dear.. you are so cute =)

      You can try it out just for the exp.. but.. just dun pin too high hopes for it… height is a major requirement after all and no 2 ways about it…

  105. hi kristine..

    actually…im a bit overweight but i deeply intrested with stewerdess job since school time…im dieting nw…my actual weight is 74kg…im just 21 n going 2 finish my diploma in few months you pls help me fulfill my dream.??n cn u pls tell the next interview n how to apply for stewardess?/?i really need your help….plzzzzzzzz..i do have a big bust…does tis give any problem 4 me in kebaya test…???

    • huh ??

      To apply fo the job, all you need to do is to go for the walk in interviews, which is release on the website =)

      As for weight wise, dear… its not really for the job… I guess all of us girls wants to be slim ya ? So.. it should be also for health reasons…

      As for helping out… I’ll am trying my best to help many improve and hopefully get the job…

  106. hi kristine..

    I got lot question about the interview problem. after i review your blog..i got lose of confident to walk-in-interview..I need to ask about the manual thing too..can you email to chat with me? thanks…

    • erm.. anything i can help dear ??

      • i m confuse whether need to buy the manual??? i m malaysian..the interview will coming soon on 9 april..i worry too hard for me to is i less time to buy now?? thanks for reply

      • nope vivi,

        you dun have to buy them.. go try the interview first.

  107. Hi kristine…

    I’m 25 years old malaysian and would like to join the SIA cabin crew, but the thing is my SPM English is 6C which is not reach the requirement as mention grade of B4. But I’m still a diploma holder. Am I still eligible to apply the job? If not any other way would you like suggest for me?

    hope to hear from you soon…

    • Hi dear,

      as long as you hold on to a diploma, you are safe =) They alwasy take the highest edu cert as bench mark.

      • Is 25 years old too late to apply? whats the maximum age to apply actually?

  108. Hi kristine,

    I’m currently 25, is it too late to interview at this age? What I know the minimum age is 18 but what about the maximum age?

    • No max age.. but my recommendation is to go before 30 if you want to stay competitive and better yr chances =)

  109. Hi Kristine

    Is 25 years old too late to apply? whats the maximum age to apply actually?

  110. Dear Kristine!

    Hope u r feeling fab! I want to fly with SIA given a chance, but there is silkair interview coming up this saturday.
    I would like to go and try it out too.
    Is it true that the SIA will keep a record of who went to SILKAIR interview, then could not get a chance at SIA? Please advise if i should or should not go?
    If it affects my chances, then I want to go for SIA only…

    Thanks with regards,

  111. Sorry Kristine,

    One more question if you could pls help to answer, how is the salary of Silkair compared to that of SIA, in terms of benefits, interview questions, special criteria like?
    Thank you so much for your help!


    • Most of it are the same… the only thing is, SQ have oversea allowances and silkair dun.

      In a way, silkair crews dun get night stops like SQ does, so.. without night stops in oversea stations, you’ll only be paid basic, IFA and the monthly “allowance” such as transport, laundry etc.. so.. it should add up to 2k plus.

      In addition to that, cos silkair dun fly long distance, the IFA is unlikley to double

  112. Hi Kristine,

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU!(:
    I tried 4 times and finally this time round i got in. Ur book have actually guide me through my interviews.
    Thanks alot!
    Hope to see u soon around.

    • Hi dear…

      Congratulations !!

      Wow… its been some time since we last converse.. =)

      Persistence never fails… and its all about improving each and every time you try until you finally “get it”

      Again.. I want to congratulate you and yr belief… enjoy yr training.. have fun.. make more friends… and stay safe flying !

      P.S: Sorry I have to “blanko” your name.. its just to protect yr integrity, hope you understand. ^^

  113. hi kristine,
    would like to ask if they do accept girls with moles on the face? and do they accept Filipino applicants?

  114. HI kristine;

    would it be possible to go through if i happened to conceal my tattoo with a concealer n makeup?

    thank u

    • If you are able to, yes… its likely.

      but it depends where your tattoos is at.. most times.. if it is expose, its very hard to conceal

  115. hey!!!!
    i have a big scar on my left knee because i fell down on the road and i also have an ugly fingernail on my left thumb!!!!!!!will i still qualify???

    • ….

      for fingernail, can’t you do anything about it ??? as for knee.. is it very obvious ? If you wear pants that day, you should be fine.. but on the kebaya, then it depends on if the scar if very obvious when you walk.

  116. hi Kristine,

    i just bought your manual few mins ago, i accidentally close the window after the stupid am i @_@.. what should i do now?

  117. hi kristine,

    I would like to ask if not successful get through the first interview, how long is the waiting period for the second interview?

  118. Hello Kristine!

    I’m thinking to be trying next SIA recruitment for japanese cabin crew…and now im struggling with completing application form πŸ˜₯ I’m just wondering what i should write for ‘”GCE ‘O’/SPM” and “GCE’A’/STPM”….because we(japanese) have different education system as singaporean one…:'(

    I love love love singapore and I really want to work in singapore!


    • hi dear,

      I’m glad you like Singapore =) I love Japan too.. heee.. Fukuoka’s Ramen is just… omg.. Now i am drooling.. hee.

      Actually, those are high school and senior high school in your case. So you can fill in based on that. But more or less, they’ll be looking at your Degree certification in the end. So make sure you add that in as well. the O/A (or high school/senior high) are for reference purposes in your case.

  119. hi kristine ,

    do i need to write resume together with the walk in application form ? or just fill in the application form will do ? i am a bit worry about my weight . I am 55 kg and my height is 165.6cm , am i still can join for the comin interview ? One last question , i am really interested to buy your manual , but i dont have credit card . So, can i trasfer the money to your bank account ?

    • hi dear,

      first off, you can go try for the interview. Weight wise, well.. if your BMI is ideal, i would say, why not go try for it and not worry that much. =)

      and for resume, no.. you dun have to. All you need is just fill in the application that is supplied from the SIA official site.

  120. hi kristine,

    my hair coloured is a bit light brown , do i need to coloured black before i go to the interview ?

    • Erm… its optional, but if is me, yes, I would darken it.

      dark brown or black is preferred.

  121. hey kristine ,

    this is an brown spot on white part of my left eye , do i need to do the surgery before i go for SIA interview ? However , the doctor did tell me there will be a scar after the sirgery , so do u think SIA will accept it ?

  122. hi christine im 19 this year,i m an N level graduate frm singapore
    soon be doing the online diploma fer air stewardess..i have 1 year of wrking experience of sevice industry in hotel,m preety much sure ive learn the various kind of service procedures..but the fact that i do nt hold an o level cert,m afraid.would that b factor to nt b qualified..?is there any solution eu can give mie if that makes nt to be consider i have a diploma of flight attendent n working experience,isnt that capable kristine?m nt sure..pls do hit back kristine..thank yu so much fer the time…

    • and dear… for cabin crew diploma.. I dunno if its accepted.. I never heard of it before..

      technically speaking, for edu level, You are not qualified.. and i duno about the cc diploma.. so.. you can try and see if they do accept… but don’t pin your hopes too high..

      If you want to be sure of your qualification, you need at least a certified diploma from polytechnics, those 3 years kind..

  123. and sorry do you noe wen will sia singapore will be recruiting again..cos i ve missed the oppotunity fer an inerview on the 28 may it possible if eu could do mie this small favour if eu noe wen wld b the next recruitment ill be thankful kristine..

    • it might be in Aug.. well.. thats just a rumour.

      Still keep yrself updated on their recruitment site =)

  124. hey kristine ,

    this is an brown spot on white part of my left eye , do i need to do the surgery before i go for SIA interview ? i am kinda worry about it …please do reply me . Thank you so much

  125. Hello Kristine, this is Kana(canacam) again!

    I’d like you to give me advice about photo which we are required to put onto the application form. In japane we nomally go to some professional photo studio to make perfect ID photo for job hunting…and i was just wondering if its nomal to do this for the other countries :O it might be rediculous to ask about this kinda thing, but i seriously need your advice…do you think it’d be better to make a perfect photo for the application form or natural photo would be ok?

    thank you!

    PS im learning loads of things not only for SIA from this blog! thanks again ❀


    • hi dear,

      Usually, follow what your country culture is. =)

      So.. its like, if the rest of your fellow cabin crew hopefuls sent in a professional photo because it is a “norm” in your country, and you sent in an unprofessional one… erm.. obviously its not going to reflect well on you ya ? =)

      So.. don’t bother about what other country is doing, but rather, follow your own countries practice and norm. you don’t want to be the one to “lower” your own standards.

      Good luck =)

      • Thanks for your replying!

        oh yes i dont want to be kicked out just because of my photo haha
        i have 1 week to email my application form to SIA now…and all i need to do is about the photo thing! im going to take my photo to the studio and make everyting’s alright :)) i really hope to get through all the way! i know its not really easy and even i would get through everything it’s loads to learn but just want this one hahah

        thanks for all your advice and what you are doing through this site!


  126. Hi Kristine!

    I am looking to become a flight stewardess but I just missed the intake in May, so I would like to know if they would usually have more intakes or was that the only one for this year?

    Also, this is something important so I would really appreciate if you could clarify my doubts. Are the skin checks really strict? I have two cut scars on my lower arm but they’re on the outer side not the inner side (i wasn’t suicidal). Would that affect my chances?

    Oh and what would be the best attire to be in when we go for the interview?

    I would really appreciate if you reply! Your site is very useful, thank you so much for all your information here!


    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes sure, i believe the next one should be around July or early Aug, just keep a look out ok ? =)

      For girls, yes.. its strict but not very strict. Sometimes, there are things that can be overlooked. But for scars and tattoos that are obvious… yes.. they are pretty strict about it. Still you wun know until you go.. I mean… the interviewer might not notice it if its not that obvious…

      Office attire is my advice.

  127. Hi Kristine! Do girls need perfectly straight teeth to qualify? Please reply! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • perfectly straight… erm.. not exactly.. but cannot be too far off.

  128. hi kristine ,

    it might be sad to tell you that i failed one subject on my last semester to get my degree cert. However. i cant wait for another year to get the degree cert and apply for SIA interview. I meet the minimum requirement as i am a SPM and SIM diploma holder. Therefore , can you give me some advise as how am i gonna introduce myself on the 1st round interview.

    Please do reply me. Thank you so much

    • Just dun mention about the degree dear… keep to your highest edu level then.. ie, Diploma holder

  129. Hi,

    I’ve a tattoo behind the ear. Will the examiner/s check it If my hair is short about shoulder length? Also, can I indicate that I do not have a tattoo?

    • yes… they will dear…

      they will ask you to lift up your hair to check your neck lines…

      and if you put no on tattoo.. if they discover, its as good as lying.. and its an instant failure..

  130. hello kristine πŸ™‚

    omg i swear ur writings are very helpful i wish i could find them earlier !

    i really really want to be a crew cabin especially with SIA so yeah, i’m looking forward to attending the interview next month πŸ™‚ its a very new thing to me, i really hope i will succeed

    i am 22 years old.just finished my degree and will be receiving the cert by this october.i completed my GCEO in 2006 and i did very well.i believe i have no problems in terms of the academic qualifications.

    the problem is, i dont really have the confidence about my physical appearances.i am 162 cm,with 52kg in weight.i’ll try to lose some weight before the interview since most of SIA stewardesses are very skin is quite tanned.but i have no pimples or freckles problems.and i have quite hairy hand.i have small scars on my shin but i think i can get them covered.haha while typing this i think there wont be any problems, maybe i just need to hear from u to boost up my confidence :p

    btw, am i allowed to wear skin-coloured socks during the interview ? are the interviewers going to ask me to remove the socks especially during the skin check ? if i were accepted, does SIA allow wearing this skin-coloured socks anyway ?

    i am so afraid that i might fail the interview even after i’ve done my very best.looking forward to have ur response.

    thank you kristine πŸ™‚

    • Aha dear,

      Failure or not, what’s important is how you answer to yourself =) Everyone here in this blog are afraid to fail, because it shows how much you want to be a crew. There are some who fail 3 times and got it on their 4th try.. some tried 7 times before getting the job… But if you don’t even try… you’ll never become one =)

      Yes, you are allow to wear stickings and yes, you will need to remove them during skin check and kebaya. And yes, SIA allow wearing of stockings =)

  131. Hi Kristine,

    I am a 20 year old nsman and is about to ord soon. I hope to become a air steward but i have got 2 scars, about 3 to 4 cm, on my left wrist due to an operation. Will those scars jeopardize my chances of getting selected?

    Hope you see message. And thanks in advance!

    • Hi Kristine,

      It’s me again, sorry for double posting. I did see your previous replies saying that scars are ok as long as they are concealed but that was for woman wearing the kebaya. How about guys? Is it ok since the scars will be covered by the long sleeve uniform?

      Once again, thank you so much in advance!

      • They will check your hands up to elbow level.

        If its scar, most likely, they will ask how it come about… and if its something they can accept, then, it shouldn’t be a problem. (also depending on the size and how serious it is..)

    • erm.. for wrist… its a little more sensitive.. so… you have to explain to them how it come about..

  132. Hi Kristine,
    this is the first time i visit the ur website and have some qn to ask u.

    I’m 18 this year and will be going to the university. Can i go for the interview or should i till i graduate(which will take at least 3yrs) since it will take a long wait. How long will the wait be? Or is it possible for me to go for the training but start work at a later time?

    Pls do reply me. Thank you

    • Hi dear,

      actually, based on your diploma or A level results, yes, you can go for the interview… BUT I strongly strongly recommend you to get your degree first. Trust me.. this I am very certain… the job will always be there… but your degree is going to affect your future in terms of whatever decisions and steps you take next time.

      So.. get your degree first… thats my advise – though its still up to you to make that decision.

      and no.. you can’t start training first and start work later…

  133. Hi Kristine,

    I just hv a quick question for ya. Does s’pore airline require to take an english test if u pass the 1 stage interview?

    • For singaporeans, no =)

      • thanks a lot. Actually live in the u.s.a. planning to go back apply for cc in july!
        May be i’m already too old for cc huh?

  134. Hi Kristine,

    Btw, I’m already 28 will i be too old to apply for cc?

    • For girls, it’s harder, but still possible as long as you go before 30. =)

      • hw much is ur book cost? Hw can i buy it?


  135. Hi, I’ve a few questions here, hoping to get answers from you…..Just wanna ask, once we graduate from the training, we will be flying international flights right? Or it’s like MAS need to fly domestic first… And for the hotel allowance, it’s included into our 3.5-3.8k salary, or SIA book for us before head? Or we have to use our own salary to pay for the hotel… (means outta 3.5-3.8k).

    Thanks for answering ^^

    • Yes, International route. =)

      Hotel is provided by the company (dun have to pay anything). But food and entertainment overseas is self expense (out of your salary)

  136. Hey Kristine,
    I have afew questions to ask you. i am 22 this year, my height is about 168 . ive read all terms and conditions on the SIA website and i reckon ill qualify but im not too sure.

    1stly i am currently overseas, am gonna finish up my diploma this week in hotel management and cooking etc. i do not hold an O or A level cert as i went overseas after sec 3, and hold a high school cert here in aus. do u reckon ill qualify?
    I will be only back in sg for a week as i have other things to attend to back in sydney.
    What i heard from my mate is that for guys, that they will let you know if youve gotten the job on the day itself am i right?

    2ndly, i have to return to sydney after a weeks time to settle some school issues and stuff and i will only get my diploma at the end of july. do i need to get proof that ive passed it and also some form of letter to proof that i have completed it?

    3rdly, what if im away and i get a call and they want me to go for training etc?


    • 1) As long as you have a diploma which is recognised, you should qualify. They will verify it for you during the interview.. (some diploma ie, diploma in hair dressing, or cooking… i dun think they accept it… but as long as it’s those edu 2 years 3 years dip, i dun think it would be a problem)

      2) Yes, you need the proof. But ultimately, you will still need to summit the certificate before they can confirm you.

      3) In the application form, there is a start date or date available, so.. put in the date whereby you will be available so it dun disrupt they planning =)

  137. hello,,can i ask when is the interview date??i am malaysian ,,if i need to interview singapore airlines,,i need to go for kuala lumpur right?

    • dear, the interview dates is provided in the link on the right of the blog =)

      erm.. not exactly, you can also go for the singapore one.. or any interview held in malaysia, ie, kuching, penang etc

  138. Hello kristine!

    I want to say thank you in advance. i asked your advice in this site sometime before:) and now I’m going to an interview for SIA in Tokyo next month! im really glad to have this big chance! this is just a start but it is a big step for me πŸ™‚

    i need to do preparation for the interview harder but i would do anything if i could get this job haha

    thanks again,


  139. hey kris,

    the result will be release on that day itself aft we done all stage of interview??
    or we still need to wait ofr their call???

    • results will be annouced on the day if you pass through everything.

      after at which, you will then be schedule to go for your medical and they will do the neccessary manpower, background check etc.. if you clear everything, eg, bg and medical, they will call you to confirm your application and position as a cabin crew.

      else, if you fail the medical or background check, then, you will still receive a rejection letter from SIA.

  140. hey kristine,

    there is a quite big scar on my wrist due to an accident when i was a child, do u think i should indicate it ?

    Please do reply me

    Than you

  141. Hi Kristine,

    Thank you for giving us insights for the SIA interview. πŸ˜€ I’m planning to go for the walk-in interview in KL in August 2011. Ahh, i’m so excited and I really wish to get this job. You see, i’m 1.73cm and i weigh 44-45kg.. So i’m seriously underweight. My BMI is very low. But that’s caused by my genetics that no matter how much I eat, I cant put on weight. =\ But i’m healthy. Would this pose a problem for me? Apart from that, I have 1 tooth like slightly behind the other teeth and the bottom part of my teeth are a lil uneven though when I smile, it cant be seen. However, i have a very sweet smile as complimented by others. And can I wear contact lens to the interview? Is being able to speak Chinese a requirement? Cos my chinese aint that good. And lastly, i only had a period of 3 months industrial training and some small jobs, do that considered as working experience? I currently just graduated with advanced dip in Financial Acc and ACCA. My SPM results is excellent. (i’m a malaysian hahahaha)

    well, i hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much Kristine for your time and effort =)

    Love, Nikita

    • 1) erm.. I would suggest you drink a glass of water that day or have some light breakfast to “boost” the weight… cos underweight does affect..

      2) should not be a big issue if its slight…

      3) yes you can wear contatc..

      4) nope its not…

      5) you have adv dip.. so it should qualify you for the job.. so.. no worries on that.. =)

  142. Hey kristine,
    can i know after been selected to be a cabin crew, normally how long need to wait for the medical check up ?

    Thank you

    • yr medical checkup should be done within a week after the management… then.. its up to them to check yr bg and also the results from the doctor..

  143. Hi Kristin,

    I read thru some of your is very interesting..but i have afew questions..other than your personality wise, does the SIA Interviewers looks thru your age, weight and sizes as well? Im currently 27 and I want to work as a flight attendent next year after my graduation.

    I hope to hear your advice..soon. πŸ™‚

    luv..aka gis!

    • yes dear,

      they do… personaility wise only helps bring out the “character” if you are suitable for the cabin crew job.. ie, are you likable etc.. and weight and size affects in a way of “impression”, ie, the public perception of SIA image.. so.. all in all, yes.. it also does play a part.

      As for age… it does too… I think i wrote the reasoning in my main blog, you can go read it if you want to get a clearer understanding =)

      • Hi Kristine,

        I would want to know, if my highest qualification is ITE Certificate office skills, my height is 158 (which meets the requirement) and weight is 65.1kg, waist-line 29cm…Does that pass the interviewee’s req?

        Look forward to read your reply soon..!


      • hi dear..

        err…. unfortunately… no… =(

  144. Hello

    are crew under probation allow to take MC?

    • yes…

      but pls moderate it… i mean.. if you are sick for 10 days during a 6 month period.. or even 5 days etc.. then it will affect yr probation.. 1 or 2 times is ok..

  145. Hey kristine,

    I am a Malaysian, can i know what pass an international crew is holding to stay at Singapore ? Besides, can we take part-time course that only have one class on every week during the 2o month bond contract ?

    Thanks for your help

    • what do you mean what pass dear ?

      you mean the S pass ?

      During the bond ? yes.. but make sure its after the probation so that you can better arrange yr timing

  146. hi i m truoti,ur site is vert helpful,i wanna ask dat der is wailk in interview @ sin.i m an INDIAN,they stated dat only singaporean,malaysian & sin pr holder can apply.last line dey wrote suitable candidates frm china,taiwan,INDIA,r welcom to apply.i m residing in INDIA.WANNA GO FR DIS INTERVIEW ON 27 aug n hw many days of interview if it is walk in in sin.
    thx a lot

    • the interview is 2 days…

      erm.. you can come to singapore to take the interview… OR if you want, you can also apply and go for the one in India.. SIA do conduct interviews in India as well..

  147. why u never reply me 😦

  148. Hello Kristine,

    Nice to meet you ! I’m going for the walk-in interview in KL on 6 Aug. My height is 155 cm whereas weight is 42 kg. Is this meet the requirement of SIA? I’m very afraid of it.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much ya Kristine for your time and effort =D

    Best Regards,

    • hi dear… unfortunately… you need to be 158… =(

  149. Hi~ Kristine :’)
    I’m Anson, 176cm, 72kg, and i had spm and diploma of hotel management.
    i had been training in hotel 6 months in hotel. i’m working in ζ—₯ζœ¬ζ‘ F&B about one yrs++
    My antecedent hv chance to achieve SIA Air Stewardess Interview!? >.<"

    • huh ?

      what do you mean ? if you talk about qualification, i am sure you do have .. =)

      • wu…wu….wu……. >_<"
        This Saturday is coming XD
        very nervous!!!
        Er~ what time the walk in interview begin? coz i start to work at 2pm! I'm not sure hv enough time to go there or not T_T

  150. Hi Kristin,

    May I know is it the Weight problem and my qualification? My Qualification is ‘N’ Level + Certificate office skills adding up with Receptionist working experience and currently I am in a diploma course which I will grad next year. If let say it’s my weight problem, could you advise me any solution to help me weigh down? As exercise builds muscle, it makes me look bigger as well.

    Look forward to your reply soon!


    • hi dear,

      watch your diet… eat more vege and have some salad before meals – it helps you not eat too much.

      jogging helps to burn calories too. Yoga, pilates helps to strengthen your body, but they dun “build” muscles…

      as long as you are not “lifting weights”, you should be fine..

      • Hi Kristin,

        okay, I’ll try your advise..and going for yoga as well. Another thing i want to ask, is that how is the environment like as a cabin crew…heard that it is very complex environment as this industries practice seniority and sometimes there’s alot of bullies inside the industries. I want to be a flight attendance is because I love to travel and I don’t mind be away from home, family and friends. besides that, I genuinely believe giving good & excellence service to others. Are you able to advise about how bullies can be tackled?

        I hope to hear from you soon.


      • bullies ? keke.. you are so cute… nah.. there are no bullies… those are stories of the past.

        and.. as much as i would like to.. no.. I can’t share work issues publicly =) But I can tell you that… 97% of the crews are good people, it is only the 3% that you need to see your luck on. ie, if you are schedule to work with them etc. =)

      • Hi Kris,

        I have another questions..Can my ‘N’ level qualify the requirement? I passed all my exams papers after which, i moved on to Certificate of office skills to get my ITE cert and head on to the workforce.

        Could you advise whether I’m eligible? even i’m taking my pvt dip right now…


      • hi dear,

        you need to pass your diploma first.N levels and ITE dun qualify..

    • Woah!..I will KambetE..neh!


      • Oh yes, I saw silkair min req is ‘N’ Level…Should I try Silkair next year?


      • Hi kristine,

        Would you able to know when is silkair’s opening for FSS crew interview? Hear from you soon.


      • hi dear,

        you need to see from their website… =)

      • Hi kristine,

        I am gg for silkair cc interview this 17 sep, I know that as a cc, should not have any tattoo visible when wearin on uniforms. I saw silkair’s uniforms collar are quite high, and probably is able to cover up the tattoo. (this is just my guessin) but does silkair strict about this? I will definitely go for tattoo removal.

        Kris, I hear from u soon.


      • As long as it can be covered, sometimes, they will close an eye. =)

        For SIA, its a bit harder cos the kebaya exposes more flesh at the upper back

      • Hi Kristin,

        just few days I gotten lotz of mosquito bites…and i scratches very badly and causes my arms and fingers got quite a few red dots. I’m afraid it will look bad on tomorrow’s interview.
        Cause I look at the mirror and I look like I’m having chicken pocks. What should i do???


  151. Hi Kristin,

    your blog really helps me alot ~!even sometimes our ques r really silly or same which the ans is obviours hehe πŸ™‚ you always reply over& over again. what’s a nice person~! i wanne buy the manual coz the more i read this blog the more i wanne know what exactly the interviwers would ask …. but,dun know how im loosing confidence ~T^T ..&im worried about my english cos im not a native-speaker…so we should use academic& excellent english rite??i will take a language test since im a pr here?

    thx for yr help & hope to hear from u soon πŸ˜‰

    ps: this is my 1st time purchasing online im studing how hehe


    • hi dear,

      erm.. I think I just emailed you =) can you check ? ^^ anything, just ask me through email.. faster that way hee

  152. Hi Kristin,

    I’m going for the interview this month,
    But there is something I’m very worry about.

    I’m 23 this year, my bmi is 21.2.
    But I only have nitec and higher nitec.
    I’m taking private dip part time now that will finish next year.
    Now working as sales at one of the apple store for 1 and a half year,
    Use to work in night safari.

    Pls tell me should I go for the interview, am I not eligible?

    Thanks & regards,

    • Hi Karen,

      at this moment, nope dear, you aren’t eligible yet. Did you O levels meet the minimal requirement as stated ?

      If not, it is best you wait till you’ve grad from yr PVT diploma before attending the interview. =)

  153. Hi Kristine,

    I intend to go for the interview this sat, I am 157.5 and my BMI is 22. I have always been around this weight.I am a UK 6 but a heavy UK 6. =/

    I really stress out about losing my weight to BMI 21 within a week, which is impossible.

    I have a degree in fashion, I am 22.
    I worked as a designer and now a fashion trainer.

    I have a small scar, it looks a bit faint though but visible. The scar is smaller then a 10 cent coin near my fourth finger.

    Do i stand a chance? with my BMI issues,scar on the hand and my height.

    • hi dear, finger is still ok.. because its not as obvious as compared to wrist etc.

      I suppose its very small ya ? and as for BMI, you are alright… the only thing would be your height. hopefully, you ae able to measure 158 on that day.

      Watch your diet during these few days =)

  154. hi Karen, want to ask, its that they are really care about the academy achievement? Any exception?

  155. And, is that need to prepare a resume for the interview?

    • nope there isn’t if you are going for the walk in one. But you do need to download and fill in the application form first =)

  156. really a million of thanks for your reply πŸ™‚ hehe

  157. hai Kristine nice to know ur blog. Im going to attend the interview which gonna held in S’pore on 27/8/2011 Saturday. im quite nervous when talks about background check and so on, coz im malaysian and i worked in S’pore before and within a short period i quit due to 12 hours job and cant stand the chemical environment. do this will effect when do work permit or any relevent document process? Further more im an indian and my skin colour is true indian color (black) πŸ™‚ will this disqualify me? 😦 my height and weight meet the requirement as well mu edu.

    kindly give me some moral support.


    • aha dear, do you prefer moral support or real answers ? =P

      I can give a lot of “moral support” but if they aren’t true… then… It doesn’t help in anyway ya ? ^^

      For your first question, nope. It wun because by then, you probably would have gone through all the interview process. And second, also, no.. because they do hire indian stewardess as well, in sinapore, malaysia and india. =)

    • tq so much for the reply dear Kris. …. but i really got no idea what to prepare and how to prepare without the manual book, and further more its really short time frame to purchase the manual guide. any suggestion? thank you in advance…

  158. Hi Kris,
    Are crew staffs allowed to wear fake nails? Appreciate and look forward to ur reply!

    • Yes =)

      But of certain colours onli. You’ll know during yr grooming classes ^^

  159. Natalie says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 24, 2011 at 1:52 pm
    Dear Kristine

    I have some question to ask you, wish I can get back from you soon.

    1)I’m a Malaysian, took spm but it’s only 4 credits I have, but I have 2years working experience, is that I still can go for the interview?

    2)It’s that possible to wear color lens? Like black or grey color, of course it’s not just to make me looks better, it’s with degree also.

    3)I had already purchased the cabin crew secret manual this Tuesday when can I receive it?

    Thank you.



    • Hi dear,

      I dropped you an email =)

      • Hi dear, I don’t think I get your mail. Can you please resent πŸ™‚ thanks ya

      • I’ve resent, pls check.. inc yr junk box =)

  160. Hi Kristine,

    I am Nana, Sporean, Uni stud(grad nx yr end).
    Was wondering if i am qualified for the interview.
    FYI: im 25yo; 1.70m; 65kg

    am i too old for this?

    looking forward to your reply πŸ˜€

    • nope, you’re not.

      But, I do sugest dropping some weight dear… till yr bmi is between 18- 22

  161. Hi Kristine,

    I live in HK. Does SIA conduct interview in HK too or do I have to fly to Singapore to attend the interviews?


    • hi dear,
      yes they do conduct interviews in HKG as well. You can check their website for more information ^^

  162. Hi, would like to ask how long is the bond to be an air stewardess wid SIA?? Is it 2 yrs or 5 yrs?

  163. i would like to know if u have any passage reading materials for us to practice ? espeically those difficut words that may come out in the passage?

    • aha.. I would love to but.. i can’t do that dear…

  164. hi miss kristine! i would like to ask if SIA or any airlines that are hiring flight attendants accepts foreigner applicanst? or do they only hire singaporeans? thankx! your reply is highly appreciated..

    • hi dear,

      it depends on which nationaility you are from. Most crews sia hires have to be asian because it is an “asian airline” which display the graciousness of an asian girl. And the country that they recruit or employ from are usually the place where they fly to foten.

      You can check the nationailities they intake on their website =)

  165. Kristine,

    I was wondering does silkair hires a cc while taking part time night course? I was thinking of going this saturday’s silkair’s interview, just wonder do they allow CC to take part time course. πŸ™‚


    • erm… may be hard… cos.. a lot of time managemnet is required on your side my dear.

      usually, crews take “part time courses” as compared to “night classes”, as sometimes, you will have night flights.

  166. Hi i have made payment a very long time ago through paypal.But till now didnt received the e-mail to download the manual.Please advise.Thank you:)

  167. Hi Kristin,

    I want to ask you some stuff about the airlines. Like, those cabin crews who has years of exp in other airlines…will they get the chance to work in Sq? I heard there’s is some rumors about it.

    Would you explain more?


    • Rumours as in ?

      as for chance, well, dear… it depends on how you fare in the interview itself. I have colleges previously from other int such as JAL, Emirates etc..

      • Hi kris, I am planning to join a budget airline like jetstar asia, then followed by joining an international airline. Will that be possible for a exp candidate to join like SQ, JAL, EMIRATES or QATAR airways?


      • yes and no my dear…

        cos.. ultimately.. you need to prepare questions like.. why did you quit the previous airline and also… the situational question needs to be more ‘polish”

  168. Hi Kristin,

    I am short, only 1.53m, do you think I will still have a chance to join SIA cabin crew?Do you have any colleagues who are shorter than the minimum requirement 1.58m?

    I appreciate your reply

    Thank you,

    • no dear…

      you need to meet the minimal height requirement.. =(

  169. Greetings Kristine πŸ™‚
    I happened to stumble upon your site while searching for possible sample questions asked during the cabin crew interview. I must say that it’s awfully kind of you, to invest the time and effort that you do, in this website, especially in replying so many of our queries posted as ‘replies’. From the information I have thus gleaned having spent only a little over 20 minutes on your site, I find it hard to fully encapsulate my gratitude towards you.

    Dear Kristine,

    I too, like many others have a few queries for you :/

    1. I note that you recommend office wear. As a male, would it include wearing a tie? I’m worried that the attire that I have in mind – black shoes, black slacks, and a white long sleeved shirt with a tie might be a tiny bit too much, giving the impression of blindly trying to impress without knowing those intangible boundaries of appropriate apparel.

    2. Is the medical test a part of the 6 stage interview, and if it is, is your BMI taken into account on the spot? My worry here is that my BMI, as I just checked, indicates that I am overweight. I am not particularly athletic, but neither is plumpness or roundness visible. Will the BMI indication of being overweight but not obese strike me out by default?

    3. Is there any limitation to height? I heard, albeit from an unreliable source, that one cannot exceed 185cm in height :/

    Would immensely appreciate your view on the above uncertainties. Thank you very much for your help, and for the tips you generously give out πŸ™‚ I especially liked your post about not ‘over-selling’ yourself, and answering the question as opposed to just recklessly marketting yourself πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again, happy flying πŸ™‚


    • hi c,

      1. Nope, your attire is fine. Remember, whats most important is still how you feel wearing them. tie or no tie, you need to be comfortable. Nonetheless, don’t forget, impression is what counts =)
      2. BMI and weight are taken in either the skin check or during cert checking.. normally, they wun exactly measure your BMI, but rtather, based on the figure, see if you are too heavy or light. Still… overweight or “too” heavy.. will afect yr chances..
      3. well.. height.. yes… not too tall. As of the limit, i am not too sure.. but i had a student once who got through the final… but because of too tall, was not choosen. Still, if you want to, you can alwasy try other int airlines if height is of a concern =)

  170. Hey Kristine!
    Thank you very much for your reply. I certainly didn’t expect it so soon!
    Well, a tie it is then heh πŸ˜‰ As for the rest, I’ll just hope for the best.

    Thank you very much again, will notify you of the outcome πŸ™‚

  171. hey kristine,
    tis sat there’s an SIA walk-in interview.
    just enquiring, is cabin crew allowed to paste fake eyelashes or double eyelid stickers before their eyeshadows?
    are CC allow to put their own method of makeup or must strictly adhere to the airline. like specific brands of eyeshadows or lipstick? πŸ™‚

    thanks dear.

  172. Hi Kristine,

    I saw from the website that my country is not on the list of the participants who can apply but i am a singapore pr. do you think they will accept?


  173. Hi Kristine,

    Gis here, I went for the Silkair’s Interview on 17 Sep 11, Sat. I manage to went thru the Height and arm reach. But when going to the Self-Intro stage, I was very very nervous, thoughts all went around my mind. I didn’t sort it out and didn’t manage to talk to the judge. and I fail to move on to another stage. Is it becoz i’m too big size? what is the prob??

    What is silkair’s requirement then. I’m still at 62-63kg…158cm. (I’m abit frustrated) I’ve been joggin and dieting everyday..weight goes down abit but My hip & Bum are still quite big. I saw the silkair’s stewardess the other day at changi airport, I mean I very envy when I saw those girls with their uniforms having their bkfast.

    Hi Kristine, I really do want to get in. (So desperate) What should I do.
    I recently went to get Reduze hopefully will help me with my slimming progression… i really need advice..(So sorry If I expecting too much) πŸ™‚


    • hi dear…

      erm.. as you’ve mentioned… “thoughts all went around etc”.. maybe, your self intro just didn’t come out well.. so.. it could be the reason.

      also, as you are already doing, try to cut down the weight a little, erm.. dieting is good.. but.. DUN DUN… skip meals.. i mean.. even if diet also pls diet healthily ok ? No point sacrifice so much for the job in the end.. you dun even have the “health” to enjoy it…

      Erm.. have salad as apetizer to help set your base dear.. it’ll help you eat less and because its greens.. it helps you detox and beautify yr skin as well. =)

  174. is there other alternative to apply for cabin crew other than walk in interview?

    • you can always write in.. but the procedres and stages will be the same..

      • I hope I can be one of SIA team to deliver such of good service.

  175. HI Kristine,
    I have went to the SIA interview in KL last August 2011, and I failed. I’ve just check from SIA’s website knowing that there will be another recruitment drive in KL on 12 Nov 2011. I would like to ask if there’s any policy restricted the applicant to attend the interview again within a certain period? like what Cathay Pacific practices, applicant cannot apply again within 6 months period . Thank you.

    • nope dear…

      as long as you didn’t reach the management, you can go again and again and again

  176. Hi Kristine,

    Finally I got in…into Jetstar Asia. Thou I can’t make it for SQ or SA but I believe I will sure do enjoy flying with Jetstar Asia. Nevertheless, I really want to Thank you for all the care to reply all of our(mine) comments…thou it takes up your time still.

    Now, I’m waiting to go for training this Dec…hoping to graduate and start flying on Jan next year.

    Hear from you soon.


    • aha.. congratulations dear.. and well done =)

      stay safe flying ^^

  177. Hi,
    Shan here.

    I am currently 17, in year 1 of poly, and am very unhappy with studying now. I got good grades of 12 points for my O levels, and I saw on the website that I can apply for CC once I hit 18 as long as I have a good O level cert. I am intending to quit studies if I successfully become a CC when I’m 18 and focus on being one.
    Is that possible? Will SIA ask me to continue my diploma(which I don’t like) and reject me even if I have good O level results?


    • unfortunately yes dear…

      and.. I would strongly, strongly recommend you to get at least a diploma first…

      If you do believe in me and my advise… I really urge you to get the dip first before the job..

  178. hey Kristine, i have another query,
    i’m applying from India … they asked us to submit CV and cover letter online and also to fill the form following that .. i filled all the major required things asked in the form. but there were few things i did not understand which were not mandatory to be filled.. as it also stated that it is just for administration use. so if u could tell me , that should i fill in the entire application again , withdrawing the first.

    • dear, after you fill in the first.. allow them time to process…

      you dun need to fill in twice. but the question is.. erm.. what fields do you leave out ?

  179. Hi kristine, what is the preferable ht and wtg for the cabin crew position?
    Cos i am standing at 163 and 57 which is too fat but my bmi shows 21 which is normal range? 😦 look forward to your reply! thanks!

    • aha… Dear, you are fine dun worry.

      Sometimes, could be becos of the bones. But do go try out for the interview. =) And if can, I would recommend getting it to 55 or something for better chances.

  180. i am indonesian but i get my diploma in temasek polytechnic. am i eligible to apply?

    • depending on citizenship dear.. you will still need to have a degree…

  181. Is anyone here going for the interview on 3 december? =) I am looking for some friends to attend the interview together. To encourage and support each other.

    • yes i going on interview on 3 december go with you but you know where the interview place address

    • Hi babyminnie,

      I will be going down on 3rd December. πŸ™‚

      • Hi tracceair,

        You wanna go together? =)

      • Ya! Why not? πŸ™‚ How do I contact you?

  182. Hi tracceair,
    Can you email me at =)

  183. Hello Kris, I bought and have paid for the tips handbook, but i have yet received it by mail. :C

  184. hi, i have a really small tattoo behind my ear. about 1 inch in width and length. and one on my ankle bone. will SIA close one eye or is it a straight rejection? or is there any other airlines that i can try out that is less strict about tattoos or their kebaya can cover it?

    • dear.. for ladies.. if its in expose area.. its a strict no…

  185. hi, may i know if mother of two and at the age of 28 will there be chance to fly?

    • there is.. but its harder, as alot of points will be taken into consideration

  186. Hi kristine,

    May I know the maximum salary Singapore AIrlines cabin crew will receive monthly? Just an estimation will do! Thank you! I really want to be a steward but I’m worried about the salary being too low… I know that the Singapore AIrlines web stated it is around $3.5k but is that the highest the salary will go?

    • hi darius,

      well.. the salary will go beyond that. Usually hovering between 3.8 – 4.5 every month

  187. hello kristine,

    thanks for the reply! hmm then what if you really get to rise the ranks till an inflight supervisor? will it exceed 5k or 6k monthly then?

    • definetly… but it takes a very long time to be an IFS…

  188. Hi Kristine. I have met all the requirements of SIA cabin crew recruitment. And my braces will be removing very soon as well. one thing which I doubted about is my skin. I have some acne mark on my face. Do you encourage male crew to make up to cover those unnecessary dark spot? Do SIA requires male crew to make up as well while on duty? thanks..

    • nope, stewards do not require to put on make ups… its a personal preference.. and i am sure u dun see them putting make ups though .. except for some =)

      as for the acne mark.. well.. it would depend on where it is.. and how it affect your overall looks. It will be subjective to the beautician and interviewer who takes the stage on skin check.

      • Thanks for the reply Kris. May I ask what kind of skin they would probably reject at that stage? My skin is oily type skin. Is it going to affect the chances of getting through to the next stage? What type of skins they are probably looking for? Thanks

  189. hi! can i ask what will be the ideal attire to for the walk in interview?

    • as long as you look presentable. =)

      I do recommend normal office attire though =)

  190. Hi kristine πŸ™‚
    I have just finished my Olevels and now applying for poly. But I can’t get into the courses that Im interested in, as my results were not that great. Thus, I wanted to know if I’m able to join SIA even if I take other courses like business or engineerings? Or should I take nursing though is not a good choice? As I heard from my friends that by choosing nursing, I will have better chance of getting to SIA. so please help me with it.
    Secondly, by the time i graduate from poly and get a diploma, I will be 22years old. Is it still possible for me to get in as Im afraid that I might be a little too old to be air stewardess. So can you also tell me when is the oldest age to be in the SIA. Please reply me as soon as possible as I’m rushing to choose a course. 😦
    Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

    • aha, dear =)

      1) the course doesn’t exactly matter… but do note the questions that they will ask: I mean, as long as you can satisfy their questions, its fine with any course. ie: From an engineering background to a cabin crew, thats a very big difference. What makes you want to do that ? etc

      2) Nope, at 22, its still a very very good age to apply for a cabin crew job.

  191. Hi there..
    may i know hw much is the basic salary offered by SIA?

    • hmm.. dear,

      u can check the salary post i put up somewhere in the blog. Just do a search =)

      basic pay is very little, ranging between 1400 – 1600 =)

  192. Hi if u have failed O level english will they still accept u?

    • if that is the case dear.. you need to have a diploma or degree to offset the O levels =)

  193. Oops, i thought my previous comments didn’t go through… just realized that they are awaiting for moderation… sorry that i’ve bombarded you with my messages. πŸ™‚

    • hi dear,

      i dropped you a pm.. can u pls check =)

  194. going for interview this sat =)

    Indian, pleasant looking , medic in army , 6 yrs f and b service, registered nurse with one year private nursing experience


    • haha…

      erm… it would depend on how well you present yrself then =)

      Note again, accolades are just the “packaging”.. but then, you still have to look at the ingredients

  195. Hi Kristine,
    I’m ex-crew from middle east airlines, I left there for 2 years, and right now I’m back to be a crew for a small airline in my country. (for 1 year) I would like to apply for SIA cabin crew, but I’m worry that my age is now 31. Do you think that my experience can be help to reduce the issue of my age?
    Thank you in advance for your advice….

    • hi Nancy,

      erm.. age wise… yes.. its going to be a hinderance… and despite the experience, I think its still hard… though you can still give it a try. As long as I know, they like to keep their “image” young.

  196. Does your guide/manual only guides SQ cabin crew or any other cabin crew?

    • hi dear,

      it focus mainly on SQ interviews, but the guiding principles are generally the same. I have students who used the same manuals and got into jetstar, silk air, qatar and emirates. =)

  197. Hey, would like to ask if I’m 1.63 and 55kg. It’s either just nice or slightly overweight. Am I still eligible for the job? And what are the different 6rounds of things they checked on the interview day itself? Pls advice! ):

    • hi dear, erm.. well.. I believe yr height and weight is still alright.. though i think its safer if you can drop a kg or 2 =)

      the 6 rounds is listed on the website dear, =) you can read the post if you search for “stages of cabin crew interview” =)

  198. Hi Kristine,

    I have cleared all the inteview stages for 16/06/2012 recruitment except for the Kebaya stage due to my skin condition. However, my application is now in the KIV list and will be required to go for Kebaya testing again on the next recruitment.

    I understand that the next recruitment will be held on 04/08/2012 but I will probably not be in town due to work commitment.. Will SIA continue to KIV my application till the first recruitment exercise in year 2013 if I write in to them? Please advise~~ Many thanks in advance! =)

    • aha.. they will call you down for the review.

      So.. u can let them know you are not in town dear… and probably arrange another date for the review. =)

  199. hi, i wud like to ask if i have a tattoo on my neck can i still apply?

  200. Hi Kristine! I’m so glad reading your blog. I’m planning to purchase your secret book after I graduate poly πŸ™‚ but I have a tiny problem 😦 first off, I have all the qualifications that you had stated.. I passed my 5 Olevel subjects including English in 2010. And now pursuing my poly diploma in singapore .I passed the height as well. However, I am not a Permanent Resident anymore as my parents gave it up. I switched to student pass and currently, Im on dependent pass,. I am a Filipino national. As I know, they only hire Singaporeans and Malaysians on interviews in Singapore. What do u say about that? Do I still have a chance? 😦 thank you so much. πŸ™‚

    • In addition, I am planning to apply permanent residence after I graduate as I was PR before because of my mom. So when she cancelled it, I was canceled as well. Will that count? Would that help me to be reconsidered to join the crew? Although I understand the black and white guidelines that Filipino nationalities are not accepted. Hehe I hope by the time I graduate, Filipinos are accepted hahaa πŸ™‚

  201. Hi Kristine,

    Would like to ask if i have a chicken pox scar on my face, am i still eligible to apply for the job?

    • dear,

      it depends on how obvious and where it is located… =)

      If its light, usually, it doesn’t matter..

      • Hi I guess u missed out my query above this comment 😦 hope you’ll answer. Thank you πŸ™‚

      • Hi dear,

        erm.. at this moment, well, they aren’t open to the Philippines yet. Still, there are many other airlines out there you can try =)

        As for studies, for foreigners, to stand the best chance in any airlines, be it SQ, Emirates or qatar, a degree would help boost your chances. Whatever it is, the highest qualification will always take precedence over the others.

  202. Hi, Kristine,

    I’m a 29-year-old male. Can I join cabin crew at this age?

    • Hi,

      erm.. at 29.. its slightly challenging… but that doesn’t stop you from trying ya ? At least once… i mean, if you really perform a lot better, who knows what could happen =)

  203. Hi dear,

    I wonder if you could help provide some insights on my queer situation. Currently I am 31yrs old, but I look early 20-ish. I know that because I am currently pursuing a long-dist degree in a local well-known private institute and no one suspect of anything, and the ones who knows my true age were in total shock.

    I had tried going for 2 cabin crew appt when I was younger. One for SIA, I failed at the group interview 😦 And the another was JAL which I managed to get called up for an interview but too didn’t manage to get pass that.

    But still like you, my dream of exploring the world nv did vanish.

    After stumbling upon ur website, it got me wondering about the what ifs again. Do you think at this age of mine whether it is still possible to get into the industry?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi dear,

      erm… I do hope my brash reality is fine with you. At 31… chances are very slim… in fact, I havent heard of any girls at 31 who got in.

      Maybe there is.. because SQ is very big, but from my encounter… no.

  204. Hi Kristine, i would like to get the manual through internet banking, is it possible? Another thing, could our hair be dyed like in red when we go for interview or is it a bad impression? Thanks!

    • hi dear,

      could you drop me a message from >> Scroll all the way below on the contact link ?

      For hair.. i dun suggest it be red. Yes… pretty “bad” impression. Most to accept is dark brown =)

  205. Hi Kristine, is there a website within SQ where landlord can post for room rental to SQ stewardess.

    • Hi JT… actually.. there isn’t..

      but i believe you can look at the facebook for SQ crew, i believe they do post some of it there..

  206. Hi Kristine,

    1)Does SQ accept male candidates with residing hairline or even a blad shaved hair?
    2) In terms of qualification, does SQ accept candidates with private diploma?

    • Hi Syah,

      Private Diploma is ok… as long as its academic.

      As for bald shaved hair… no.. they do not allow that… unless its a natural condition. But in all cases, I dun see a lot of total bald when flying.. only 1 or 2…

  207. Do you know if there’s any poly courses that related to Air Stewardess job?

    • Hi Ellis,

      poly courses related ? The only one that comes close is tourism.. but all in all, it doesn’t affect your chances to become a cabin crew no matter what course you take. I have friends who are engineering and IT back ground… still.. they are flying. =)

  208. Hi kristine, How could i get to know about the date and venue of the interview? πŸ™‚

    • Hi dear,

      by the side of this blog, you should see a link to the recruitment page of SIA. erm.. by the right side. =)

  209. Hello Kristine,
    your blog is very well done and helpful!

    Just wanna share my experience.
    I’m 22, indonesian, 62kg/172cm. I once went to SIA interview, my first time applying for a cabincrew, I passed 2 stages, but I failed at the stage when I walked into the room with 5 others and the interviewers told us to introduce ourselves and answer a question within 5 min.
    I felt terrible because I might be nervous at that time so I didn’t give the best answer (just realized after I left the room)
    Only one of us could make it through, and she wasn’t the one I thought would be chosen! But its cool.
    I change my perception about cabin crew recruitment ever since.
    Not all the beautiful lady got in, not also the brainy ones, but its all about the personality just like what you said… perhaps.

    If only I passed that round, I still need to have the medical check, ait?
    I have a scar of my left foot, from a motorbike accident, its quite visible, but can be covered with stocking. I also have scars of acnes on my face..
    is it still acceptable?

    Just recently, I received a text that invites me back to stage 2 SIA interview.
    Do you think I should go.. or not? because I’m not very confident at the medical check issues.

    • Hi dear,

      if you ask me.. I would say go try it if flying is what you want

      for the issues.. yes.. it will affect yr chances no doubt about it. But because its at the feet, maybe they might close and eye or 2 since it can be cover with stockings.. and yes, we can wear stockings during work.

      As for the acne.. well.. I guess the best way now is to keep yr face clean and drink more water, less stress.. and hopefully, the acnes will lighten. And for the acne scars.. lets just cross our fingers shall we =)

  210. Hi, Where to register for the sia stewardes?

    • by the side (right side links) of this blog dear =)

  211. Hi Kristine,I am currently flying with Ek almost 5yrs and my current position is FG1(first class cabin crew),I didnt complete my diploma after I got selected by Ek and also my SPM Eng only got 5c,do I still have the chance to join SQ? Or I will be kicked out straight away just before the first round interview as I didnt meet the minimum requirement althought I have flying experience with Ek. Thanks for valueble time and hope to hear from u soon.. =)

    • Erm… they would still need you to meet the basic edu requirement dear..

      But why didn’t you continue with EK ? I heard its a lot better… at least from my friends who switched..

  212. Hi Kristine,

    It’s so nice to have someone like you who guides people and shares your success secrets:) So firstly just would like to say thank you, for your passion.

    Well, I am an Indonesian working in Singapore with a Diploma cert.
    A year ago, I tried going for SIA interview in Singapore but was sent home after the height and weight check as I was only a Dip graduate and an Indonesian even so already a PR in SG..

    I read about recruitment in Indonesia and It actually states that diploma holders with working experience are welcome.. So I am gonna give it a try again next month as my dreams are still my dreams.

    I am wondering if I can still try to go for the interview in Singapore holding a dip cert and working exp? Interview will be in two days time and I thought I can give it a go too..

    I am also wondering whats the crowd like in Jakarta.. Do you have any idea?

    Thanks, Kristine…

    • Really ?

      hmmm… I din know a dip with working exp can. Maybe… they changed the rules… so.. do yr best dear.

      But if u are going for the singapore one.. they are pretty strict on the criteria.. so.. u need a degree if you are applying as a foreigner in Singapore.


  213. I’m taking N levels but then I went to ITE taking FNB course and went to poly and getting diploma . So can I work as a stewardess ?

    • hi dear,

      u need to get at least a diploma first before u are eligible for the interview.

  214. Hey
    I’m a Singaporean at the age of 21 now .studying in higher nitec at hospitality . Cabin crew is my dream job and ambition as to the character I have of meeting people from different parts of world and yes I love traveling in planes and customer service . May I know what is the maximum weight a cabin crew ? And can I apply of I have a higher nitec certificate ?

    • Hi dear,

      you can’t apply with a Nitec cert. You need at least a diploma minimal to stand a good chance. As for weight wise, try to go between 18 – 21 in BMI terms.

  215. hi dear,
    what are the interview stage for recruiting cabincrew in India.

    • Almost the same as the Singapore one.. with the exception of English test. =)

  216. Hey Kristine
    May I know will private deploma holder get a chance for the job ? Or must it be deploma in poly ? Which has the higher chance of getting in ? Thank you for your advice
    Appreciate !

    • Hi dear,

      from what I know, yes, SQ accept pvt diploma holders. =) as long as its acaedemic related. Not “cooking”, “hairdressing” etc

  217. hello kristine my son is so much interested to become a cabin crew he is not permanent resident in singapore but he is a longterm pass holder, how he is going to apply to SIA on july 13.. is your book available in our bookstore here in singapore?

    • hi dear… errr.. whats his nationaility ? =)

      • Hi kristine. Sorry may I ask if let’s say i have 4 o level credits including English with relevant working experience. After which I went for Higher Nitec. So having said that, do I stand a chance in going for the interview?

      • hi dear,

        I would recommend you still getting a diploma to qualify for the interview..

  218. Hi Kristine, I want to ask you something about the skin check. Is it okay if I have 2 small moles on my chin area & 1 mole on my left wrist? Should I laser it? 😦
    And I want to buy your manual, but I don’t have any credit cards and I live in indonesia. Can I use debit card for the payment?
    Thank you so much kristine for being so nice ^^

  219. Hi Kristine,
    I am currently studying in one the private school in singapore and will graduate from my diploma this coming september.
    I couldn’t make it to this upcoming walk in interview as it is near to my exam.
    However, i might be trying to apply it…next year?

    My concern is, as an Indonesian, do they accept my private diploma ?
    I still have my O level cert though.

    Should I apply it in Singapore or Indonesia ?? Because from the website, they only accept Singapore citizen

    Thank you very much !!! Your blog bring so much help, and I will purchase your manual after I am done with all of my exams ^^

    • Hi dear,

      You will need to take the interview in indonesia. =) Erm… your qualification will be based on the indonesia cirteria.. so you need to check if they do accept diploma qualifications. =)

  220. Hi babe,

    i would like to check if they accept Higher Nitec Cert? And in regards
    of skin check, i have a few moles and pimples on my back. Is it still

    • Hi dear,

      Higher Nitec is generally compared with your O levels… so.. if you ask me.. your chances are a lot higher with a diploma.

      Also, moles on back – no problem. pimples on back, you might want to clear it first before the interview.. cos wearing the kebaya does expose a bit of
      your back… so.. its also their consideration point.

  221. hi kristine, i am going to go for indonesian cabin crew interview on september 2013,
    the problem is that i am now still working as a pre-school teacher, and my contract is going to end on july 2014,
    would that be ok if i go for an interview first, and ask to join the training after my contract is end?
    if not, then what’s your suggestion? because i dream to join singapore airlines a lot..
    looking forward for ur reply, thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mayang,

      unfortunately no. SQ only alows max 6 months of waiting time. Yours is close to a year le…

      I do recommend you going nearer to your end contract date, ie, Jun, July 2014 in order to stand a good chance

  222. Hi Kristine,

    I do have some small moles on my face too and I am pretty worried about it. I have a few other questions to ask you as I am really serious about this week’s interview for silkair. I would appreciate it if you could help by replying to my email!! Thank you!

    • hi dear,

      as long as the moles doesnt exactly affect your overall appearance, sometimes, they’ll close an eye de.

      • Hi Dear
        May I know how long for the first contract if we join the SIA cabin crew ?
        N along the contract , there is possible for the stewardess allowed to get married ?
        tks a lot
        waiting for your reply…

      • hi dear,

        first contract is 5 years. And yes, you can get married even if you are contracted as a cabin crew. Of course, if possible, try not to have baby during the first 18 months of flying. Other than that, its pretty much “life as usual” =)

  223. Hi Kristine,

    I’m putting braces now but my dentist suppose that it can be taken off in 3 to 4 months. May I know can I still go for the interview on Oct or should I wait after? Please advise thank you!

    • Best chance would be after the braces is removed. =) Anyway, there are plenty interviews coming up for SIA. They are having a recruitment drive every 2 months… so… dun be afraid to lose out =)

  224. Hey Hi
    i have got a mail from sia that my cv is shortlisted and they are calling me to mumbai on 20 oct 2013 for further interview process. my height is 1.60 and weight is 49 kgs the only problem i have is light acne scars on my face. is it ok if i ll cover thm with makeup and go for the interview and they are very strict about the skin? and can i wear a full sleeves top with knee length skirt?
    Waiting for your reply πŸ™‚

  225. Hello! I will like to ask if I have a mole that is black in color on my face, do you think they will still accept me? Is not small and is beside my eye so it can’t be laser off. Is there anything I can do? I thank you:)

    • My best advise is to go for the interview and see what they say about it. There are crews with moles.. so dun be too concern about it. As long as it does not affect your overall look, sometimes they will close an eye.

  226. what is the qualification to be a SIA air hostess?

    • hi dear,

      you can check the requirement to be a cabin crew from the sia website. The link is provided for you by the right hand side of the blog…

  227. Hi kritina,
    I am a foreign student in Singapore and this year I taking my N level but I am in Normal technical stream and I am 19 years old this year then may I apply with my N level cert?
    or private O lvel cert?
    thank you πŸ™‚

  228. Hi kristine.
    I wanna ask if i get all Bs for my Os except for my english which i failed. Am i still eligible for this position as a cabin crew?
    Ps: im working now.

    • Hey dear…

      I saw yr above comment… your diploma will take precedence over yr Os.

      So.. even if u fail yr O levels but have a diploma, you are qualified for the interview.

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