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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

First, I wanna wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. =)

This is going to be my last post, and I will be officially ‘closing’ this site as well as the cabin crew ‘secrets’ manuals at the end of the year.

It has been slightly more than 3 years since this site was launched and I am proud to say that it has helped just over 532 hopefuls got their job as a cabin crew. That is the official number of students who have sent me their success stories. I am sure there are more (Students whom didn’t send me the emails) but let’s just stick to this numbers as its the “official” one. =)

I want to thank everyone for your support for these years, hearing my thoughts, my rants aka sharing some of the personal journey with all of you.

Will I be coming back ? At this point, I don’t think I will, but then again, no one can say this for sure. I guess the reason for me to come back again is when I find new inspiration or something to that extend keke.

As for all the girls/guys who are still trying for your interview, I will leave this blog as it is. I am sure it still contain a lot of useful information for you to prep yourself for the interview. =)

As for the sale of the cabin crew manual, unfortunately, It will no longer be for sale at the end of the month.

To leave a final ‘word’ on this blog… as always:

On being a Cabin Crew:

1) Stay safe in all your flights, be it onboard (duty), or outstation.
2) SAVE up generously. Don’t over spend on stuff you don’t need.
3) Always be improving, upgrade when you have the time.
4) There will always be good flights and bad flights, Look forward to the good ones. =)
5) Make more friends and always try to be happy. Whatever that’s inside, talk to someone… don’t keep it to yourself.

On being a “Person”:

1) Be filial – It’s unconditional love that’s has a clock attached…
2) Be forgiving – Practice love, not hatred. It makes you more beautiful
3) Be good – Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t harm anyone regardless if its stranger, friend, foe..
4) Be thankful – Never compare… instead, look at the things you are given.. friends, love, life, education…


Thank you and thank you again. =)


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Amazing Airplane Save… Until…

You know, the most important or crucial factor when it comes to flying, be it if you are the passanger, or the tech crew or the cabin crew, is the take off and the landing.

Next time when you are flying, especially when you are seated near the doors, you will realize that the cabin crews are unusually quiet.  Not because they are “unfriendly” or thinking about where to go next, but rather, they are silently reviewing their drills and process in the event of any emergency.

Having a run through of the emergency process helps because you will not be ‘lost’ when things really happen. Equally, for anyone who is attending the interview, the run through process should be done over and over again. Then again, one thing about the interview is, you don’t want to run through too many times for it will create certain anxiety before your turn.

I remember when I was having my interview, I did my “run through” once during the waiting time in the hall… and the second time, a review of the “bullets”, just the bullets after the short pause between each cabin crew hopeful. =) This allows me to recap whats important.

Well, like I’ve said… the take off and the landing is the most crucial.. and here is a video on that…

Amazing isn’t it… I saw this video on my facebook and I thought I should share with my readers on this blog.. lolz..

Then.. I realize its not real… its actually a commercial for Nissan… Duh…

Did it got you like it did fooled me ? keke…

Congratulations To The Following CC Secrets Students

*Due to time constrain and other commitments, Cabin Crew Secrets with the Email Coaching Bonus ends this December. After that, cabin crew secrets will still be available but without the coaching as the bonus – Cabin Crew Secrets

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When Overseas As a Cabin Crew

It’s been sometime since I wrote in this blog… in fact, I think it’ll probably been my last year here. I am still deciding… but it seems like I cannot handle and balance the time between my other life commitments and this blog. Its been a journey, and I really appreciate each and every one of my readers, you here.

Thank you for all the support in the last 3 years. Hopefully, I will still be able to write to you and provide valuable insights. Of course, no one knows whats gonna happen in the future.. who knows… maybe its just the emotional me that says I am not going to continue, but yet.. I could still continue.. lolz.

Ok.. enough about my babbling, but lets just share some of the interesting facts or stuffs to take note of when you are flying as a crew.

We all know that sometimes, after flying, we feel like going for a “chill out” session. Especially in countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong, where the clubbing scene” can be quite exciting.

For the girls who are reading this, regardless, please do be careful when you go to these night spots. And if possible, go with a group.. and everyone should try to look out for each other. I know sometimes I may sound like an old grandma, but things do happen.

Well.. lets explore the fact that because every flight is a different set of crews, we don’t exactly know each other very well. Thus, this could sometimes, create a certain “unawareness” even if we were to go out together.

For the guys, if you are out partying with the girls… please, do the girls a favour and help watch out for them.

I hate to be blant here, but not all “crews” are good crews, and there are some whom really harbor ill intentions. The fact that when one gets pretty “drunk”… anything can happen.. and the fact that you are in a foreign country makes you more so.. vulnerable.

I remember I was doing HKG – SFO a few years back with my pal David, an ex steward as well.

Together with 5 other stewardess and 1 more steward, we went to Lam Kwai Fong to party, just to have fun and enjoy ourselves since everyone was really good and comfortable with each other. Whats more.. its a 4 sector flight… and we left just one more HKG-SIN to complete the flight pattern.

Though I drank a bit, I am still pretty much sober, but one of my stewardess friend apparently drank a little over the edge and go herself a little drunk… (you can see that she is not “herself” anymore…)

The thing is, there were this 2 other guys whom one of the stewardess (in the group) knew at the club that night that joined our group. I think they are the locals there.

When my friend was drunk… These 2 guys apparently tried to approach her and get her to dance with them or so on…

Not that it’s anything wrong with it… but since they are still technically “strangers”, I really didn’t like what they were doing… and so… kept a close watch on my friend. (Imagine what could have happen if I wasn’t there…). In fact, out of a sudden, my stewardess friend, being drunk and not walking straight, suddenly ran out of the club…

It was a good thing David went after her and brought her back after sometime. I couldn’t imagine what ‘danger’ is there if she was left sleeping or being unconscious in a foreign country.

After the party, we took separate cabs back to the hotel… so… some of us will arrive at the hotel first and some at maybe… 5 to 10 minutes later… and there was this very sweet thing that David did…

He apparently called all the girls to make sure they were safely back in their rooms…

Of course, he couldn’t reach my drunkard friend and went around asking if any girls has seen and escort her back to the room – It was I who helped my friend back to her room.

I think it was really very gentlemen of David to do such little things and many other girls did thank him for calling them that night when we meet up the next day (I thought he called me only =P).

What I meant to say is… yes, sometimes, we work hard and we play hard to unwind ourselves. But despite all the fun, chill and laughter, lets not forget that we must always learn to take care of ourselves and keep a look out for one another overseas. We never know what’s in the mind of other watchful eyes. =)

Congratulations To The Following CCSecrets Students ^^


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Are You Ready To Be A Cabin Crew ?

Many people wants to be a cabin crew. However… is everyone willing to carry that huge responsibility that comes along with the job ?

A cabin crew job may be glamorous on the outside, The Lifestyle, The Travel, The Freedom… but all these comes with a “price” tag. And many aren’t ready for that.

Many passengers takes cabin crews for granted. They think that cabin crews are only “waitress” / “waiter” in the sky… nothing more nothing less. But… do you know that when things actually happen… cabin crews are the ones who will help you evacuate to safety ? They are the ones who help ensure that before take off, together with the communication with the pilots, that all else is working fine and that everyone on board will have a smooth and enjoyable flight.

sqturbulenceRecently, A flight to London (SQ 308) experience an “Air pocket” where the plane drops 100 feet causing mayhem on the flight as it was during breakfast when these happen and “food” has been served half way – causing everything to go airborne when the aeroplane enters the vacuum.

Some passengers were injured because they didn’t fasten their seat belts. Well… some of them forgot (though there’s announcements and crews going around asking) and some simply ignore the crew and pilot’s advises…

As you see… no one can predict what happens in the air… and things many people like to take lightly, ie, its going to be a minor turbulence turns out to be something BIG.

I myself, during my course of flying did experience one pretty bad turbulence. I still remember I felt like “flying” when the aircraft “drops”. Though its a scary experience… its not as bad as the one describe above.

If you are flying as a passenger, I do urge you to not take the crews advises lightly. As much as we may sound “annoying”, we really wish the best for you.

For cabin crew hopefuls who is attending the cabin crew interview this Saturday…  my question is to you – If there is a turbulence and pilot signals for all pax to be seated… and a pax wants to go to the restroom… what would be your response ? =)

Many see the outside… but not many see the inside of the job. The fact that cabin crews have to “please” and look after the many passengers that comes on board every other day, you can imagine how tough the experience will be when you need to deal with passengers who thinks they know better…

Are you ready for that ?

Another recent airline incident where Asiana airlines crash into Frisco’s Airport is another sad but big reminder that one should never take the aviation job lightly. When things don’t happen.. everyone thinks its an easy job and that cabin crews are there just for show.

They don’t serve a “purpose”… except for drinks and for passengers to “look at”.

Think again…

Read this article how these amazing crews react to the incident – Asiana Airlines Amazing Cabin Crews

I don’t know how long the article will be up, but I’ll just quote some amazing feats and things these crews did:

And you see this flight attendant, she’s maybe 120 pounds, piggybacking people off the plane. I’m blown away” ~ Lisa Mayo

I wasn’t really thinking, but my body started carrying out the steps needed for an evacuation. I was only thinking about rescuing the next passenger.” ~ Lee Yoon-hye, Cabin Manager for the ill fated Flight 214

I hail these cabin crews as heroes. They know exactly what they are doing.. and that the responsibility that lies in their shoulder should anything happen… not just for the sake of “travel, look good, have fun”.

But then… they are not “heroes” when nothing goes wrong… even enduring some nasty passengers on some flights – Is it being fair to them ?

So.. is being a cabin crew really all that easy ? Maybe yes, maybe no… depending on how you embrace the job.

My question to you is… are you ready to accept all that responsibility as a cabin crew ?

In fact… there is another recent incident involving an SQ flight but the news hasn’t exactly reported it… so.. I shall not dwell on it until it is reported. =)

But all in all, if you are reading this, be it if you are a cabin crew, a cabin crew hopeful or a passenger on any flight, I do hope you see cabin crews in a different light. Appreciate their job and understanding the things they had to go through… the different people they had to serve, face… and at the same time.. look after. If everyone treat each other with love, dignity and respect… I am sure the flight would be a much more memorable one.. for both crews and passengers ^^



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Please Take Care Of Your Health…

As the PSI keeps going up… its becoming more and more hazardous just to “breathe”.

If you are here in this blog reading this post, I do urge you to take very good care of yourself. Try.. as much as possible to stay indoors. Though we may seem fit or couldn’t care less about the smoke because we believe we “can take it”.. sometimes, its still better to be safe than sorry. Don’t forget, all these haze are really “ashes”… and they aren’t very “clean” either…

When you are outside, you are exposing your eyes to them… and when you breathe in.. your lung are affected… and when you talk.. its going into your throat.

Honestly, I may not be an expert in “environmental” issues and their technicalities.. but I do know they’re unhealthy… so.. please please, if possible try to stay indoors. =)

While you are at it, please also drink more water and eat more vegetables. It helps to cleanse the body and detox whatever stuff that you have brought into the body. As of what I know, taking vitamin C also helps to boost your immune system and fight infections. So.. fruits my friends, are a good source of such nutrition.

Well, that’s what I wanted to say today…

Take care and stay safe =)





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Will SIA Stop Recruiting Cabin Crew ?

Recently, I have some concerns from my students stating if SIA will stop recruiting cabin crews. With the news of SIA encouraging pilots to go on ‘no-pay-leave’ and even agree to wave their contracts.

This is understandable because as you know, when it comes to the interview, we need to plan if its the right time to go as we don’t want to sit waiting for an interview that never comes… especially if we are hoping to join the industry and didn’t want to go for other job interviews. =)

Well, to address that, let us understand a few “truth” in both the industry, human psychology and… well… hard facts.

First, in a typical crew configuration, there are many cabin crews. The pilots position usually range between 2 – 4, 4 in the sense that its a long haul flight and the pilots need to switch duties in between.

In other words, no matter what size of the airplane… be it the A380 or the future B787, the number of pilots won’t increase or decrease in a certain flight, whereas for cabin crews, the position ranges and a possible increase is always there. (In the “olden” times, a typical B744 flight requires 17 crews to operate but with the introduction of A380, more crews are require to run that flight, thus, an increase in recruiting numbers)

Second, if you are a pilot for SIA… do you think you are likely to quit your job after say… 2, 3 or even 5 years ?

Very unlikely…

So.. if nobody is quitting the job and the number of pilots don’t increase per flight… how is it that the company is going to sustain the number of pilots that they have working in SIA’s capacity ? Of course, the more experience the pilot the better but until SIA is ready to take on more flights, the pilot recruitment will be affected greatly.

Unlike the tech crew however, the cabin crew industry is a different one. Frankly speaking, there is a pretty consistent attrition rate from the cabin crew department. Some are there for the “experience”, and left the job after 2 or 3 years. Some left because their 5 years contract are up and didn’t get renewed. Some left because they just find flying unsuitable for them.

In a nutshell, the fall out rate is a lot higher than the tech crew side. Thus, in order for SIA to maintain their flights, they have to continue recruiting the new ones in order to replace the old… ahem.. more experience ones. =P

With this fact in mind, The Tech Crew department and the Cabin Crew department, while closely related are very much different in its own special way. And I think its fair to say that it is very unlikely for SIA to stop recruiting cabin crews if things are “normal”.

Of course, there are always exceptions as all these are based on “forecast”, and if these “forecast” go out of “tune” or beyond the normal gradient, exceptional cases will arises.

1) First, they could increase the number of cabin crews if the airplane they buy requires more crews to operate, thus, increasing the number of quotas they take in during the recruitment.

Just like when A380 first came in, the cabin crew department needs to recruit more crews to cover the “shortfall” of positions for the required aircraft configuration.

So say, if the norm is an attrition rate of 10 crews every month, they need to recruit 12 or 13 crews to cover for the increase in “crew position” for the new, much bigger aircraft.

Depending on the aircraft the new dream-liner, B787 is replacing, this could very well happen again (Mass recruitment)

2) Another major reasons that could affect the SIA cabin crew recruitment is if the industry or rather, the economy is hit by a financial crisis.

Think about this, if financial crisis hits… do you think the “old” crews will tender their resignation ? Quite unlikely… as most will probably stay on until the crisis is over… just to be safe – as no one outside is recruiting anyway.

With no attrition from the cabin crew department… do you think the airline will conduct interviews to take in more crews ? Very unlikely… as it, in any way, does not seem like a very wise business move.

In addition to that, SIA, being one of the best company to work in (reportedly), does not force cabin crews to quit, instead, still allow them to stay employed, though encouraged to take no-pay-leave. All in all, its understandable because if no one is flying, the flights have to be cut down… and if flights are to be cut down, no one is required to operate in those flights, thus, an imbalance in manpower supply.

So… what does this have to do with you now ?

First, the New B787, which could indirectly help in your chances. Second, the economic landscape of Singapore.

If you have been following the news, the economy seems shaky recently… and if the country or the world falls into a mini recession, it could mean that SIA will cease opening any new position and recruiting any new crews – (In the last recession, SIA cease recruiting for an entire year)

So… are you ready for your next interview ? =)


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Some Common Concerns for Cabin Crew Hopefuls

Recently, I went through some of the blog comments and again, found some similar questions posted by some of the cabin crew hopefuls. I don’t know if i have mention it before, but if I do, I would like t restate it here so its clear. =)

Q) I am XX kg and my height is XX cm. Do I stand a chance to be a cabin crew ?

Ans: All in all, I would say… if you fall within this criteria, you are actually in a better position than some. think about this, for weight, it is something you can control. In summary, for weight wise, you want to be between 18-21. That is yr good and safe bet.

So, if you don’t fall within this range, then please, either you exercise to reduce it or, do something to increase it. Yes, I understand some girls will find it hard to increase your weight. But usually, most girls are near the “ideal” BMI, so.. I am not asking you to gain 5kg or so. So.. its still a possibility.

From what I’ve heard, drinking warm milk or milo before and after bed does help. exercising helps as well, not in the sense that it cuts yr weight, but rather, muscles are heavier than fats. So.. not only do u get to tone and look better for the interview, it also helps u match the ideal BMI. Instead of giving up completely, if you are serious to being a cabin crew, you might want to explore ways to do that… one it gives you a shot at the job.. second, it also helps u lead a healthy lifestyle. Its a 2 in 1 bonus if you look at it in a bigger picture =)

Q) Braces. Do I stand a chance to be a crew with braces on ?

Ans: Your best chances comes when you have taken out your braces. In a way, I would only recommend you to go for the interview after your braces has been removed. The reason is simple, first you look better without braces. So.. you create the image or outlook tat the interviewer can imaging as a cabin crew.

Also, to add, you can’t fly with braces. So.. if they pass you and you couldn’t remove the braces in time, you can’t fly. So.. this in turn creates a “risk” for the company. To eliminate risk, Braces are not “preferred”. This in turn, creates a “barrier” that you need to overcome in terms of postitioning.

Q) I have a small scar / tattoo… can I still be a crew ?

Ans: Yes, provided the scar or tattoo is not visible or exposed if you should dawn a kebaya/shirt And no, wearing a watch to cover the scar/tattoo doesn’t count.

There are a lot of reasons for such consideration, but lets just say that its an “image” perspective that the company wish to portray to the public. In addition to that, it has to do with how you “think” and your character thus far when growing up… which in turn, will lead to how you are likely to be when flying.

Q) What are some of the questions they ask ?

Ans: Everyone wants to know the question. =) But again, I stress again, preparing the question is not what you should focus on. Yes, knowing the questions helps, but questions can change. Ultimately, it is the principle that you need to grasp.

Think about this, the principles will always be the same. Questions again, can change. So.. once you understand the principles, no matter how they change the question, you will still be able to answer according to the principles and give them exactly what they want.

But still, I know you want to know some questions.. hee… so, here are 2:

1) You saw a pax with ear phone on and he is sleeping. What would you as a cabin crew if the plane is landing ? =)

2) A pax ask you to fix a drink. Its been only 5 minutes and when you came back with the drink, you saw the pax sleeping. What would you do ?

Again, note that these are ‘Root” questions.. so, depending on what you answer, a secondary question could be given to you based on what you answer. In other words, you must be able to justify you answer based on the decision you make. =)

I do hope you take away something from this short blog post, and hereby wishing you the very best in your upcoming cabin crew interview. =)

Congratulations To The following CC Secrets Students. (Stay Safe Flying ^^)


Congratulations again – Cabin Crew Secrets Manual Guide

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