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How Much A Does Cabin Crew Earn ?

How Much Does A Flight Attendant Make A Month ?

I suppose some of us are there are probably curious about how much a does a cabin crew earn every month. Well, Today, I am going to expose the salary of the cabin crew industry… sensitive question ? I dont think so..

And after today, I guess many would agree with me why this is probably one of the best job in the world… with the added free travel and perks.

The salary of S_A Cabin Crews varies from month to month. This is because, we are paid according to the places we fly to or rather our scheduled duty roster.

The salary scheme is divided into: Basic + Allowance(Laundry + Transport etc) + IFA (In flight allowance) + BulkΒ  (Meal + Overnight Allowance ).

Seriously, the money is not in the basic.. nor in the IFA(unless you are doing A345 or other long flights), but rather, the “bulk”. This is where you get most of your money.

I’ll leave out the technical calculations and the real numbers because sometimes, depending on the union, the figures do change.

But here is the basic you’ll get… drumroll please…

About $3500 every month, as stated in the SIA website.

Not alot ? well, that is NOT the real figure !

I’ve mentioned that the bulk of your salary comes from your meal allowance, and that is where you get to work all your magic. As a cabin crew, you can get to do COF with other crews and get some extra cash during the month… again, this is a bit technical and you need to clear your probation(6 months) before you can do that.

In a way, the station where you fly to, determines your salary of the month.

For example: if you get a long haul (Europe station etc) + a Mid haul (Japan or Australia) in a month, you will normally clear the $3500 figure. The good news is… this is common among all crews and our good rostering department tries their best to do that for you.

In a good month, sometimes you get to do 2 long haul flights… and that is where you really get paid alot…

As a crew, so far, the lowest, I say again… the lowest per month I’ve ever receive is about $3800…

and the highest ?

Sorry, I would say, its quite a huge salary and better paid than most professionals out there… but I can’t reveal anything more than that…

So, there you have it… the revelation of a cabin crew salary.

Truth is… money is good.. but don’t ever get consumed by it… it should never be one of the main reason for joining theΒ  cabin crew family… I personally feel that, if you are chasing the money, then you will never be happy as a crew.. but if you really enjoy meeting people and travelling… gosh… it is the perfect job !


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  1. hello kristine:)

    would just like to ask about contract durations with the airline.

    ist 4mths training, followed by the 2years bond then after the bond u start signing the 5year contract?
    is the probation period part of the 2years bond period?

    thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Carol,

      Nope. For Singaporeans, it is 18 months bond and Malaysians, If I din remember wrongly, its 22 months.

      The 4 months training is not included in the bond. The 18 month bond starts after the training and probation starts immediately after training for 6 months(included in the bond)

      The contract is 5 years(including the training and the 18 month bond)…

      err… I hope its clear.. heehee

      • hi kristine. Can we apply if we’re from Philippines? and what is the requirements for flight attendant? thank you!

      • as of today,

        SIA haven’t open any slots for phillipine recruitments.. =(

    • Hi Kristine, i’m jhen it’s nice meeting you here in your website. I was just browsing the net for SIA recruitment because i’m planning ti give it a try this coming May 28 and suddenly I bumped into your page and this is really helpful to aspiring FA’s like me. You’re an angel in disguise. πŸ™‚ but i have doubts if i’ll still go on the big day. I am 23, have a degree in BSBA major in Marketing & advertising Management, i have nice set of teeth, great smile, appropriately shaped body and good communication skills – fluent in english oral and written and can speak/understand basic nihonggo. I am a pure Filipino citizen currently working as Sales Executive and I am holding S pass, ive been living here in Sg for 6 months. But my major disturbing problem is my height. 😦 SIA req is strictly 1.58m and I’m only 1.57m .. do you think i still have a good chance in making it? or 1m will be the reason for me to fall apart? hehe.
      I know you can’t help me with my height but please help me to lighten up.
      i just don’t know if i’ll go and try for it.
      Thanks in advance.

      • hi dear,

        I believe you have what it takes.. but unfortunately.. not only is height strict.. at this point of time, SQ is not open for the Philippines.. =(

        If you are really keen on flying, you might want to try other more international airlines such as Emirates and Qatar.. I am sure you’ll make a good crew. =) As for height wise.. well.. you can still try and hope for the best… erm.. in the mean time, you might want to take more protein foods and stretch well.

  2. yes its very clear kristine! thanks so much:)

    btw, do u mind sharing the stewardesses makeup tips? cos i’m really curious how all of u manage to have such nice makeup on even after a long flight, summore the aircraft air is very dry hehe.

    • Seriously.. it’s because the make up is rather thick =P and this is especially true for junior crews… hee

      But for senior crews, we do our touch up when nobody is seeing.. keke

  3. Hi Kristine,

    Do cabin crew (esp gals) need to have impeccable / flawless skin in order to become one?
    I’ve seen some gals with not-so-perfect skin but they manage to conceal with makeup (though I can see the flaws under bright light)
    I have some minor flaws here & there too… pls advise… thank u! πŸ™‚

    • Well… you said it yourself…

      You’ve seen some girls with “not so perfect” skin… so the answer is clear, minor flaws.. as long as you are able to hide it, it should be no problem. My skin is not perfect too…

  4. then is it advisable to have thick or natural makeup for the interview?:)
    cos i heard from some people that there were many girls with really good skin but couldnt make it through the skin check, so i’m wondering what the interviewers are looking for during skin check.

    and also, what happens to a stewardess if she gets pimples? hehe.

    thanks in advance, kristine:)

    • light make up would be nice…

      hee well you mention you heard right ? Other factors could be the smile, the weight, the size and along with many other things… the skin may not be the only factor that determines a cabin crew my dear…

      • how about have pigmentation problems? but which can use concealer to cover it? if cover it , then wouldnt see it, but the foundation would be slightly thick, can?

  5. ok thanks sooo much kristine:) cos i thought skin check is mainly to check the complexion, smiles and facial expressions.

    anw, hope u’ll be able to accept atm transfer soon so i can get your book:)

  6. Hi Kristine!,

    Is it okay a CC to wear Spectacles when on duty. Beacause i have seen many not wearing Spectacles.

    • no CC wear specs during a flight… its either contact or no specs at all ^^

      • Contact Lens? Won’t it will dry out fast for Long-Range flights?

      • well.. i dun wear them so I won’t know… but I am sue here are artificial drops for the dryness or something…

        the thing I am sure about is.. no crew wear specs during duty…

      • Thanks! πŸ™‚

  7. tell us something on what kind of criteria they look in for the steward selection during the interview pls??

    • Steward and stewardess is the same… except more manly for the guys… =P

  8. Hi Kristine,

    Is the salary, including all allowances, subject to CPF contribution? Or is it just the baisc?

    • Hi dear,

      The overseas allowance is not subjected to CPF. Only the basic + IFA (you will know this term when you start flying).

  9. Hi Kristine…how are you…I am from India…wanted to ask you if it is true that Indians in SIA mainly do Indian flights and no long haul flights?

    • Hi dear,

      yes, its true. But they are certain long flights too like Hk – Frisco etc…

  10. Hi..kristine…thnankful to you that u answered to my previous ur answer does that mean for us its difficult to touch $3500 per month…?or is ithis the basic figure that everybody gets?

    • as long as you fly, yes… ^^

      if you are taking annual leave then no..

      This is because most of our salary comes “meal allowances” and “IFA – especially long flights”

  11. Hi kristine…hope you doing fine…I hope the roster we get is a mix of long and short flights …and everybody manages to get if not ore then atleast the basic salary?

    • yes…

      it is always a mix of long and short flights… and dun worry, the basic like i say, will never be lower than 3.5k… even if it does, it stands at abt 3.4 or 3.3, but then the next month, you’ll get an increase to even out.

      On the avg, with a long and some short, you’ll get abt 3.8 – 4. On a good month when you have 2 long, and if you are 345 crew… you can get up to 5.5k or even 6… depending n yr roster.. anyway, money… is really a non-issue… because you’ll get more than what you ask for…

  12. thanks kristine….god bless

  13. Hi Kristine,

    your blog really provides a lot of info!! πŸ™‚
    may i ask what is 345?

  14. does it mean only selected crew get to be on 345? or is it on rotation basis..? =P

    • yes that’s right. Only selected…

      At this point of writing, there is no new intake for 345 crews =P

      But that does not mean you dun have a chance to go US, there are others like icn-sfo, where you will get to incheon then frisco etc as these fleets are not 345.

  15. during ur flying, there’l be internal selection for 345 crew..?

    On a side note, i’l really pissed!! my aunt is totally against me flying. she’s upset tht i’m deferring my part time studies, stable job so as to be an air stewardess. I mean if i dont do this now, dont tell me i wait until 30plus then try!? i mean i duno man…urgh.

  16. actually, is there any difference of Cabin crews’ sallary on each class? eg; on economy they got $1000 and on business they got $2000?

  17. Hi Kristine
    How you doing?I wanted to ask that after medicals how much time you get to join the company as my notice period is 3 months orelse i ll ve to pay 75000 to my current company to get the relieving letter.Also wanted to ask does SIA need any document or anything from your previous company?

    • Nope, they dun need.

      The notice period is the one you indicated.

      For example, if you need 3 months, then in the application letter, simple put 3 months.. and when you pass yr interview, you can then let your company know and continue working with yr company until you finish and start yr training after that.

      In the application, there is a notice period. just need to indicate it.

  18. Hi Kristine,
    Do you know what are the salary increases in the progressing cabin crew ranks i.e. from Steward(ess) to Leading to Chief to In-flight Supervisor?

    • wah… i dunno leh.. you wait for me get promote first then i tell you ok ?

      haha… i try ask for you…

      but i know ifs can reach 8k…

  19. Dearest Kristine,
    Thank you so so much for providing information. I really love traveling, really love meeting people… but I am worried I guess. Friend says that he’s speechless about me putting my hobby and interest as a job, as a career, but somehow, I am feeling all positive about it. Just worried for BMI now I guess, am a healthy 23, but if SIA requires less, then I guess got to speed up on weight losss and all sooooon. *crosses finger* Wish me luck!

  20. Hi Kristine,
    Thanks for the reply. I’m sure you will be promoted to leading in a matter of time. You can let us know more then. It’d be great if you’d be able to find out the salary increases, e.g. if you are promoted to leading, chief etc. do you get an increase in your basic only or do you get more on your allowances or both? Thanks for finding out.

    • ha ha… but LS… means aunty le.. =P

      Its the basic that will increase. Your meal allowance remains the same, because meal allowance is based on hotels and the stations you are at. ^^

  21. Hi Kristine,hope you doing fine…..
    I wanted to know that after medicals when SQ calls you to join whta s d time span witihn which they ask you to join…

    • it should be within a month or so…

      because normally, they will call you from the date indicated , eg when you can start, as from yr application

  22. i love this site! however i’ve heard of rumours that air stewardess are often someway or another molested. is this true?

    • its not true… please don’t listen to those rumors… its a professional company and a reputable job… maybe some other airlines.. maybe some other people’s fantasy… but its not true. =)

  23. Hi Kristine,

    I cleared the medical! Will be starting in a mth’s time..however, I’m still waiting for their they usually send the email a bit later?

    • haha, congratulations ^^

      ehh.. dun worry abt the email la.. confirm will send de.. at least you now know you already get the job le, just wait for the contract signing date.. very easy de… and… then.. boom… in a short period of time, you’ll start yr training… then yr sny… then officially a stewadess.. keke

      congratulations again and enjoy yr training ^^

  24. Hi Kristine,

    I would like to know, during the interview,are they very strict about having perfect straight teeth as this might affect your smile???

    Looking forward for ur reply=)

    • Nope… you don’t necessarily need a perfect set of teeth… that being the case, it also cannot be very bad la…

      as always, there is always a “close one eye” standard… so it doesn’t mean everything has to be perfect… =)

      hope this helps

  25. Hi kristine…how you doing….I gave medicals last ,month on 30th(march)…have nt heard from SIA since then….should i expect them to call as i ve to think about my resignation also…or should i call n ask?would it be ok?

  26. Hi kristine…i gave my medical last month but have nt heard from SIA since then…sholud i call n ask?wd dt be ok?coz i ve to think about my resignation also…

  27. Hi kristine…how you doing….I gave medicals last ,month on 30th(march)…have nt heard from SIA since then….should i expect them to call as i ve to think about my resignation also…or should i call n ask?would it be ok?

  28. am sorry its april n not march(the above query)

    • Hi dear,

      when did you list yr “date available” ? If you put it 4 months or 3 months, then you will have to wait till the 3rd month before they call you. But as of how I see it, you can call or email them if you have not receive any letter from them regarding yr medical.

      Most likely, you are already shortlisted in their list because it has been 4 weeks and you did not receive any letter. So… it is probably due to the “date available” issue..

  29. Hi Kristine,
    Im really interested in becoming Air Stewardess…Thats one of my ambition. But My Qualification is Only Nitec In Service Skills (Office). No O Level only N level. And i do have working experience as a concierge before… Do you think SIA will accept?

  30. Hi kristine…am trying on the number SIA gave us but drs no response…is their any email to ask regarding the medical result?…i ve few post grads exams pending…planning to give in july but since dr s no response dnt know what to do…its been more than a month…also is dr any possibility of not getting through d medicals?

    • It has been a month and you did not receive any letter from them. So.. i would say you are pretty safe and most likley have passed the medical.

      When did you state your “date available” ?, If they are just waiting for your certs, you can scan and email them as attachments and write in to them stating that these are the certs that they are waiting for.

      They will only call you when you are near your “available date”. So.. if you put 3 months from now, most likley you wun receive any call until july or so… cos they are sorting out the trainings and ill only contact those who are readily available at this moment.

      But the thing to note is this, as long as you did not receive any rejection letter, within first 2 – 3 weeks, you are pretty safe to have clear yr medicals.

  31. Hi kristine …just got a mail from sq …they have asked me to fill the updated version of employment application form and send it via mail….does dt mean the one which i submitted during final interview is rejected( am alrdy done with my medicals)….or is it a good news?

  32. hey thanks !!!!

  33. Hi kristine …i wanted to ask you how much checked in baggage(in cargo ) is allowed in the flight when we ll be coming to singapore as we ll be settling down there …

    • hmm… I’ll try to find out for you… actually, they will let you know during the briefing…

      If i am not wrong is 150kg.. haha.. if i am not wrong.. I’ll confirm and let you know

  34. hi kristine…i asked the call centre people…they said only 40 kgs is allowed…i believe for all of us its very less …is there any compensation for the ones who are coming to settle down(from the company )

    • Apologies couldn’t join you in AMD last month. When are you flying there next?

  35. may i know how much is the training allowance?

    • for diploma – is basic 1200

      • Increased to $1370

  36. hi Kristine, could you tell me is the cabin crew allow to swap the roster?

    • hi nicz,

      yes.. you can COF (change your flight) with other FS/FSS after your probation (6 months)

  37. hi kristine, how are you?
    i wanted to ask you
    will they immediately reject me during the interview, because of braces i wearing?

    i think is difficult to go in SIA, am i right?
    and my skin is not so good. :l
    some more i have acnes and those scars on my cheeks.

    do you think it is difficult and small chance for me to join SIA? or become a stewardess?

    thank kyu πŸ™‚


    • as for braces wise, as far as flying is concern… no braces.

      Well.. it depends on where those flaws are and how serious they are.. if it is light and in places that are hard to see.. a bit of touch up can help hide them.

      If you are asking if your chances is good enouigh, then.. it really depends on the condition of the skin and how serious any flaws is.. =)

      • but i saw got stewardess their face like got deep acne scars, is like holes and holes.. but she put thick make up la, still can be seen too, somemore on the face obvious part.

        wah but then i saw that in ur posts, you said they will ask you to take off the make up? like that scars on face can be seen already ..?

        SIA interview so strict? or every airline is the same?

        thank kyu πŸ™‚

      • huh ? did i say they will ask you take off make up ?

        i dun rem mentioning that… err… could you refer me to tat post =P

      • oops then im wrong i guess, maybe i thought the skin check is take off make up.

        but skin check means.. they just look your skin with their eyes or..?
        how they check your skin? πŸ™‚

        thank kyu

      • hey dear,

        no worries about it. =)

        well.. as of what I know, they use some sort of light for checks these days.

      • oh cool. πŸ™‚
        anyway thank kyu for your kindness replies!!!
        hope next time i can become air stewardess~
        God Bless You, Kristine! πŸ˜€

      • Hi Kristine,

        You said no braces right… Is this negotiable? Cos what if I’m only left with 4 months before I remove my braces? And happens that during my 1st interview, I still have them? Is there a high chance I get eliminated right away?

        Thanks! πŸ™‚

      • if you are good, they might ask you when are you removing them… then.. you can let them know and see their decision.

        But, you’ll definitely lose out on “first impression” =)

  38. hi. they said that the better looking ones get to work in the business class and get paid more there. is that true?

    • huh ?

      and who is the “they” ?…. I really hate when people just go on spreading rumours when they know nothing… its just not fair to all the hopefuls out there.. =(

      Rest assure dear, there is no such case. Every body will get to work in business class once they go through JC99(Business class training), and pay wise.. its the same.. =)

  39. Hi Kristne,

    I’m replying on what Xa had said earlier in her post saying that we are to remove mark-up…actually you did mentioned about removing make-up which is during the 4 months training…is that true?
    Thanks for your reply.

    • then again dear.. you already said it is during training ya ?

      So… by then you are already in the job… going training… so… it does not matter. The removing of make up is only during your grooming class where you’ll learn more about stewardess make up… the colours, blue or brown etc…

  40. hello kristine my name is cha.would you tell me how can i download your book because i just complected a payment and i already got a receive or a book gonna send it to my house?

  41. can people with body art get accepted as a cabin crew too??

    • depends on where its located and if its at exposed areas…

  42. hi Kristin,

    i was wondering, during the 4months training, how much is the salary that they pay?

    • If I am not wrong 1s 1400… If I am not wrong.. but should e around that range.. I was a diploma =)

      Because it is basic, so.. the 1.4 will include will CPF also.. meaning.. after taking away CPF… is less than tat

      • hi, thanks for the prompt reply! =)
        i was wondering.. how many rounds r there exactly in the interview and is it all on the same day??
        after the interview will they let u know on the spot or??

      • ting,

        pls read the post on interview stages =)

  43. sorry, i forgot to ask.. for degree holders i mean..

  44. Hi,

    I know the height requirement is 158cm, but I’m 3cm short of it. It’s most upsetting because I really want to be a SIA stewardess, and I don’t think I’m that bad looking.

    • Hi dear…

      I know you are beautiful… =)

      but I am afraid that is a straight no….

  45. I have a question about the initial 5-year contract which is offered after a new recruit passes the training course. If he/she wishes to resign earlier after a year or 2, is there any penalty? How much must he/she compensate the company for leaving before the 5 years.

    • I dun know… never break the bond before.. =P

      The last time I heard was either 7k plus or 11k… I really can’t remember..

  46. actually kristine, what’s ur personal opinion or which u think best among qatar, sia, emirates , etihad ? in terms of career($$) and lifestyle. (family,friends)

    working in uae sounds amazing though sg is good as well. πŸ˜€

    im a malaysian. i wonder if i cud earn muc in sg cz usually female earns and marry at ard 27 (typical women)
    since im a guy, im curious how a steward can do.

    • errr…. tough question…

      All have their merits… I am singaporean… so.. I would take SIA over the rest… =P

      But emirates and ethihad, as of wht I know.. pays better.. becos they calculate everything in US dollars.. but for UAE airlines… you will be very far away from home though… so.. thats the trade off..

      In the end.. it depends if you are a family kind of guy (with SQ, you can get back malaysia easier) or someone who is really independant… and doesn’t mind staying 6 months overseas and visiting home only 2 times a year etc..

  47. HI Kristine

    U mentioned the average salary min. abt 3.5k is after cpf or before cpf?

    THe contract is a 2yrs bond but 5yrs contract. Hence, if we complete 2 yrs, there wont be any penalty?

    For new joiner, do we get to travel long haul in the beginning?

    I’m used in deskbound job, hence, i really worry i cant adapt to the new lifestyle. Is it really tiring that you have to serve customers throughout the long journey of 16hrs for long haul?

    If I just intend to work for 2yrs in SIA & come out to work other. Is it a waste of time to join SIA ?

    Pls advice.


    • No its not a waste of time. =)

      Well.. I would say.. you’ll get about 3.2 – 3.8 on the average take home pay…. sometimes more

      yes.. you do

      well… it depends on who you are working with.. if your team is good.. then its not tiring at all. And in fact, its quite relaxing for long haul.. the only busy time really is during meal service.. which should take about 1 – 2 hrs.. after at which is more relax.

      As for 16 hrs us flight.. for new comers.. nope.. you dun do that at this moment becos 345 is full. =)

      Your max is 14 hrs London flight.. which you will have 3 hrs of rest (sleep) in between…

  48. hi Kristine,

    do u noe whether is thr any diff in pay for malaysian & singaporean?

    & wat should we wear during training? formal?
    do we hav to wear swimsuit during training?

    • Hiyee dear,

      err.. no difference in pay =)

      as for training.. office attire… so.. yes.. its formal… and for swimsuit… err.. only during your sep (wet) training =) but dun worry.. you are wearing your kebaya over the swim wear =)

  49. Hi Kristine,

    I am slightly confused. You state that the basic is SGD 3500. Does that include Allowance(Laundry + Transport etc) + IFA (In flight allowance) + Bulk (Meal + Overnight Allowance )? From what I hear the Basic which excludes all the above is only 1k+. Is that true?

    Thank you.

    • huh ?

      err.. did I state basic was $3500 ?

      nope. basic is 1.2k, depending on yr qualification. After adding up all the IFA and all, it should add up to about 3.5 – 4… sometimes more. =)

      • Hi Kristine,

        Sorry, I think I misread your words “But here is the basic you’ll get… drumroll please…

        About $3500 every month, as stated in the SIA website”

        Thank you for the information, and have a great day! (:

  50. Hi Kristine

    The height requirement is at least 158cm and mine is 154cm. I would like to know, are there any possibilities to get in for them who are under 158cm? (For e.g. They can get in because they have a good attitude or meet other requirements that SIA looks for.)

    Do we have to do the reach test in bare feet during d interview? (Is d measurement around 2meters?)

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • sorry.. but nope dear..

      the height is strictly 158… and no other way no matter how good your attitude…

      try stretching and watch what you eat.. it helps dear..

  51. Hi Krisitne,

    Was wondering if you could clarify – does SIA accept SPR’s?


  52. Hi Kristine,

    I’m confused about the the bond and contract issue…

    -So we will be signing a 2 yr bond or 5 yr contract straight after completion of our trainings?

    -Is the 2 yr bond inclusive in the 5 yr contract?

    -If we were to decide to leave SIA after the 2 yrs bond, they wouldnt be any penalty imposed? Though we didn’t fulfil the 5 yr contract?

    Hope to hear from you. Thank you! (:

    • Nope, you will sign before yr training commence…

      The 2 years is inclusive in the 5 year contract.

      The bond is to pay back yr training cost, uniform, passes… etc etc

      yup.. after 2 years.. no penalty will be impose. =)

      • Hi there Kristine, thanks for the answers. It really does help in clarifying my doubts πŸ™‚

        Btw, do you happen to know how often do SIA conduct their recruitment?

  53. hi i have no O level but i got higher nitec cert which is equivalent to O level cert. can i apply for SIA?

  54. Hi dear, if I need to go for training,where is the most convenient n affordable stay for new joiners that near to training centre? is there any hotel to rent by monthly in airport so It wouldn’t be hassle to get a transport to airport? Thank you..

    • Simei and Bedok are the most affordable places near training centre.. and also near to the air port.

      Hotels… err… they are very very expensive… so.. I dun recommend you getting a hotel stay.. it’ll eat up what you earn as a crew..

  55. Hi Kristine,

    Understand you mentioned ( in the earlier posts) that the height req is kept strictly at 1.58.

    So which means even if im 1.56 – 1.57 plus… ill not be considered as well?

    And also , stretching does it really help?>??

    Much thanks!!! youre so helpful!

  56. Hi Kristine,

    can i just check with you if it’s possible for me to join this industry if i have braces on? male here btw (not sure if it makes any difference haha)

    thanks thanks!!!

    • Nope, makes no difference =)

      but you need to have the braces removed before you go for the interview =)

      good luck !

  57. Hi Kristine

    I would like to know whether O level is really important? I did not do well in my O level as my englisgh was D7 but I took private courses and now I have an advanced diploma.Do you think I can make through?Before I have the diploma, I went for the interview but got rejected as my English was D7.

    At the same time, I have a deep scar on my right cheeks. an operation scars.Will my chances be slim? Im 28 by the way not sure whether I will make the cut.

    • Hi dear,

      for edu wise, I hav said many times before, always go for the highest edu level. so, you certainly qualify now.

      As for scarring wise, yes… it will somehow affect your chances… =(

  58. Hi, Kristine
    It is nice to meet you
    I want to ask you something…
    I have acne scars
    is it possible for me to apply as a stewardess?
    or could it be followed by girls who has a flawless skin?

    • Hi Rina,

      as far as scarring goes.. its going to affect you…

      Not exactly flawless skin, but scars are a no no..

      • thanks Kristine
        Do you know Sekarantini?
        She is also one of Singapore girls

  59. Thank you

  60. Thanks you, Kristine
    do you know Sekarantini?
    She is also one of Singapore Airlines cabin crews

  61. Hey Kristine ,

    Thanks for all your support. You are doing a wonderful job. πŸ™‚

    My question is, I just saw their website and it says they are recruiting in my neighboring city in the month of Feb and next would be Mumbai which is where I live. So probably end of Feb or beginning of March they would be recruiting in my city.

    I have braces, however they will be removed on 20th of March. Shall I take a medical certificate for the interview along with me which clearly stated my braces will be removed on 20th March, 2011? or shall I just tell them verbally?

    What if they just reject me without even asking when I would be removing them? I don’t want to take a chance 😦 please help , thanks a zillion!

    • You just have to go try for it.

      I mean.. you can bring the cert along… it does not weight a ton does it ?? =) So… if they ask, you can then verify it with them… of course, the ideal scenerio would be to have them removed and then go for the interview. Know this dear, trying for the interview is free.. so.. it does not matter how many times you try.. instead of saying you are taking a chance.. why not see it as giving yourself a chance..

  62. Hi Kristine,

    I’m am 18 years old and I am currently studying in a polytechnic. I am interested in joining the cabin crew after I graduate. So I am curious if my teeth are not too close together, but they are straight, is it alright that way? Should I go for braces? And what can I do in the meantime to prepare for future career opportunity at SIA?

    Thank you very much! πŸ™‚

    • hi dear..

      err… your question on the teeth is a bit subjective.. so i can’t comment. =) (cos I dun exactly know how “not close together” means and diff people have different perspective)

      As of now, talk to more people, be jovial and read up more to improve english speaking fluency =)

      • Hey Kristine,

        Alright thanks for the reply and advice! I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

        Thank you very much.

        Min Er

  63. hello hello. just wondering does SIA take in meatier girls? I’m standing at 166, about a hefty 58 kg. i look fine, not round… im intending to try out next year πŸ™‚ im also concerned about my hands because they don’t seem too nice and girly 😦

    • You just have to try out to find out dear =)

      Trying is free… so.. it really depends on how much you want this job. And if its next year, I am sure you can cut a few pounds.. to look better =)

      Good luck and Jia you !

  64. Hi Kristine,

    Just to double check, if one terminates the contract before the 5 years are up, is there a penalty? I’m sure there have been cabin crew who decides to quite after one or two years, realising that the job is not for them. Do they have to pay extra to terminate the contract?

    Thank you!

    – Jasmine

    • Hi dear,

      as long as you serve the bond, you dun have to pay.

      contract is 5 years, but the bond is 18 months excluding training (3.5 months). =)

  65. hi Kristine

    i would like to asked about the training salary for a degree holder and skin check is it only for the face or the whole body skin condition?

    thank you.

    • hi dear,

      pay wise for trainees is about 1500 for degree holders (inc cpf) and skin check is on the face, neck, arms, feet

  66. Hello Kristine, I am interested to join SIA cabin crew, but I’m a ITE cert and I have 5years working experience with 1 year superviser experience in Sale Line. I’m currently 26yrs old. Do u think I’m qualify? as SIA min qualification is O Level. Please advise!!! I really hope to join SIA. πŸ™‚

    • Well…

      If you have At least 5 GCE β€˜O’-level credits (or its equivalent) including English, then you can try.. =)

  67. hie kris!!! im nt enough fluent in my english… do u think its disadvantages?

    • Yes dear..

      unfortunately English is the language we communicate in as SQ is an international airline.

      You dun have to be extremely fluent.. but fluent enough to speak confidently. I suggest you try reading more books to help in your sentence construction and fluency =)

  68. hi dear,
    i’m very interested in becoming flight attendant , but I have a question to clarify.
    I don’t have nice legs and Body, I mean not flawless.
    during the interview they would want to check my sWimming skills and at the same time see our body right?
    if this is true, it means I don’t qualify ?

    thanks so much .

    • dear..

      its not true.. swimming test is taken out.

      For body wise.. they’ll just based on your overall look when you present yourself in front of the,.. your BMI and the way you look in kebaya.

  69. some cabin crews rent a place for do they go abt finding? is there a notice board or anything for them to go abt finding a place? or they to a certain websites?

    • Usually, when you are having a briefing after your pass, they will tell you how to go about doing it.

  70. Hi! I am interested to apply as a cabin crew for SIA, but I don’t know where I can send my CV. I’m from Manila, Ph. πŸ™‚

    • Hi dear,

      Sorry but at this point, there are no open days or recruitments for phillipines. =/

  71. Good day, Kristine,
    I hope your day is fine.

    I’m currently working with other airline and i would very much like to know the age limit for applying SIA.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi grace,

      a very good day to you too =)

      There is no black an white to being an SIA crew, but then.. obviously, the older you get, the lesser your chances. So.. best is to go before 30 and if you want, you can apply while you are with other airlines and of cos, until you are confirm.. then. you can quit other airlines.. in that case, you dun risk anything.


  72. Hi Kristine,

    In the 4 months of training,

    1. how many days do we need to attend training per month?
    2. do we need to attend training on weekends?
    3. do they start training on the first day of the month or middle of the month for the FIRST training ( I asked because so that i can estimate my notice period)

    Thank you for your help.


    • Hi dear,

      1) Everyday – Mon to Fri, 830am – 5pm
      2) No
      3) Nope.. they start every first day of the week.. depending on the intake.. when its busy.. you have new batch every week. So.. its like a promotion for you.. every week as you’ll see new batch come in weekly…

  73. Hi Kristine,

    Hope you can assist me with my query.

    I have naturally very curly hair, will it affect my chances of passing the interview? Cos i see most stewardess have straight hair.

    Thank you.

    • Not exactly… cos you can still bun them up.. and after bunning… it wouldn’t be a problem =)

  74. Hello Kristine,

    I’m currently taking my Diploma in Hotel Management from Shatec Institutes and l am curious if l can apply for as an air steward upon graduation because l’m keen.
    I was told by my peers that to apply you must have a “muscular” body shape and have to be “good-looking” if not the chances are low and for the interview will there be a sprinting or a swimming test conducted to check one’s fitness?
    If you don’t mind filling in my doubts that would be much appreciated from you.


    Best Regards,

    • Hi Robin,

      muscular body – not true
      good looking – to a certain extend
      sprinting – not true
      swimming – during training, its not exactly swimming but rather, ditching drills and you’ll be wearing life jacket, so should be fine even if you dun know how to swim..

  75. Hi Kristine!

    Hope you are well. Read all the comments and found that you are so wonderful and helpful with all the hopefuls like me.
    Hope you could help me out here too.

    I am currently a teacher, 27 yrs old, S’porean, have 2 diplomas, good in EL and communication skills, have nice smile, good teeth, nice body but I have naturally light tan skin, with BMI of 23 and Height 157cm. I do look good in Kebaya though (friends said), because I have worn kebaya before (Peranakan ones). Haha.. =)

    Do I stand any chance in the upcoming interview on 2nd April, I’m quite worried?
    If I don’t make it in this intake, can I try again? How frequent are the intakes of interviews? Thanks so much, I really want to become SIA girl, out of interest in travelling and meeting loads of different ppl everyday.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help,

    • Hi dear,

      you are very kind and of course.. I’ll try to answer any questions if they are within my means .. and I do apologize that you have to wait so long..

      Yes.. of course you stand a chance. Dun worry too much about it.. you are more than qualify.. so.. all you need is a good presentation thats all. =)

      You can try it again and again until you get it. So.. dun quit yr current job first until you got through the management and got clearance from medical. That way, you have nothing to lose or worry about =)

      • Hi Kristine!

        Thanks a million for your reply! I’m trying to lost a bit more weight to reach theBMI of 21.5 and doing more stretching everyday to grow about 1 cm taller since I’m only 157cm! Haha…

        Anyway, i would like to ask you where could we send in our application on-line as I am not ready to go in for the interview this coming 2nd April? I checked the website but its not stated there…
        Because i would be more ready than now in a couple more months since I am just bought and reading and practising through your manual… =P

        Also, how soon would the next interview be? So I can pace my preparations… Thank you once again.. Hope u r having a wonderful time on board…


  76. Hello Kristine,

    may i ask? if i apply for air steward job, but i only have an ITE (Nursing) certificate, am i able to apply for air steward job?


    • Hi David,

      I am sorry.. but.. min edu applies… (pls check the requirements for cabin crew stated in the SIA website)

  77. What happens if my BMI is below 18, within the underweight range, Will it affect the success rate of being accepted?

    And should I have a single dented scar on my cheek that is visible to the eye, will also affect my chance?

    • Well… it will.. but then.. it depends on your overall look and feature too dear..

      cos under is better than over.. and if you’re over.. no chance is given.. as for under.. there still might be a bit of hope.. though I hope its not way too far off from 18..

      As for scarring.. especially on the face.. yes dear.. it will affect very much…

  78. Hi Kristine. Thanks for the site that youve provided. It help πŸ™‚ Can i know if PR stands a chance to b a air stewardess in sq? PR holding Myanmar passport. Hope you will reply as I really want that job!

  79. hi kristine, how r u?
    i’m really interesting to become one of cabin crew SIA airlines..
    i was graduate from faculty of it okay if i apply the form?can i pass it?because as i know, many cabin crews SIA are graduate from english education department, or tourism..
    please reply ya,, thanks kristine

    • Hi dear,

      err.. not true on what you “know” =)

      So.. of course you qualify. But as a medicine student… erm.. I think being a doctor is far better than being a crew.. not in terms of lifestyle.. but in terms of career advancement… then again.. its up to your decision on which path you want to take in life. =)

  80. Hi Kristine,

    I have some light freckles on my face, is it acceptable?
    And how often is the sia recruitment exercise conducted?
    I’m currently waiting for results of university applications, which will b out only around mid-april, so I’m not sure if I should try out the interview on 2 april…
    any opinions? thx! ^^

    • Go try for it if thats what you want =)

      Freckles wise.. its not up to you or me to say.. its up to the person who looks at it and decides.. no go 0% go.. at least 0.01% ya.. even if its worse case scenario.

  81. hi kristine,

    i purchased you book and went for 2 interviews after but still could not make it. i do not know what they are looking for anymore. you told me to be confident and my answers seemed to go well with the rest(one guy came up and told me while the rest agreed). but i just see them choosing people that did not reply the qn or did not stand straight or did not stop fidgeting while answering the qn which left the reminding 9 of us in shock.

    and one more thing is the outfit. i keep seeing ppl wearing very casual clothes (even slippers!) standing outside the higher interview rounds. was i dressed too formal for them? should i not wear business clothes for the next interview?

    should i be detailed in my answers ? but if i am would they think i am talking too much? since they only chose the guy that talked the least.

    thank you so much for reading this and await your advice. really thank you for being here to read all this because i am seriously stressing out. because my mom told me that this should be my last interview .

    • No dear.

      Would you mind emailing me using the member’s mail ? Detail what happen in the interview, questions and even your answers. I’ll give you my comments and also let you know the whole interview situation. =)

  82. But Kristine,
    I got a very sensitive question to ask you personally mind giving me your email?
    hope to hear frm u (;

  83. Hello,

    I got D7 for English but I have degree. I was kick out in the first round. I speak well, does it got to do with my english grades or that I am 27 this year…


    • Nope dear,

      it has nothing to do with yr English grades as yr degree will supercede the Os

  84. hey Kristine,
    Would like to ask u a rather sensitive qns, does Cathay’s (CX) salary comparable/ better to SIA’s. I am a Indonesian applying for the cabin crew position. and thinking which one’s better in terms of pay wise and career advancement.
    and do you know if, SIA provide free accommodation for their foreign stewardess?

  85. hey Kristine,

    Would like to ask u a rather sensitive qns, does Cathay’s (CX) pay comparable/ better than SIA’s. I am a Indonesian applying for the cabin crew position. and thinking which one’s better in terms of pay wise and career advancement.

    and do you know if, SIA provide free accommodation for their foreign stewardess?


  86. Hi Kristine,
    I just purchased your book and have begun reading it. I’ve got a couple questions, hopefully you would be able to answer them.
    I will be turning 30 this year, do you think I still have a chance of becoming a cabin crew with SIA? (I believe I meet all the other requirements…)
    My nationality is Taiwanese, is it true that Taiwanese cabin crews are only allowed to fly wthin Asia and do not get long hauls (to Europe or Americas)??
    Thank you for your time for answering my questions!

    • Hi dear,

      I’ll be really honest…

      at 30, especially for foreign crew… chances are alot slimmer than locals.. but you can still try but have to do really well =)

      Last time have america (and in future too..) now, its milan once in a while for the long haul.. =)

  87. hey would like to ask wether there is a min cert requirement to be a cabin crew?i’m currently holding a higher nitec only and what is the process for applying?

  88. hi, i am 25 this year and my ht is 1.78m and weigh 76kg, and im quite built. is it true that they do not take in buff guys? how long will it take for each promotion? ie. FS>CS>IFS? (i think i missed out 1 more.) and when i retire from SQ, wat will i be able to do? i intend to work till i am really old. back in poly, the recruiter from SQ says that retired CC can either stay in SQ to be instructor or will be recommended to hotels to be PR managers or something? clarifications, thanks. πŸ™‚

    • hi alab,

      you can – “for the final phrase” you mention, if you stay in SQ for very long, ie, become a CS or IFS or something.

      Well.. I wouldn’t say they wun take in buff guys… haha.. cos.. I cannot imagine how built or big size you are.. but.. I suppose you do look in clothings or uniform ya ? Cos.. as long as you look ideal, then, its generally ok.. not about buffiness, I have friends who goes to gym very often.. just that i dunno his weight..

      As for promotion criteria, you will be eligible for LS promotion after 3 years.. but usually.. promotion takes like 6 to 7 years.. depending on yr performance.. last I heard.. one fs got promoted to ls in just 4 years.. thats consider.. very very quick..

  89. how abt the retirement?

    • you will be very “old” by then… probably 50 plus.. of course you can choose to become a trainer.. depending on yr contribution to the company..

  90. ok maybe i put it this way. wat can i do after i get grounded? do i still get to join sq? or i will be recommended out?

    • you dun get grounded…

      get grounded is a bad thing…. it means you are injured or becomes too fat etc… for weight wise… you will be asked to meet the “target” within a few months before they review yr status again… for injury (from work).. I believ they might offer you a grond position as option… though the pay might not be high..

      hmm.. why does everybody think about “grounded” is an option… its not common to get grounded… unless you are “bad”…

      • but on that note. please correct me if i’m wrong, that the “shelf-span” or the “life-span” as an stewardess/steward in most cases, would not pass the age of 40? if so, what would be laid out for those who are not offered continuation with the airline, would the person be offered posts like PR managers, instructors etc. thats wad alab meant and trying to ask. curious as well. hope u’d be able to shed some light on this issue Kristine. πŸ™‚

      • I see…

        well.. apparently I dun think you’ll be offered PR mangers, instructors etc. Unfortunately, for now, SQ recruitment is all based on contracts, 5 year term. So.. if you want to be in the long run with the airline, then.. you cannot just sit and do what others are doing. ie, fly, rest, off and nothing else. If you are looking for long term stay with the company, then you have to participate in contributing, ie, become a trainer so you come back to STC to train the cabin crew trainees during your off days.. participate in the union etc etc.

        With the contribution, then.. should you decide to stop flying, you then stand a chance to become a full time trainer with the company at STC or even become a ward leader or maybe even a station manager etc.

        Its not like.. an iron rice bowl job.. so.. if you want to be in the long term… you need to work for it. Its not like.. you become a crew and can depend on the company for the rest of your life… erm.. I dun think any company today does that anyway..

        hope this answer the question of what alab try to ask =)

  91. sorry for spamming. im curious. how often do u need to fly to earn a salary of 3.8k ( to say the least) a month? i heard alot of hearsay saying that one has to fly ALOT to get that salary. pls revert! thanks. πŸ˜€

    • As long as you fly and not skip any duties or schedules, you will most likely (95%) hit at least 3.5k.

      If say, your pay did not hit 3.5 for the month, you’ll more likley be compensate in next or next next month.. with pay going up to like 4.8 etc.. so..its not hard to hit the salary cos when you fly, you get allowances.. that is where the bulk of the money comes from.

  92. Hello.
    I am interested in being a CC however I have got slightly crooked teeth. Do you think I still stand a chance for the position?


  93. Dear Kristine ,
    you website provides great info.thanku soo much.
    I have got through sq interviews and joining sia training in may.but have some queries:
    1; do indian crew not fly overseas?
    2; do they earn above 3.5k?
    3; once we arrive in singapore when is the medical done and do they get results before 1st day of trainiing?

    • hi dear,

      1) Yes, but selected routes. ie, HKG, FRISCO etc
      2) I would say tats the average, above I wouldn’t be too sure about it, but you will get at least 3.5 =)
      3) yes, you will.. everything needs to be confirm before training commence.

  94. Hi! kristine! I am a callcenter agent here in Manila, i am very fluent in english and i am about to apply as a cabincrew for Qatar Airways, I know Airline Companies have different standards when accepting applicants, or when screening them.. However I would like to know if those passport-sized photos/full-length pictures that they require us to submit are very crucial in the screening process, though i know i make good pictures, but still is this one of the basis for being accepted?upto what extent?


    • Those are more for screening process.

      It wouldn’t actually affect much during the interview but does help creating an initial expectation. But after that, its totaly up to your performance during the interview process.

  95. Hi Kristine,

    Thanks for your response. you are really patient answering all our questions. πŸ™‚
    btw, what do you mean by SQ is not open for philippines? If I am a Filipino citizen even I’m holding a valid pass here in Singapore still I am not welcome to apply on the 28th this May? That would be too sad. Because i still wanna try. But why would SIA offer relocation here in Singapore if they’re req is for Singaporeans or Malaysians only? Would that mean there is an execption? πŸ™‚

    – Jhen

    • huh ??

      I dun get what you mean on “relocation here in sg”.

      From what I know, it may not be cabin crews.. maybe ground staff position or so… if there is such cases.

      • Hi Kristine,

        this is what i meant for “relocation”

        I am a foreign applicant. Will I have to relocate to Singapore?
        All SIA Cabin Crew are based in Singapore. A comprehensive guide will be provided to assist with your relocation.

        Source: Cabin Crew Careers FAQ

        another question, have you ever seen Filipino cabin crew with SIA?

      • Hi dear,

        No.. as I’ve said before… as of today.. Its not open for Philippines, the relocation is meant for those countries that SIA has opened to..

      • I understand that SIA doesn’t do open interview in Philippines.
        I am from PHIL, but I am currently living here in Singapore.
        So will I still have a chance? πŸ™‚
        I might still try it on the 28th, even if they wont let me pass at least I can hand over my resume and credentials with them personally.

        That was my experience with Jetstar Airways when I tried my luck last 03 May. I went to their walk-in interview but I didnt get through because I’m not Singaporean citizen nor PR.

        Thanks for answering. πŸ™‚

  96. Hi Kristine ,

    If I cant swim at all, do I still qualify for the job?

  97. Hi Kristine,
    May i know when is the next SIA interview? Is it possible to use a NITEC (nursing)cert to apply for this & will i be benefit if i know language like Japanese? Hmm, be a cabin crew you need to work for 5yrs including bonding, training & working am i right?

    With love,

    • erm.. as far as i know, its hard cos the requirement is not met in your case… how about your Os.. do you have like 5 credits ?

      Knowing a foreign language certainly helps as its an asset to your individual value.. which in turn, can help in your job.

      5 years is the contract.., the bond is about 2 years(4 months training 18 months flying).. so.. meaning.. you need to stay with SQ for minimal 2 years before you can tender or else, you have to pay for the damages.

  98. Dear Kristine,

    I’m a 23 years old young mommy from Ipoh. There will be a walk-in interview here from SIA this coming Saturday @ 7th May 2011. I would like to enquire, do you think i’m qualified for the interview? I’m currently 50kg & 168cm tall. I have a 9 months old plus baby girl.

    • The only person who says you aren’t qualified, is yourself my dear..

      On a side note… as a cc in SQ requires you to stay in sg… erm… you might miss your daughter growing up… its a big dicision.. and you need to think carefully about it..

  99. Hellooo…
    I’m 24 and I’m from Indonesia. I found this website and read a lot about the information and tips that I’d like to know. Thank you, Kristine.

    I joined the walk-in interview with SQ team from Indonesia on April 19, 2011 and thank God I made it to the next stage that is the interview session with team from SIA directly.

    Do you have any tips regarding the upcoming interview? and besides, they say that there’ll be another final round after that. I’m just curious what it is since I have a friend which now also in SIA… she said there’s only medcheck afterwards.

    looking forward to hearing from you.

    • It should only be the medical.. unless they totally split up all the stages into 3 different phases. if not, the next one should be medical only.

  100. Hey..
    Thanks for replying my previous question.

    Another thing I’d like to know is that as I state my availability is 1 month. In SQ itself, if you make it then you have a month before you have a call from them, am I right? when do you actually depart from your country of origin to Singapore after you have a call? is it a week, another a month, or??

    Why am I asking these?! it’s because when you’re working for a company, then you just can’t leave your job.. you need to give them time like a a month to find another employee.

    Thanks Kristine.

    • Hi Kristine,

      I hope you don’t mind that I’m trying to contact Ayu here through your blog. πŸ™‚

      Hello Ayu,

      I also passed the preliminary interview on March, we might going to meet during the final, I’m trying to gather people who will go to the same date of management stage, is there any way I can contact you?

      Thanks Ayu! Thanks Kristine! ^^

      • no problem =P

      • zephyr, you did your 1st round at march 26th rite? i also at that date….maybe we know each other? mmm…. there’re only 7 persons passed that day….

        you did the management round at may 21st rite?

        p.s Kristine, i hope you dont mind i did this again at your blog–looking for someone i might know…:D


    • Ok.. for malaysian or other countries, say.. you receive a call from them… after at which you will be asked to go down for a briefing.. there.. they will tell you everything you need to know.

      As for a month notice, usually, it begins at the time you receive the confirmation call. If you want to play safe, obviously, you can just put “1 month after confirmation” and not just “1 month”.. so.. it make things clearer that way.

  101. hi

    Is the pay for LS alot more than FS?

    • slightly more.. inc basic and sales of dfs.

      Not a lot more..

  102. Thank you, Kristine… ^^,

    Hi Zephyr,

    congratulation for you..nice to hear that.. are you also Indonesian?

    well, yeah.. you can contact me via email in xxxxxxxxxx

    thank you for asking and looking forward to your email…

    • hi ayu, i think we met at latest final interview in jakarta// heheh…did you make it? can i contact you via email or ym?? πŸ˜€ if im not wrong, you are the one from bali? and i borrowed pen from you that day..:D…

      how are you?? hope your answer soon..:D

      thanks Kristine for make this blog…i can keep in touch with people i met-just forgot to ask her contact on that very tense day….. ehehhehe

      • Hi, linaloooo…

        Hmm..I’m not sure that I’m the person you mean. I’m not from Bali and I didn’t remember lending someone a pen at that time.. sorry

        but yeaah.. you can contact me through ym. Here’s my ID: yutriok3.

        Btw, what do you mean by “at the latest final interview? I haven’t been to final interview. I’m waiting for the news from the management.

        Thanks Kristine… and see yaa soon linaloooo.. πŸ™‚

  103. Hi Kristine,
    I got a question.The height test do they just measure our height
    normally or we are required to touch a line to see if we can managed
    to touch it?if the height test is like dat , can we I mean just lift our
    feet a bit just to touch the line?


    • no dear.. you can’t tip toe..

      is measure normally by standing against a height scale..

  104. Hi Kristine, i got booted out in the last rd of interview. Was very dejected as i had to wait and do all over again. May i know what the interviewers are looking for in the last rd? The best answer to the question they asked? Because i really did badly.

    Best regards

    • no ken, not the best answer… but i would say, its more like how you bring yourself across to them as an individual and their assessment of you, on your personaility, if you are suitable for the job BASED on what you answer.

  105. Hi Kristin,
    just want to check with you how packed is the roster usually? Does it allow time for part time uni courses? Cause i’m finishing my dipolma & want to pursue a job as a cabin crew & maybe take a part time uni course to raise my educational level.
    Would appreciate if you could email me.
    Thank you in advance!:)

    • Yes it allow. Many crews are doing part time degree courses. But of course, discipline is important as you might need to revise your books overseas instead of shopping and all. It can be done, just that you need to control the urges. =)

      If you are doing part time courses, it is best to apply AFTER your probation period.

  106. hei Kristene,
    I browsed through the recruitment news and found out that
    they have change the minimum height requirement to 158cm.Is that true?

  107. Hi Kristine! I just found out your blog and i think it’s very great to FA-wannabes like me πŸ˜€
    I have a quick Q: what’s SIA requirement for BMI? Mine is 22.66 and I failed. 😦

    • you might want to lower it below 22…

      for girls..18 – 21 is the best, 21.xx still ok..

  108. Hi Kristene, may i know do they employ an ex-convict? My younger brother is a very well-spoken, friendly and humble guy. But due to a silly mistake which he did last year has leaded him to a prison term of 9months. Please tell me how can i help him to get the job as a cabin crew? Thanks !

    • erm… there is no way I can attest to that..

      They might do a bg check on the candidates… so… not exactly anything you can do as the decision will stay by the company policy…

      You can ask him to try applying… and hope for the best… but chances are very slim…

  109. Alright, i also afraid and just hope he can really get in as it’s was his childhood dream… and thank u very much kristene……

  110. Hi Kristene, I would like to ask you 2 questions before I head on down to the interview.

    1. I am a guy with a small tattoo on my wrist and a star tattoo on my forearm. Will I absolutely fail Round 2’s skin checks? After all, these are easily concealed under long sleeve shirts. Please advise.

    2. Do males have lower chances of getting into SIA because of their lower demands for stewards??


    • 1) they will ask you to fold up yr sleeve… and it all depends on the interviewers preception on yr image…

      2) no, they have equal chance.. in fact, even better since most guys have army background. =)

  111. Hello,
    I have a question, can a singaporean SIA cabin crew can still work for SIA if he/she has to move in Australia(e.g)?
    Or all SIA cabin crew have to be based in singapore?

  112. hi kristine,

    took me so long to read all of the comments here and your replies cleared most of the queries that have in mind. you’re very patient in your replies and i admire that!

    there is a tiny confusion that i still cannot seem to untangle. its about the training, bond and also contract period. i’m from malaysia. the chronology i’ve interpreted is this (correct me if i am wrong):

    A) if i get pass the interview i will need to go for a 4 months training;

    B) proceed with a bond for 22 months;

    C) then commence with a 6 months training inclusive of the 22 months bond?

    D) probation

    so does the 5-year contract commences beginning from B? or A?

    sorry if i sound so technical πŸ™‚ just wanted to get it right.

    by the way, i’ve spoken to a friend of mine and he advised me not to join this industry because he said it is very risky because should SIA refuse to renew the contract after 5 years i will risk being unemployed. hence many crews will have to resort to being insuarance or estate agents. it is a hearsay; i cannot guarantee to what extent this is true. i am about to be a lawyer and i realised that my passion is not there but here where i am able to meet new people and experience new environment. i will risk 5 years of working experience if SIA doesn’t go on with my contract. could easily be a partner of a legal firm by then.

    lastly, i’ve read somewhere between the lines that i will not get SG$3500/MYR 9000 if i take annual leave? i can’t be flying 7 days a week 365 days a year; i will miss the soil! oh yes, i’m also 1kg underweight. is that too big an issue to worry about? and i have multiple scars on my legs due to previous skin allergies, you mentioned they will check on the feet for skin test and i’m worried! guys will be wearing long pants why do they want to see my feet? 😦 though i have good skin on my face to compensate that.

    hehe, i know i am a little of a nuisance for such a long question but i am too eager to join the industry and wanted to find out about this exiting job! πŸ˜€ oh since i’ve asked so much, do newbies do long hauls straight after training?

    thanks so much kristine!

    • ok, I’ll answer your question in point form so its clearer and to the point =)

      1) The contract is 5 years. So.. when you sign the contract, you will be with SIA for a total of 5 years, including training, and flying.

      2) So.. your training is 4 months, after graduating, your 21 months bond starts, including 6 months probation. So.. all in all, if you are leaving SIA and preventing any legal damage compensation, for malaysians, you have to be with the company for like 2 years (including the training 21 + 4)

      err… if you are unclear, ask again.. haha.. sorry if i can’t bring it to you much clearer here..

      3) extension depends on your performance. If you are good, then its easy to get extended. This includes your MCs, yr feedback, compliments, complaints etc, hope you get what I mean. But in general, they will try to extend yr contract if you are above average. Resorting to agents is due to individuals. You see, crews earn a pretty high pay… so.. some.. after quitting.. dun want to go for a lower pay job.. so, took up those jobs.

      it has a lot to do with skill sets that you possess… i mean, i have friends who went on to become a banker, a teacher, start their own biz etc… so.. its subjective and what you really want. But for technical industry, like programming or maybe engineering, maybe its harder since most things you knew will be obsolete in 5 yrs.

      as a crew, you will be entitled to 21 days leave a year. and no.. you dun work 7 days a week…

      you see, if you fly to christchurch, its like a 10 hrs flight, so… after touching down, you get touch down day off, and the next day off in christchurch. Then, you fly back to singapore working another 10 to 11 hrs and then.. get another 2 days off. THIS is not consider as leave but rather, day offs. So… if you keep to this schedule and planning, you will usually meet the minimal pay of 3.5k.

      However, if you take leave, obviusly, you will not reach 3.5k for the month you took leave (depending on how many days), because your basic is only like, 1.4k… the rest of yr salary comes from your flight time and yr meal allowance. So.. if you dun fly enough days and countries, obviously you wun hit the pay scale, but still be paid the basic and all the stations that you fly for that month.

      erm.. hope this answer your question =)

      • thank you very much kristine. crisp clear now πŸ™‚ your replies are very helpful! hope to see you there in SG!


  113. hi kristine,

    I’m interested to be a crew but I’m still deciding which airline I should apply, can you give a breakdown on how much is the Allowance, IFA and BulkΒ on short haul to KL, mid haul to japan and long haul to US?? thanks!

    • hi dear… salary wise.. is a bit on the sensitive side.. so.. i can’t reveal too specific.. =)

  114. Hi Kristine,
    I would like to know, the basic pay for a degree holder is about $1500 right? And as for the allowance, may I know, does the $3500 total pay include the hotel accommodation and food / transport while overseas?
    Or is the expense for hotel overnight stay not included in the $3500?
    I am eager to know because a cabin crew will stay overnight for many days and if the hotel accommodation cost is rather high and this cost is part of the $3500, then our take-home pay will probably be rather low?

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Appreciate your sharing.
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • hi J,

      Accommodation overseas is paid for by the company. =)

  115. Hi Kristine,
    i had gone for SIA interview two months back n could not make it. i heard there are interviews being held sometime this month. Can i apply for them again?? n besides i also wanted to know whether we r given accomodation during the training phase if at all i am selected.thank you πŸ™‚

    • hi dear,

      yes, you can go back for the interview again and again =)
      and no… accomodation wise, you need to find and service them yourself. The company dun provide the accomodation. =)

  116. Hi Kristine,
    I’m David, nice to meet you.
    I would like to ask what is the maximum age of stewards can be work in SIA?
    There are how many rounds of interviews prepared SIA for the candidates??


    Best Regards

    • Maximum age … erm… it depends on your performance david…

      And.. Its contract based.. so every 5 years, your performance will be reviewed. If I am not wrong, you can work till 55.. but must climb through the ranks throughout your career… i mean.. you can’t expect to be 50 and still wearing blue tie ya ? So.. its performance based.

  117. hello..

    if the color blind test failed, is it mean cant be a FA?

    warmest regards..


  118. Hi, my name is Eugene Lee. I’m currently studying Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of New South Wales. I would like to know how much a flight attendant with a degree earns? Will he get paid more and will he be promoted faster?

    Does a pilot earn more than a flight attendant?

    • hi eugene,

      1) a degree holder gets paid similar as a diploma holder, about 3500 – 4500, depending on the station that you fly to. The only diff is that you get extra 200 in yr basic as compared to dip holder..

      2) nope, promotion is based on performance, not certs…

      3) yes.. a lot more..

  119. hi Kristine,

    I would like to know if there’s a height LIMIT for guys, as I’m 1.86m tall, sporty-built. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi Benjamin,

      erm.. yes.. there is a height limit.. but I am not sure whats the limit…

      at 1.86.. erm…. I think should be alright bah… I believe I’ll seen 182 or 183 ones… 186.. shouldn’t be too far off..

      Sorry i couldn’t give more accurate details on this.. =(

  120. Hi Kristine,
    Would just like to know the cons of this job…I’m more concerned about the hours we get off for ourselves. Do we usually have day offs in Singapore, especially if we want to attend extra curricular classes like music lessons, church & such?

    Also, the traveling part, do we really get to explore the countries we travel to? I’m a person who loves exploring/adventures. I’ve read before even when cabin crew have day/time offs overseas, they always have to be on standby and can get called back to another flight anytime. Hence, the ‘traveling’ part of this job may not be considered traveling, just more like layovers?

    Also, what kinds of people do you think are not suitable for the job?
    Any other cons of the job like loneliness, would like more light to be shed on why people can dissatisfied in the long-term…

    PS: Do the interviewers have a higher tendency of rejecting people with a lot of facial moles?

    Really look forward to hearing from you, thank you in advance! (still thinking if I should go for the interview tomorrow, as i’ve always been undecided for previous interviews recruitments)

    • dear, pls see my latest post and also –> 10 reasons not to be cabin crew post. It’ll help answer your question =)

      long term wise… the job can be very tiring, because your body needs to adapt to jet lag constantly… and also, sometimes, its getting complacent and wanting more… and some.. is because of passengers. =)

      and, if there is too many facial moles.. yes, they might be concern as well.. 1 or 2 still ok..

  121. Hi Kristine,

    I am really keen on joining SIA, hence I am taking half a year’s time to tone up my body and all to make sure that I will be at my best condition for the interview. However, i have two inquiries:

    1. I have a scar on the side of my brow (can be cover up with hair thought), i am trying my best to use scar cream to get rid of it, do you think i will pass the skin check?

    2. How often do SIA perform recruitment in Malaysia?

    Thank you so much Kristine =) Your site is really a great help

    • hi dear,

      at brows.. erm.. you might still get a chance if its not obvious.. (since it will be covered by yr brows).

      As for the number of times in malaysia, lets be conservative and say, 3 months once =)

      • Thank you so much dearie! let’s hope that the scar gel does work magic. =)

  122. why are they not hiring Filipino citizens? I really love SIA and I’ve always dreamed of becoming an FA n thr company 😦 so sad 😦

  123. hi kristine,

    does the 18 mth bond include the training period and can we make the choice to not sign the bond (i.e. can quit any time)? when will they ask us abt the bond? also, where do we train (i read a comment above about accommodation)?

    thanks a lot!

    • Nope, the 18 months is excluding the training.
      Nope, you dun have that option not to sign the bond.. because the bond is attached with teh contract.
      The training is at STC,or rather, SIA training center

  124. hello there
    i’m turning 18 in 2012. so can i apply to be flight attendant ?
    but my height is only 156cm so what should i do ?
    because i really want to be flight attendant help me

    • dear.. you need to try to grow that 2cm.. try to stretch and exercise more.. =)

  125. Does SIA hire international cabin crew because I’m from the U.S and I’m considering of being a CC. Thanks Kristine, your blog is really helpful!

    • hi dear,

      not at this moment… but I am sure you can take whats here for other int airlines if you want to be part of the cabin crew family as well =)

  126. Hi Kristine,

    I have straight scar on my face (straight line) around 3 cm due to accident when I was a baby.. But the scar is not obvious, some people might not even notice. And I am not wearing make up. Only when on direct sunlight they could see the scar. My question is, would I not be qualified because of the scar?

    Thank you.

    • hi dear… it will be subjective

      But… as far as scar goes.. its a no no…

      then again.. you stated its not obvious… so… I would say… go for it… you wun know until you’ve tried.

  127. Hi Kristine,

    Just wanted to say your blog is amazing and is such an inspiration to all girls in pursuit of the SQ dream (:

    I’m quite keen in giving it a shot, but, I understand the contract is 5 years, with 18 months of bond. Could you clarify that a bit? Am i allowed to quit after 18 months? 5 years seems like a long time for me to fly! I just wanna try for say 2 – 3 years? Just as an experience (:

    Also, how often in a month do you travel? And do you always fly back to SIN? Like SIN > LDN > SIN or from london will they roster you to another international city?

    Thanks a lot! Btw d’you have an e-mail I can contact you with? Been trying to look for that but couldn’t find it.

    • hi dear,

      yes, you can quit after flying for 18 months. =) anything before theat, you need to pay “damages”… and its not cheap…

      erm… how often… hmmm… probably 4 – 5 flights a month ? Yes… SQ is based in singapore, so.. any flight need to operate in and out of singapore. =) So.. SIN – LHR – SIN… unless you have connecting 4 sector flights, ie SIn- Nrt – Lax – Nrt – Sin, still it’ll be back to singapore and start from Singapore again. =)

      • Thanks for the clarification Kris (: Also, I’ll graduate with a degree next July only, but I saw an opening for walk-in interviews on 3 Dec. Could I give that a try, since I do have a diploma, or should I wait till after I graduate next year? Is it too early for me to go for an interview at this point?

      • yes dear.. its a little too early..

        try to go when its 6 months or less from your “release” date

  128. Hi

    may i know if the accommodation provided for singapore girls when in other countries is single or sharing ?


  129. Hai,
    I am David from INDIA and i had finished MCA and now i got cabin crew in Indian Airlines… I dono what to do because it is different from my studies… I want to know what is the job profile and how the salary will get hike..They said for me the salary is 22000 permonth….. will they increment the salary with in six month… and wat are the benefits for cabin crew in indianairlines….

    • Hi david,

      i think its best to speak to the recruitment side before you sign the contract. they know best.

      As of what i can provide you, is that cabin crews are paid based on the station they fly to… so.. different airlines will have different policies =)

  130. Hi Kristine, your blog is such a helpful place for cabin crew preparations.

    I am Shirley and I am an Indonesian living in Singapore (no Pr), I graduated from NAFA singapore and now I am looking for a job to be SIA stewardess.

    There are few questions I would like to ask:
    -I know there is a contract of 5 years and is that applicable to everyone even from Indonesia?
    -There will be an interview at Sheraton Towers on 3rd Dec 2011 and I am going there for a walk-in interview. So, should I tie my hair up like how stewardess tie their hair? (i have shoulder-length hair), should I wear shoes with a little heels?
    -What are the do’s and dont’s during the interview?

    Thank you very much.


    • hi dear,

      erm.. dos and don’ts… i think you can find in the blog, of course if you need more tips and advise.. I would suggest you considering my manual though =P

      and yes.. the 5 years contract applies across the board and for hair wise.. it doesn’t matter if you tie or dun tie.. as long as it looks good and natural on you. Heels or no heels.. again.. is fine. More importantly however, is te overall image you are trying to portray =)

  131. hey kristine,
    I am based in mumbai n i heard there r sia interviews being held in chandigarh..will they consider my application in chadigarh if m from mumbai..n also m already under training with a well known airline..will my training phase be considered as me working with the company or will i be considered a fresher??
    thank u πŸ™‚

    • you’ll be consider a fresher… and yes.. you can go to the one in chandigarh =)

  132. Hi Kristine,

    My daughter will be joining SIA very soon and is required to look for accomodation. Can you suggest a good convenient location for her within the budget of 550-600. Kindly revert to my email asap. If you have a good agent or anyone that I can contact to assist me in this matter would be great! Thank you very much.

    • wah…

      erm… I am not in the “property industry”… so… I can’t exactly give any good advise…

      depending on where she want to stay… but generally, simei and bedok would be a good choice to look at

  133. hello kristine,
    arent u afraid or dont u fear being cabin crew?
    i want to be cabin crew soon,
    but im scared..
    and how much is the salary and working hours/days?

    • errr.. you are afraid of ??

      dear, your question can be found in this blog. just look for “crew salary” and “reasons to be cabin crew” ya ? you’ll find your questions answered there =)

  134. hey kristine,
    i am training with a well known airline..but like u said i will be considered a fresher is it advisable to mention that i am training with this company in my C.V or should i just apply as a fresher..?? will I have an advantage if i mention it..?? are freshers recruited by SIA..?? and also i wanted to know how many days r the interviews and medicals held for?
    thank u so much πŸ™‚

    • err.. both ways also does work.

      if you are “traininG’. i would prefer you apply as a “fresher”… cos at this pint, there isn’t any “experience’ you can take advantage of..

  135. hello kristine,
    if i am already training with an airline and apply as a fresher will it go against me..?? is it mandatory to mention about me training with an airline already?? it is bothering me..
    thank you

  136. Hi,may I know whether you’re paid during cabin crew training?

  137. Hey Kristine,
    I’m a guy and I’m so into this job since I was very young. But I have quite a number of pimples on my cheeks which I think they’re the problem. Since Im a guy, I don’t think Im supposed to go for the make-up to conceal them before the interview? Lol.. And If Im going for the Recruitment in Malaysia, does that mean Im based in Malaysia? Or I have to live in Sg?

    Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • hi james,

      SIA is based in singapore.. doesn’t matter if you took the interview in malaysia, taiwan, indonesia etc

  138. I have a scar on my left elbow, will I get pass the skin check? Really wish to be a cabin crew

    • well.. it depends on how obvious the scarringg is dear..

  139. Hello Kristine,
    I would like to know if we will get increase every certain months for our basic salary? or will it stay same (1,200-1,400) for the rest of our contract??

    • Every year, there is an increment.. but is.. very little…

      unless of course, you get promoted to the next level, ie, leading, chief etc

      • Thank you Kristine for replying..

        I also want to know if SIA will apply the working visa/permit for indonesian or we have to do it by ourself?

        And do they also apply for our worldly visa? Do we have to pay?


  140. hi kristine,

    can i check with you if i am a cabin crew, is it ok for me to have my own company? as in private limited to do my business meanwhile. whats the mgt view on that? do i have to declare to the company?

    thanks! asking on behalf of my wife :p


    • you can declare that but, its perfectly fine. =)

  141. Hey kriss… I have been shortlisted.. Jus waiting for medical results.. however I am confused as they have not told us about any fringe benefits? Like do we get transport? Do we get medical insurance for self and family? Siblings? Do we get free tickets or discount tickets? like whats the deal? Does crew have fringe benefits? they haven’t briefed us about anything apart from the training period salary and gross income per month?

    Awaiting your response at the earliest.. thanks a ton!

    • hi dear,

      they will let you know the details when they send you the consignment forms. So.. you will get a chance to read through the forms, benefits and decide if you want to sign with them or not. =)

  142. Dear Kristine,

    I have a tattoo from my shoulder to an inch above my elbow. It is certain that the kebaya covers up that area, but if I were to go for the interview, should I declare it if they ask?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • hmm… thats pretty subjective.. cos thats a big one there…

      Above elbow… hmmm… you can dun declare it. cos in the declaration form, i beleieve it states exposed areas and yours is not.

      cos sometimes you will need to roll up yr sleeves to elbow area… and if it can’t be seen, then.. chances are good. =)

  143. Hi Kristine ,
    Just wanna know if the people we work with are different people from different batches or we have our own batches that we work with and it’ll remain the same. ?

    Thank you !

    • different batches.

      It will be a mixture of seniors and new crews. =)

  144. Hi Kristine,

    great information you have on this page.

    i have three queries:

    1. Normally how many off days do cabin crew have during a stopover for a midhaul flight? For example SIN-SYD-SIN?

    2. Is it possible to take leave during training?

    3. Does SIA provide accommodation for foreign cabin crew – ie Indonesian, or do they have to find their own place to live?

    Thanks alot!

    • hi dear,

      1) it depends on the station, but generally, mid haul is 1 day =)

      2) nope dear… unless very very special cases.. like half a day.. and also if the day itself doesn’t have very very impot must take lessons.

      3) have to find yourself..

  145. hello,
    I’m 24 this year, just graduated from a uni, so I’m just curious about the what-ifs and dos and don’ts because I love travelling and meeting new people.

    would like to check with you in a month, on average, what are the number of days will we be away from singapore? let’s say 30 days, will we be away for 25 days?

    could you state some of the disadvantages of this job? thank you! πŸ™‚

    will it be very difficult to find a job elsewhere in the event we do not intend to continue to be a CC at the end of 18 months? Let’s say future employers will ask why did you choose flying and coming back to “land” jobs now?

    thank you so much for enlightening me! πŸ™‚

    • haha… dear,

      its not hard to find jobs outside if you know how to. =)

      And as for number of days in singapore.. well.. lets take it with 30% and 50% of the month you’ll be in SG while the reminaing 70 or 50 is overseas.

      Disadvantages of the job… erm.. I think i wrote a post on “why you dun want to be a cabin crew”… the major stuff are stated there… but bear in mind.. its more than it seems.. because.. there can be an emotion attached to the problems which will compound overtime.

  146. Hi! Your website is very informative, I had fun reading it. Would like to check with you, how long would the first interview last? How many rounds are there in the first interview? There is a coming recruitment this sat at 830am, however I have things on at 130pm. Would I be able to make it in time if I go for the interview at 830am? TIA!

    • erm.. that would depend on how far you go my dear…

      Its like an elimination stage.. so.. if you manage to get in through first round, then.. yr interview process will be longer… and if you din get through first round, then… yr interview stops there. All in all, i would say.. if you go early.. say 8am or 745 and be in the first few in the que… you should be able to complete everything before 130pm

      • Thanks for the information. I think I shall go give it a shot! Can I just check with you, do I have to wear formal? Like office attire with blazer? Do I have to tie up my hair too? I’m so nervous cause its gonna be my first try!

  147. Hey Kristine~

    Don’t worry.. this is not a answer & question post. Lol~
    Just want to give you double ‘thumb’s up’ for being so patient, in answering all these questions (which people are repeating like over a ‘thousand’ times). :p

    **Do the lady a favor~ Please read before you ask~**

    I bet some of them are going to say this, “Do you think i have so much time to read all of these?” which brings me to say “One will find time to achieve it’s goal.” It will do you more good to read them all because you will learn more things, than to “i want to know & let’s post another similar question, yeah~!”.. Shame on you guys… (Kristine~ you’re spoiling them too much… >.<)

    Honestly… I've never ask her a question before and i've just read all the Q&A posts (i'm freaking serious ^.^y) and i've gotten what i wanted to ask, from her past posts. So be nice people and read before you ask…

    – At this moment, SIA does not recruit Filipinos (check the website please)
    – The height requirement for ladies is 158cm (stop asking as you can see it from SIA website too) and yes, please stretch if you're not there & not far…
    – Remove your braces before you go for the interview (its a rather 'wirey' smile~ ^_^)
    – Conceal your flaws before you head down to the interview (this does not guarantee getting the job but it will increase your chances.. *pray hard~*)

    There's more repeated questions but i won't write it out since i'm getting sleepy..

    Last but not least… Kristine~ Thank you for all your posts and i find them rather entertaining & helpful.. I read them before i got the job and I'm still reading them after i got the job…

    You're doing a fantastic job~!! So keep up the good work…


    • Thanks dear.. you are very very sweet keke…

      I needed that hee ^^

      Stay safe flying, and always always take care of yourself outstation ^^

  148. Hi Kristine,

    I just have a couple of pressing questions for you to help clarify πŸ™‚

    1) I’m a fresh diploma graduate, aged 20, I was wondering will it be better if I pursue my degree first and join the crew, or is it better if I join the crew while taking up my part-time degree? (Considering how a 3 years degree will mean I’ll be 23 then and by the end of the 5 years cabin crew contract I’d be 28; while if I do both at the same time, I’d be 25 and still young enough to explore other opportunities if I do not wish to continue being a cabin crew)

    2) Are we able to leave the crew halfway through the contract before the 5 years is up?

    3) On days we are not on flight duties, is it a totally free-period or do we have to do ground duties/additional trainings/etc?

    4) Lastly, say I went for the interview first and passed, by some circumstances or whatsoever, am I still able to withdraw my “participation”?

    Thank you in advanced for you time! πŸ™‚


    • 1) Erm… good question. haha… usually, I would suggest getting a degree first. BUT if you are discipline enough.. you can always go for the job.. and when flying.. take part time degree. This is usually the case for some of the flying crews. But then.. of course.. you need to be discipline.. ie, during yr off days, go for classes.. and sometimes, study when you are outstation. =)

      Then again, its a free choice.. depending on how far you wanna go ya ? But usually, after flying.. its impossible to devote full time to studying, ie, 25 years old start studying degree.. cos.. you will then lead a “no income” life.. which is hard to adapt after getting 4 – 5k a month for the past 5 years.

      So.. judging from yr circumstances.. its either get degree first OR, get degree while flying.. and not after

      2) You can… as long as you clear your bond period.. usually 18 – 21 months. depending on your nationalility.

      3) Totally off days =)

      4) As long as you haven’t sign the bond.. aka contract

  149. hi kristine~~
    is irene here….=) I’m from malaysia , 17 this year
    may I ask that how to register as a stewardess singapore airlines?
    I need to do a preparation after my graduation.

    • hi dear,

      u can always go to their website and see the next avaiblae dates for the interview =)

  150. Hello Kristine,

    I would like to ask you about accommodation in singapore. How much does it cost for studio flat. As i can see that the airline didn’t provided accommodation and transportation. I’ve to think carefully before apply cause the living cost is so high in Singapore. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you

    • Wow… it depends on area.. and also if you are staying alone or with your friends.

      Usually, its a bout 1.5k – 2k for a flat of your own.

      Generally, crews will tend to share the space together, ie, 3 people to a flat, thus, forking out 500 each. =)

  151. Hi Kristine, your website is really informative and helpful to those who are interested in joining SIA. I am curious to how roughly much profit sharing bonus does SIA gives out each year?

    • Well.. its depends on how well the company is doing.

      But wun excceed 2, thats for sure =)

  152. Hi, Kristine. I am very glad to have found your website. Very informative indeed. I have a few questions, please.

    Is SQ keen on experienced crew, please?

    I heard a lot of rumours about SQ cabin crew member being harsh to new cabin crew members. Is that true or plain rumours, please?

    How much are rooms for rent around Changi for cabin crew members to rent, please?

    Looking forward to your answers. Thanks so much.

    • well..

      as of my friends and students who do transfers… usually, they dun declare them as ex crews =)

      Room rent should be 1.5k to 2k for entire flat. Usually, a room, should be around 450 – 750 depending on yr landlord.

  153. Hi Kristine,

    I’d just went for my med check last week and I’m waiting for result now…. The doc spotted acne marks on my body (which can be covered under Kerbaya), however, will they see it as possible outbreak on areas out of Kerbaya zone? Will I be rejected becuase of that? 😦

  154. Hi Kristine, do you have any ex colleagues who are flat footed? I went for the medical last monday and am really worried if i might get rejected because of my flat feet. Though i don’t suffer from any joint/back pains.

    • Hi ! I’m want to go for the CC interview on my last semester of my school (Im graduating soon) however currently I’m having my braces 😦 I will be removing soon another three more month ? Can I pass the interview? I’m confident with my skin and height just the braces is giving me problem 😦

  155. HI Kristine,

    I would like to ask you if it is possible for me to apply for cc? I am a PR but not malaysian. I am from myanmar.

    • Hi dear..

      for other airlines, I believe its open. For Sia however, its not… =(

  156. Hi kristine, I’m currently 17, taking my o’s this year.
    Was thinking of joining the crew after my o’s. Is there any min req for age and studies? And whats the min height req? Thank you!

    • Hello joey,

      min height is 158cm. Would of course, be better if you are at least 160 to be safe.

      On a side note, I do recommend you geting a diploma or completing your A levels first before going for the interview as you do stand a better chance with at least a diploma cert..

      • I’m 161 cm tall. I suppose it’s enough. I’m thinking of flying and study at the same time. Study dip during my free time. Do you think it’s advisable?

  157. Hi Kristine,

    I’ve been to SIA walk in countless times and i still fail to get through. It’s really tough huh.. =( The last i went, i got through the first round but was booted out from skin check round. can you provide me with pointers? I’ve been trying to get in but again, im not gonna give up!

  158. Hi Kristine,

    I read your posts and your replies, I would like to check with you if I have have a tribal tattoo on my finger (which has already been lasered off, just keloids left, undergoing treatment for that) and also I have a butterfly near my heels? oh yes, and a rose tattoo on my neck (which has been successfully removed with no scars)
    can I still apply for the position as Cabin Crew?

    And currently, I am doing my Double Diploma in Business and Secretary.
    I did not do well in my O’s, and like you have mentioned, they will take the highest qualification yes? Even if my Diploma in private?

    Thank you, and awaiting for you reply =)

    • Wow… erm… As long as they cannot be seen as “scarring” or visible tattoos… then yes =)

      • Hahaha! Thank you so much for your reply. I will try do something about it. Umm, the butterfly is visible but if wear stockings and heels, should be visble? Idk, omg :/

        Anyway, for qualification wise, private diploma is fine right? πŸ™‚

  159. Hi Kristine,

    You’ve been very patience and helpful. You’ve really provided many insides and information for those keen to explore a career as a CC.

    Hope you can help with my queries too. You mentioned:
    “As a crew, so far, the lowest, I say again… the lowest per month I’ve ever receive is about $3800…”

    Can I just clarify if this is the take home pay? Or this amount is still subjected to CPF deduction?

    An also, whats the average age for a male new joiner? I’m 28, turning 29 in 2013. Am I too old to start?


    • that includes CPF…

      but currently, I think they just did a pay cut.. so.. its not as lucrative than it was before. =)

      For a guy joining SQ.. I think at 29, there is still a decent chance.

  160. Hello Kristine! πŸ™‚ Chanced upon this blog of yours and was so delighted to see you offer such useful advice! I have been interested in becoming a SIA stewardess but the thing I’m most concerned about is actually the politics. I’ve heard some common hearsay, that it is very difficult to survive in there. Things like lots of gossip-mongers and molest stories and bimbos that will not hesitate to backstab you, etc etc. I am personally quite a nice-to-everyone and always try not to offend anybody kind of person. Another issue is that I am not very independent, I am very attached to friends and my family so I get lonely easily. Hence I receive multiple objections to entering the industry. Do you have any advice if I should? Because I’m not even sure if those stories are true, I do not want to assume and live with regret because being an air stewardess is really something I want and love. Please let me know what you think! It would be really helpful to me. Thank you so much Kristine πŸ™‚

    • aha…

      dear… if you can feel very lonely easily… I also would suggest you not to go into the industry. Cos when you are out station, if you arent the type who can easily socialise with ppl.. you can get very bored…

      As for surviving in SIA… its actually not a problem. But if you say there are no “politics”, then… you are wrong. Regardless of any industry, there are bound to be good and bad people. But if you ask me, obviously, the good people in SQ far more outweights the bad.

      In addition to that, though there are ppl who will spoil yr day, remember, you are only flying with them on a sector… unlikle working outside, if you dun like that person, you have to see their face everyday. So.. flying does has the previlige that if you dislike a single person, at least its only for that flight lolz

      Its not all rosy, but we can always focus on the good stuff if we want to be happy. I mean, I also have my fair share of unhappiness on flight as well, with pax and sometimes chief and leading crews. But I choose to ignore them and instead, look at the brighter side of things, ie, the station, my friends and be grateful that I am able to see the world before “quitting SQ” =)

  161. hello kristine.
    if i have a tattoo..izit possible to join cabin crew?

    • Hi karen,

      if its not visible when you dawn yr clothings aka kebaya, then its fine =)

  162. Dear Kristine,

    I read your post just recently, i am interested in applying to SIA and i find your’s very helpful :).

    I am from indonesia, and currently still working.
    I want to ask about the income tax in singapore. how much do they charge? is it different for foreign workers compare to singaporeans? and how do we report our tax?

    looking forward to your reply. thanks.
    There will be a recruitment in april and i am willing to try. wish me luck.

    Thanks again.

    • hi dear,

      erm.. for income tax in Singapore… SIA will auto file for you.. so.. I am not too sure about it lolz.

  163. Hi Kristine!
    I’m Malaysian and i’m looking forward to becoming a steward. I have all the criterias checked accept for one that is, i have pimples! what are the chances?

  164. Do we have to pay the bond if SIA terminates us but its not our choice?

    • nope.. but again.. it depends on what situation that causes the termination.

  165. Hello Kristine!

    I’m Yeap yi, 17 this year and am a Singaporean! I’m 167cm tall and 46-47kg. I wish to become a SIA air stewardess since young as I love travelling the world, socialising with colleagues and meeting new people I’m currently retaking my O’levels. I’ve read a few of your posts and I’m still wondering about some things. I’m planning to take fashion designing diploma before I join SIA, its okay right? And I don’t really understand whats probation:(

    But while on the job, do we have to take up any other courses, learn anything else and stuff? And do we have to pay extra for life insurance.. etc? I’m quite confused about this job actually! So anyway Im probably only able to join SIA on, say 2019/2020? But before that I still need to have job experience first right? What jobs and how long do you recommend us to work? Thankyou so much, and I look forward to joining SIA one day!^^


    • Oh and do you guys have to put up heavy make up? And wear heels? And the job includes doing what else? Like cleaning the plane too? And cooking the food also?:o Thank you once again!


      • For all that you’ve mentioned… yes.. a crew does those =) But cooking… haha.. no. we don’t ^^

    • Hi dear,

      you dun exactly need any job exp as long as you have a degree and diploma =)

      Pay extra for insurance ? haha… nope.. you don’t.

      erm.. take up other courses ? no.. you dun have to.. unless you are being “upgraded” to do business class service or learn the configuration of a new aircraft.
      however, every year, you do need to go back for review on the safety side. Just to be current.

      Probation means: errrr… wow.. thats a hard one.. lolz.. Probation mean… “try outs” or “testing you out” etc… hmmm… any help guys… ?

      • Oh okay I understand now!!! Hahahaha thankyou so much, Kristine!!^^

        Yeapyi :>

  166. Hello Kristine,

    I need help on my interviews! Basically Ive went for the interview twice and doesn’t seems to have problem getting through on the 1st day interview rounds (one-on-one, skin, etc). However, Ive been ‘eliminated’ on the management round twice (which i believed is the last interview). I cant seems to understand why or what must i do to get through. Can u kindly give me some tips or advice please? Anw, i am 23, male, and have just ended my NS couple of months ago! πŸ™‚

    • well, it depends.

      There are a couple of stuff u need to pay attention to, as well as the things you do, say.

      I mean.. there are some words and behavior that shouldnt be displayed. so, ask yrself Perry, during the interview day, what did u do, say. Then.. put yrself as a “management” posiion… how would u feel if u hear yr answer and what impression it gives you.

      pay attention to that

  167. Hi Kristine, I really wanted to become a flight steward but i have no experience I’ll probably have to apply here in the phils and later on in SIA. hope i can get trhough! 1 question though do they allow dentures even if its in good condition and fit properly? thanks

  168. Hello! Does SIA hire European citizens?
    I would be more than happy to buy your guide, I just can’t seem to find this information anywhere.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Abby, unfortunately, no.. SQ does not hire European citizens..

      Not because of anything.. But i guess its their unique USP of “Asian” culture. =) However, similar airlines like Emirates and Qatar are open to european citizens. =)

      • Thank you, Kristine! πŸ™‚

  169. just forgot to click the notify me button πŸ™‚

  170. Hello Kristine,
    I am from Mumbai m 23 yrs old m working for Grand Hyatt Hotel Mumbai for 3 yrs now in service m currently holding a position of Team leader in exclusive club lounge,i am looking out for this amazing chance of cabin crew in SIA,it would be my fresh job for this industry,i have uploaded my CV on SIA website,today(Sept-2)..i need Ur help for this job,what else i can do for this opportunity?please help me it will be Ur great favour on me as a friend pls coz u have a lot lot experience so please share little wid me……thank you


    • Hi dear,

      erm… I am sure you will be shortlisted for their interview. Currently, there is nothing much you can do until they call you up for the interview.

      Meantime, I am sure you can read up more about the job scope as a cabin crew, as well as understand SIA more as a company =)

      • Hey Kristine,
        Appreciated for Ur reply but if possible can u help me with sum of my queries?
        1) what would be the process of job after getting based in Singapore?
        2)Does SIA looks after our accommodation charges?
        3)And will the salaries be the same or it will have fluctuation every month?
        4)what would be the salary package for a fresher in the stream of cabin crew?
        M really eager to know the ans…Kristine pls do not get irritate with so many of my questions ….lb waiting for reply….


      • Hi dear,

        1) The process is that you will start your training for about 3.5 – 4 months. Training includes foundation, fleet, first Aid and SEP. Once done, you will get to go for your SNY flight (tagging with a senior on flight to learn On board training), after at which you will graduate and start your solo flights

        2) Your accommodation are from your own pocket in Singapore. However, if you are on SIA flight to other station (aka on duty/roster flights), then All accommodation is being covered by SQ

        3) Your pay will fluctuate every month depending on the number of hours you fly and the stations you are flying to

        4) The salary is the same across the board until you get promoted. During training, you will only be paid your basic pay. But once you start flying, it’ll include your Basic, IFAs, Meal Allowances and other misc like Laundry, transport allowance

  171. Hi Kristine,

    Thank you for your resourceful blog and your generosity in clarifing our doubts. I am Thai looking forward to joining SIA as they are recruiting in Thailand at the moment and am wondering if SIA provides any accommodation for foreign hostess based in Singapore just so i can estimate my average spending versus income more accurately.
    As far as i have seen the rental in Singapore are not that cheap and on top I just feel that it’s not so worthwhile spending the mothly rental when with this job it’s not like i would get (well.. i hope not to) to go home and make good use my rentals everyday if luckly enough to do long hauls or some short but consecutive flights abroad…

    Thank you for being such an amazing help! πŸ™‚

    • Hi dear,

      no.. SIA dun provide for the accomodation. You need to come out with your own from the salary SIA provides..

  172. Hello Kristine πŸ™‚
    How long are the sleeves of the kebaya ? >< I have a scar about 3cm below my elbow and it is about 2cmx2cm , 8 scars parallel to each other :/ and .. it is about 1 shade lighter than the rest of my skin .. not obvious unless seen up close. Hope to receive your reply soon.
    Thank you ! πŸ™‚

    • The sleeves cover slightly below elbow.

      As for your case, you can try for the interview and it would depend on the judgement of your interviewer that day…

      I would say, they will probably judge based on their ‘estimates’

  173. For newbies (does that mean they’re still within probationary period?), will they get to fly from Singapore to Los Angeles with the Tokyo layover? Thank you.

    • If that is the flight pattern … yes. =)

      there is no special restriction for probationary crews less COF and serving business class. If your flight pattern with the crews are for those 4 sectors.. u do the 4 sectors with them. Unless of cos, you were activated for a call up overseas when the flight before you, a crew called in sick etc. And being most junior, it is likely that you be activated and could affect yr flight pattern.

      • Thank you Kristine for your reply above. what do you mean by ”activated for call up overseas”? Do you mean that I can have last-minute changes to my flight schedule when I am already overseas? πŸ™‚

        During each Tokyo layover, is it correct to assume that there will be a 1 or 2 night stay there?

      • err… usually it’s not a good thing. It shortens yr flight pattern. and also means less money and layover dear.

        ie: you do a say… 4 day London flight, and on the 3rd day, you were activated cos one of te crews of the “flight before you” was not feeling well… so, you have to take over her place and fly back to sin instead of staying one more day, as yr flight is suppose to be on the next day etc

  174. Hi Kristine,

    My height is 169cm, weight 45kg. I believe i am really underweight..will i still stand a chance? And also i’ve just completed my diploma in a Marketing. But my credits are not that good. Will i need to produce my transcript to them? or just my cert alone?

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Michelle,

      Weight is a little “under” but still… go for it and dun worry about the weight. They’ll let u know. Sometimes, they might even ask if u can put on some weight… and they’ll eiter just let it go, or ask u to come back for review. Just rem to say “yes” =P

      As for the grades… dun worry abt it. They’ll just see the certs… grades doesnt matter.

  175. Thank you so much for your reply Kristine. You’ve been such a great help and I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  176. Btw Kristine, so sorry, i have one more question to ask. Is it possible if i could just bring my highest qualification cert alone, which is diploma and not bring my secondary school certs and all?

    Looking forward to your prompt reply.
    Thank u. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kristine,

      I hope you are well, thank you do much for patiently answering all the queries. You are doing a very good job in helping freshers like us. I had gone for cabin crew walk in that was held in Mumbai. I managed to clear the interview and I am waiting to hear back from medicals. It’s been 2 weeks now. I have a few queries before I sign the contract though.

      1. Is $3500 enough to live in Singapore and have a good lifestyle? Like live in a good house with good people, buy own food, shopping etc.

      2. Can international cabin crew apply for other jobs in SQ after competing 5 years and looking for growth? Like ground jobs, training, human resources.

      3. Do we get to fly long haul flights straight after training?

      4. Also, I have a scar on my right arm, which is only visible on looking very closely. However, in the final kebaya round the last checked my arm and she didn’t notice the scar and didn’t say anything. So I cleared the interview. But I understand that there will be a medical again in Singapore? Will this be a problem there? I don’t want them to send me back because of this issue?

      5. Does SIA provide us with transport to and from the airport when on flights in Singapore and overseas? I just feel like if we have our flights at odd hours for eg early morning, it might be unsafe for us to travel alone?

      6. I have read that you mentioned Bedok and Simei are good places to live near the training centre. I was looking at places and I read that even Pasir Ris is close to the airport? How is that place to live? Is it too expensive?

      Thankyou so much for your time in advance. looking forward to your reply.


      • Hey dear,

        Congratulations. haha… I’m glad that this blog is still useful.. although I am officially “retired” lol.

        To answer yr question:

        1) 3.5K is a decent pay. But often times, you can get more than that. But lets not talk about good house with good people etc, I am sure you can find a decent place to stay in Singapore without blowing up the salary. Often times, you will probably rent a space with another Indian stewardess or so… so dun worry.

        As for shopping, I think in SIA, you will be paid pretty decent… so I am sure you can shop all that you want. BUT… i have to caution you that please please please don’t spend like there is no tomorrow. Save up the money and put it for better use in the future… ie, when you decie to retire from flying or go back to Mumbai etc.

        Sometimes, when money comes too easy for someone, they simply spend all that they can because they never had the chance before. But once it becomes a habit.. they can never go back to where they were before. So.. take note ok ?

        2) For that, it is open. I am sure you’ll find many opportunities in Singapore.

        3) Yup you do. For Indian stewardess, I think your most common long haul flight will be HKG – Frisco though. Others would really depend on call ups and stand bys.

        4) Nope. it should be any prblem at all.

        5) For Singapore, You have transport allowances. However if your flight is before 7am or lands after 11pm, transport will be provided for free. As for overseas, yes transport aka, a crew bus is always provided between the airport and the hotel which you will be staying.

        6) Well, they are all pretty good place to stay. Then again, most times you will be overseas. Tampines will be the more expensve among them if I am not wrong. Anyway, when you are here , you can take yr time to explore yr area before deciding which area is good for you. Oh, in case, yes, all the places u mentioned are pretty close to the airport. =)


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