Posted by: cabincrewkristine | June 20, 2013

Please Take Care Of Your Health…

As the PSI keeps going up… its becoming more and more hazardous just to “breathe”.

If you are here in this blog reading this post, I do urge you to take very good care of yourself. Try.. as much as possible to stay indoors. Though we may seem fit or couldn’t care less about the smoke because we believe we “can take it”.. sometimes, its still better to be safe than sorry. Don’t forget, all these haze are really “ashes”… and they aren’t very “clean” either…

When you are outside, you are exposing your eyes to them… and when you breathe in.. your lung are affected… and when you talk.. its going into your throat.

Honestly, I may not be an expert in “environmental” issues and their technicalities.. but I do know they’re unhealthy… so.. please please, if possible try to stay indoors. =)

While you are at it, please also drink more water and eat more vegetables. It helps to cleanse the body and detox whatever stuff that you have brought into the body. As of what I know, taking vitamin C also helps to boost your immune system and fight infections. So.. fruits my friends, are a good source of such nutrition.

Well, that’s what I wanted to say today…

Take care and stay safe =)







  1. hie kristine,

    i’ve passed my interview on 29th jan 2013, during the medical examination, the doctor found a lump in my right boob, i had to do ultrasound scanning and the result is benign,not cancerous but i have to do a 6mth follow up.. my confidence really drops.. is there a chance i would b an air stewardess? i tried to search on the net about this bt couldnt find any ans..

    i hope u will get back to me asap,kristine..

    thank you so much kristine


    • Hi Lyn,

      2 questions, you mentioned that you passed the interview on Jan.

      1) So.. did they ask you to get back to them after the 6 months follow up ?

      2) Have you receive any rejection letter before ?

      If they did ask you to get back to them after 6 months, then there is still a chance.

  2. hie kristine,
    firstly, yup.. and second, nope..
    i really hope so, kristine
    and will they call me up for the follow up check up or i have to just go there straight?
    i’ve nvr heard anyone tt had to go through 6mths follow up,tts why it scares me

    btw, thank you so much kristine,
    blessed to have known ur wordpress(:


  3. Hi kirstine i would like to know what is the most max accept weight and BmI to beable to apply for cabincrew?If over abit weight is it possible? And if i would to hold a private regonise diploma my grade must be very high than others than would be able to apply for SIA is it? Thanks and i will like to hear from you soon.

    • And btw i heard u adivse me not to take up the job if i suffer from depression..but if is not depression but is other type of common illness will still possible..? I would really wanted to go for my dream job dispite it.I hope u were give me some encourages adivse and support.Thanks alot kirstine and hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi Kristine! Your blog is very interesting!

    I am just wondering, are they very stringent on guys during the skin check round? Like for example mini scars, smaller then one cent coin, haha, on the hand, but it’s not dark, but skin colour kinda scars..

    Thanks 🙂

    • Guys… should be alright. Cos u all wear shirt which can cover the hand.

  5. Hi Kristine,
    I love your article, become a cabin crew is my dream before eventhough i ended up in hospitality industry. But i am actually still very much interest in joining SIA. may i have your email for better communication. I am based in bali at the moment. Thank you so uch in advance 🙂

    • hi dear,

      thank you for yr kind words.
      you can ask me things you want here =)

      • Hi, i couldn’t find your email so i’m just basing a question here.
        I would love to work for SIA however I have 4 O level credits. I graduated under beauty and spa. I’m currently working full time under LVMH. Will SIA solely look under qualification first??

  6. Hi kristine!
    Your blog is really really interesting i want to purchase your manual but unfortunately you dont sell them anymore 😦
    I have a few questions to ask you
    1) do they accept private diploma in hospitality tourism management from kaplan?
    2) i have a scar at my belly do you think its ok?
    3) i enlarged my earhole before and now theres a hole that is around 2cm big do you think they will fail me?
    Pls help thanks alot:)

    • Hi dear,

      for the 1st 2, you are perfectly ok. As for the enlarge earhole… it would have to depend on who is checking you that day =)

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