Posted by: cabincrewkristine | February 22, 2013

Life of a Flight Attendant – A Timely Reminder

I believe you have read about the life of a stewardess by Yahoo ! If you haven’t, I would strongly urge you to read it.


I think most of it is very true and I still think it has a lot to do with peer influence and the way you choose to lead your life.

I have decided to put this post up because I think it will serve as a very good reminder to all the cabin crew hopefuls as well as all my readers and students who had got the job.

If you do notice in my comments or post, I do urge everyone to please save up your salary and not spend them as if there’s no tomorrow.

Think about this, you may be in the job for a short haul or long haul, it doesn’t matter. and sure, the pay is good and when shopping overseas, you will find things you like at a cheap discount, tempting you to buy more at “cheap”.

Then again… how cheap is cheap when each bag cost about a few thousand dollars ? Do we really need that many “thousand dollar bag”? Are we trying to prove anything ?

In addition, imagine if you are in this for the short haul.. and after 2 years, you get bored of the job and decide to leave the company. How much do you have in the bank now as compared to 2 years ago ?

If you keep spending like there’s no tomorrow, first, you are pressured to stay on as you can’t “upkeep” the lifestyle you once have and because the freshness and passion is no longer there, you will hate your job. and when you do… flying become a chore than an enjoyment.

I believe a lot of cabin crews will agree with me that the initial phase of flying, is amazing. But once you get “routine”, its nothing special anymore. So, my question to you is… what do you want to achieve from here ? A short stint ? or a career for life. That’s a very important question.
If its for the experience and you don’t plan to stay for long… then all the more, its important to remind yourself before splurging your money.

So, when applying for the job, what do you hope to receive after your contract end ? I am sure you would want a fulfilling experience that has allowed you to see the world and at the same time “beef” up your bank account so that in the near future, life is going to be so much better – with you having the financial ability to make more life choices.

I always advocate saving up. and no… its not that you don’t spend (I think its rather impossible). But rather, be in control of what you spend. I mean… how many bags do we really need. Bags don’t provide us with a “living”. When we are in need, “bags” are just bags…. (I know its hard, and I don’t mean you don’t buy. I believe that 1 or 2 is fine… but not like a wardrobe full of it !)

Remember, we don’t want to be “slave” to anything… be it our job, partners or even our possession (ie, cars, houses, material “asset”).

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. No one can pressure or force you to do anything you don’t want.

I have a friend who had saved up more than $100,000 in her bank account after 5 years in the job. She still lead a pretty comfortable life when flying… except that she doesn’t splurge on branded stuff (she still occasionally dines at good restaurants, and she only had one Prada bag) When she left her job, she has now, more money to make better choices for her future.. be it her marriage or starting a family with her bf.

So… here are 2 different stories… a crew in debt, and a crew with ample money in the bank. Which position would you rather be in ?

I do hope this post can be a good reminder every time you are overseas, especially the ‘sinful’ European countries.

Everything is a choice

Read my post 2 years back: To Cabin Crews and Hopefuls – A Life Advice
P.S: At your time here in this blog, I do hope that I can provide you with the best information and truth about the industry. So, whatever I write comes from my experience and what I feel can serve you better… for I don’t wish anyone of you here fall into any mistake or trap that many others have made.



  1. Best post ever! Love your honest take on this 😄

  2. Got to agree on this. I was able to save up ample amount for wedding, house renovation/furnishing and further my education during my short stay. Though i splunge alittle, luxury bag & wallet thats all i got. Without eating dry stores while out station.

    It really boils down to how discipline you are. Spend wisely :))

  3. I understand SIA are very strict during the selection process, hopefuls with some obvious scare on hand or neck mostly rejected. My question is what if they only got those scare after recruited and working for SIA quite some time?

    • hi dear,

      obviously, after they have started flying.. those rules dun exactly apply. =)

  4. 100k within five years as a cabin crew?

    managing to save roughly 1700 sgd per month means she really knew what she was doing, especially housing-wise!

    • I think it is totally possible. Dun forget, after the 5 year term.. there is a lump sum as well.. not forgetting the 13th month and variable bonus. Of course, one must have enough discipline to do so.

      But she is not the most “extreme”… i guess.. she is above average, cos I suppose the norm would be between 30k – 50K after 5 years.

      The most extreme case I’ve heard was this stewardess who got to 100K in 3 Years before quitting !!! Yes… but apparently, its not very healthy for she don’t go out for sight seeing and only eat bread in hotel. All she wanted was to save up. this was what i heard from my fellow crews during one of my flights lolz… but to me.. that’s a bit extreme le la..

  5. Hi kristine I think maybe you didn’t get my mail so I have to ask here. How many day will the coming cabin crew recruitment interview in Singapore take? Will it takes 2 days or all the stages will finish in 1 day?

    • depends on how far you go.

      If you are successful, the interview will take 2 days. Else, its just 1…

  6. Hi, would like to check with you the registration process for this coming walk in interview on 09 march 2013 which is not related to your current post. =)

    I have read through the entire page on SIA website. Under the application details, there stated “please bring along the completed application form for registration between 8.30 to 2pm. ” I assume the registration date and interview date falls on the same day 09 march. Previous registration is thru online submission. (hope I didn’t get the info wrongly)

    Hearing from you soon.

    Thanks ^^

    • hi dear,

      yes… online summission is completely differently from walk in.

      So.. on the 9th Mar, its a walk in… so, pls fill up the application form and bring it along on the actual day

  7. Hi Kristine… I was a cc in sia, I quit 3 months ago because of family prob. I really miss doing the job as a cc, it was really hard for me to left this job. Do you know if there is a possibility for ex-crew to re-join in sia? There will be an walk in interview soon so I was thinking to attend it. Thank you for your information Kristine:)

    • I think you can contact mary or the Hr department directly in any case.. and take yr case from there..

  8. Hi kirstine i am a reader from your blog and also a crewswannabe.I am totally agreed of what you had said.We should learn from others experiences and mistakes so that we could remind ourself think before u spend think of the consequences.Just to ask u a questions here ? Does SIA accept MDIS private diplomas? Which is a regonise private diploma.Will they accept which is less serious medical condition plp? Which this question i been wanting to ask u for a long time is
    recurring in my head. I plan to go MDIS this
    coming half year. Look forward to your reply.;)

    • hi dear,

      I believe they do accept. So its ok to go for it.

      As of medical condition.. err.. whhat kind are u talking about ?

      • Hi kirstine yup if its like those kind of depression or schizophrenia and is less serious and is just on starting stage and had been cure and stable for a long time but need long term medication to control it can it get in? As long as its not like those heart attack can anytime collapse want is it? And at last stewardess need to clean the aircraft toilet the purpose is
        to let another flight passenger come
        in to use again rite? Does air crew need to do that? I hope to hear from your answer soon.thankyou.

      • eerrr…

        dear.. if its depression… i would strongly suggest u not taking up the job. really =)

        and for the toilet, yes. We dun exactly clean… its more like, freshing up or tidy up the toliet so that its “user friendly”

      • Hi kirstine after i heard what u had said i feeling quite sad.. but if i think i can manage i still can go try for it despite the illnesse rite ?i really wanted to be an air crew very badly.:( I dun mind to clean or tidy up the toilet or whatever haha.. i just hope to work in the cabin.:)hehe.

      • Hi kirstine i had google some information about medical people wanted to become flight attendant,becoz due i had medication i would need a medical certification special in avaition to approve that i fit to become a flight attendant together with my diploma to show the interviewer is it?

  9. Hi! have u heard of any story regarding sia cc who got in through relations?

    • hi dear…

      erm.. not that I know of. Maybe there is… but not that I know of. =)

  10. Hi Kristine,

    I would like some advise from you. On the 9 March was my first time interviewing with SIA and i managed to clear all stages but was rejected at the Kebaya stage. I am totally upset by this, as after this stage i know i would have been accepted by SIA. Can you kindly advise me where would i have went wrong? I felt the lady was unhappy with how i walked. Are there any ways where i can request to have a second try out at the Kebaya stage again?

    Thank you!

    • Hi dear, cant request a second try out..

      If you want, you will need to go through the entire interview again. =(

      hmm.. if its the walking part, I would suggest you think about what went wrong.. and if possible.. change the way you walk (I know its hard as its habitual). But if you mentioned that is the reason.. it will be that reason alone that seperates you from being a cabin crew.

  11. Hello! I have been reading you blog prior to my interview yesterday at Concorde. Thanks for the tips!

    I made it through all the rounds however they asked me to go back 😦 to put on some weight and they will call me in April to review. Does that mean I just go straight to Kebaya round (which was the last round) when they call me? Will they forget about me! Do reply! Thanks so much!

    • They wun forget you dear.

      YES ! pls try to put on some weight if you want the job. as long as you can improve on the weight, usually, it wun be any problem getting the job =)

      Jia You !!

  12. If I failed my medical in the previous interview … If I try to go for the interview again .. Will tell notice? If I fail the interview in the morning, can I try all over again in the afternoon?

    • Hi john,

      nope.. you can’t go again in the afternoon…

      It depends on what you fail at… cos the result will usually be the same..

  13. Hi Kristine!

    Like John, I’ve also failed the medical after getting through March 9 interviews. I really have no idea what i was failed at but got a strong feeling its my childhood history.

    What can I do now that i am rejected? Can I appeal? Or probably try for the interview again. I dont mind the risk that the medical will show the same problem, but im just wondering if they allow that.

    • Hi dear…

      thats sad to hear… but they dun allow appeal. I mean u can.. but in most case, they wun entertain yr concern.

      Childhood history as in… ? There are certain cases where they can’t accept because of the history. This
      is “bo bian” one sometimes to keep you safe as well as the effective runnign of the flight operation

  14. Hey Kristine,

    I made it through all the rounds but didnt pass my medical. The thing is, I know I do not have any major illnesses that would validate a disqualification from the position. I even went for a full medical check up less than a year ago. However, I think the problem would have been in the eye test. I told the lady tester that I am due to collect my new set of glasses and contacts and the glasses I had on did not give me good focus on smaller letters. She said it was okay and I could just carry on with my old glasses. After she tested me, she photocopied a bunch of my eye tests from when I was in primary school in my health booklet (my degree is rather high but with contacts or glasses on I have close to perfect vision). I wrote in to SIA after receiving the rejection email, but they wont release any data about my failing the medical. I want to try again, should I? Could you advice me on what I should do? I really felt my medical failure was unjustified due to the circumstances I was in. =(

    • Hmmm… dear,

      from what i understand, u dun need “perfect” eyesight to be a crew. So, even if with glasses, u dun get “full” marks, u can still get the job.

      Erm… could it be due to other issues ? And also dear, how much degrees is yr eye sight ?

      • Hey kristine, I don’t have any other medical issues except for mild asthma. I only had one attack my whole life and that was two years ago. My degree in secondary school is 06/60 both eyes without glasses and 06/09 both right and left eye with glasses on. But I’m not sure what it is now. I think it’s better cause I can usually read the smaller letters on the Snellen chart now. Unfortunately with my old glasses, my vision cant focus. What should I do? When I wrote in to them regarding my eye test, the reply I got was that nowhere in the letter did it indicate that my rejection was due to the medical test results. But that’s odd cause the medical was the only thing I needed to pass. Im really keen on this job because it would mean I can provide stability for my family with my dad being chronically ill and the bills flying sky high. What advice do you have for me with regards to trying again?

  15. if you fail at medical check up round, i think there’s a 6 months ban before you can try again but they won’t tell you. during the 6 months ban when you go for interviews, you will be booted out at round 1.

    pls dun take this officially, its just something i heard from others.

    • not true daniel =) Because they dun cross check your particulars in first round. =)

      • kristine, i think they do. i saw tables with laptops outside the waiting ballroom before round 1. as for the 6 mths ban, its told to me by my friend who said he received an email reply from SIA.

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