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SIA Cabin Crew Interview 2013

This coming 26 Jan is the first cabin crew interview for the new year of 2013. I suppose after the holidays most of the cabin crew hopefuls are looking forward to this date.

Well.. if you ask me, there are a few dates of interviews where chances could be higher when you go for the interview.

I do need to state however, that this post is based purely on speculation. So, if you are reading this, please do take it with a pinch of salt. =)

You see, according to most human resource in any organization, the start of the new year is usually the time where a lot of people start new jobs and start a new life. It is also in December that the traditional “13th” month bonus is given to the employees.

So… this also mean that the attrition rate for people leaving the airline is higher and the HR department needs to recruit more in order to cover for the big fall out in manpower.

Based on this little HR glitch, what can you, as cabin crew hopefuls, take advantage of ?

Well… simply by selecting the right dates of the interview, you can actually increase your chances for their quota for that intake could increase as well.

Now obviously, there are 2 ways to look about taking advantage of this situation.

1) They will recruit more during the start of the year for the shortfall.. which is this coming 26 jan interview.

2) Or, in most planning, they have already pre – planned in advance that there will be a shortage of crew in January and thus, have already recruited more crews to cover the shortfall for the new year. (If you add in the 3 months training, the best month is probably Sep or Aug).

So you see, sometimes, you can increase your chances of going in if you know the industry cycle. So.. my question is… do you know SIA also pays out bonuses to their employees ?

So.. apart from 13th month bonus, if you know the month of their bonus pay out, you can then work out the best month to go for your interview as well. =)

Hope this post helps and good luck for your upcoming SIA cabin crew interview ^^







  1. Hi Kristine,

    I went for the 26 Jan interview today but got booted out at the height test. However, this is my 3rd time trying, and during the previous tries, I passed the height test and made it through to the 1 – 1 interview.

    I’m 1.58m, which I know is the minimum. However what I can’t understand is why they let me pass through the last two times, and didn’t this time round. Does it depend on whoever’s the one doing the measurement? Now I’m not sure whether I should try again.

    • Actually, as long as you measure 158, you will pass the height test. BUT sometimes.. our height can go up and down. depending on the hydration, posture and sometimes even the time of the day.

      So.. it could be the previous few times you were measured 158, but probably the last time, just happen to be below.

      I mean, if you google it.. you will find reports on the way our height goes. But its not a big diff, just probably 1cm diff.

      So.. if you want.. you can go try again. The thing is – it depends on yr height measured that day…

      So.. sometimes, at 160, its a lot safer, cos regardless the drop, you will still be 159 or 158.5 etc. At 158 exactly.. it really have to depend on a little bit of luck.

  2. Hi Kristine ,

    May i wear the spectacles to attend the interview ?

  3. Hey dear,

    I passed and made it through all the rounds for th first day.
    However, I was unsuccessful when I finished th management round. Which was really really depressing..
    I’m wondering if SIA wil cal someone back who failed at th management round, if they didnt recruit enough people from this current batch?
    I look forward t your prompt reply. Thankyou!

  4. Hello Kristine, it was said that the qualifying criteria was min. 3 yrs flying experience for LSS promotion. Is this possible or just a handful to be promoted that fast?

    Also, with the recent cut in allowance, how much have this affected the monthly salary?

    Many thanks in advance :))

    • Aha…

      affected a little… well.. quite demoralizing though =)

      And gosh.. you sure hear alot about the “inside” huh ? =P

      Min 3 years to be qualify for LSS.. but its very very very very hard… from what I know, only 2 or 3 people got promoted within that short frame… I mean.. since I join them in 2007… thats what I hear. Usually, to promote or more commonly, it takes at least 6 years to be “qualify”… even then, you have to see yr performance.

  5. Hello Kristine, I went for the interview on 26th January. I came at about 1.30pm and was very surprised during the 1st round which took place at about 215pm, only 1 out of 10 made it through. Could it be because they had already hit the quota since the interview closed at 2pm and there were not many people then? I see that about a few did very well, with the smile and confidence. Also, what are the chances of getting in again after turning down the offer for the first time due to some commitments? Will she be blacklisted? Thank you Kristine. Regards, Serena.

    • wow… chances are high that they wun accept you again if you rejected them once.

      As for coming in at 1.30, its not exactly because of quota.. but think about this.. how do you think the “status” of the interviewers after sitting through countless of batches since 9am ? Tired ? Bored ? So… you must be of some good reason to get them to notice you at the later time.

  6. Hello Kristine. My name is Maew from Thailand. I went for 26 jan interview but I didn’t pass first round. I just saw 9 march interview on SIA website but I’m not sure that SIA gonna recruit Thai girls or not because I can’t see requirements for candidates from other countries on the website.

    • Hi dear,

      they do recruit Thais. You just have to wait for an opening in yr countries my dear.

  7. I went for the 26 jan interview and made it to the medical checkup. The doctors called me up for another x-ray scan. Im really worried because i never knew i had a curved spine! Would scoliosis be a problem for CC?

    • Hi dear,

      there is a certain limit that SQ allows for scoliosis… so.. as long as you are not “over” the stated limited, usually you should be fine. And yes.. there are crews who get in with scoliosis as well. =)

  8. Hi Kristine! Your blog is so informative, thank u so much! I missed out the january interview bt i am glad there is another one in march!!! but they require original birth cert for the registration.. i left my birth cert in my home country.. will they disqualify me? I am a PR in sg though.. thanks!

    • Erm.. whats yr country of origin ? Can you proof it with yr say.. passport or IC ?

      Do note that they only accept certain citizenships to apply only =)

  9. Dear Kristine
    I left my original birth cert in my home country.. Will that be a problem when I am applying in Singapore? I am holding a PR in sg too. Thanks a lot! Love your blog very much 🙂

    • Nope dear.

      Do you have other “proof” ie, passport etc that states yr country of origin ?

  10. Hi Kristine,
    i’m 1.57m and i’m not sure if they will disqualify me at the height test even if its just 1cm shorter than expected? pls advice!

    • hi dear,

      when it comes to height… yea.. they are pretty strict about it now..

  11. Dear Kristine,

    I will attend SQ recruitment in Indonesia. But due to some reasons, I really can’t bring my original educational certificate. All I have is legalized copy of my educational certificate. Do you think they will give me a chance to proceed to the next stage? I’m afraid they will turn me down at the very initial stage because of this matter. I bought plane ticket to get there and it’s not cheap for me.

    • Hi Mel,

      erm… I dun understand why you cant bring them… but the thing is.. they dun keep yr cert. They only see once and return it back to you. So… u dun have to worry so much abt the certs… really.

      I duno if they allow… but if i were you, I wun take the risk..

  12. Hi Kristine,

    I was thinking to go to the interview during march, however I’m 1.68m and 64kg =[ Which means my BMI will be over 21. Does that mean I will automatically be out in the height and weight round? Or will they see my overall physical ‘look’?

    thank you for answering =]

    • Hi dear…

      erm… u will need to cut down on that. It wun be based on overall look if its too much of a diff in the bmi.

  13. Hi Kristine,

    I have a question about tattoo. My tatt is on my arm. My friends who’s flying with sq told me that as long my tatt is not visible in uniform then I’m fine. Just need your prof opinion is it true what my friends told me?

    • Its true of course. As long as its not visible, its fine. =)

  14. Hi Kristine.. I am just wondering have you been alone overseas while on duty? Do you go out by yourself or do you usually go out as a crew? I am quite scared at the thought of meeting crews who already clicked together and i have no friends.. is it common?

    • Hi Hansan,

      usually.. crews go out as a group. But of course.. not always the case. Its a choice =)

      Usually, we will just go for a dinner or lunch together. For girls, sometimes, we go shopping together as well. And its hard to be “left out” because normally, the crews will ask you to join them. Usually.. alone.. is if you decide to be alone.. thats about it =)

  15. Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and I must thank you for keeping up with this site! I’ve known more about the airlines.

    I would like to ask if we would be notified immediately after the interview whether we are selected or a few weeks later? 🙂

    Thanks in advance!!

    • You will know immediately that you pass “individual stages”, but you still need to go through yr medical to be “confirmed”, which will be weeks after.

  16. Hi Kristine,

    I’m wondering if there is a chance for me to get accepted if I have a scar on my knees (above)? What would the physical interview be?

    • usually, for scarring above knees, as long as its not so obvious.. which “above knee” is hard to detect, you do stand a chance.

  17. hey when next interview will be conducted??

  18. Hi Kristine,

    I wonder that SIA will recruit other nationalities at Singapore again. As seen from recruitment on Mar, they accept only Singaporean and Malaysian.


    • They do open up to other nationalities as well dear. =)

      But the one you saw, probably is the interview held in Singapore.

      You can check out if there is any opening in yr own country state, ie, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc

  19. Hi there,

    I’m a new reader. I have few questions to ask you, is it possible if i were to email you directly?

    Thank you

  20. Hi Kristine

    I went through the medical round already and did my second x-ray on 2 feb. How long will SQ take to call if I’m successful? 🙂

    I’m very nervous…. And I really hope I get in!

  21. Hi Kristy! not sure if you have receive my email. Its regarding my purchase of your manual. I missed out the “Return to Merchant” button after payment. Not sure how can I retrieve and download the manual again. Please advice! 🙂 Thanks

    • hi dear,

      I dropped you an email. Please check ya ? =)

  22. Hi Kristine

    Look forward to read your next post. Recently read about the flying experiences in Yahoo news and it seems really scary..I read most of your previous but it does not seem so bad as compare to the Yahoo report so hope you would share your view on ur nex post.. 🙂

  23. Hi Kristine,

    I would like to ask, I have birth mark on my left hand and also scar in my leg. would it possible though to pass the selection? and what is the step of the selection? do we have to walk like a model etc?

    Thank you very much

  24. hi kristine,I am apurva from India..can you pease tell me when SIA will conduct its interviews for cabin crew in India..I am jus a graduate with 157 cm height..will i be eligible???

    • hi dear… you need to match yr height to be at least 158cm..

      you can refer to the link by th right hand side for more details for recruitment in India. =)

  25. Hi kristine,

    I would like to ask do we need to bring in our CV or resume to the walk in interview on 9 march?

    • no need dear.

      What you need are all stated on the SIA website.

      The application form, and yr result certs

  26. Hi Kristine,

    I am quite interesting for cabin crew in SIA, but i dun know how should i do ?Can you provide some simple thing to me for 9th March interview.Can i ask you that is it easy join with SIA??

  27. Hi Kristine,

    Is it possible to wear eye contact? (no colors). I have 172cm, and 50 kg, is it possible to enter the interview?

    • Hi dear,

      of course you can wear contact. And yes, I think you should just go try for the interview =)

  28. Hi K

    I’m wondering if will someone get booted out of the training if he/she is constantly late for most of the training? Thanks!

    • Hi dear,

      yes. If one is constantly late during training, they will be “out of course”

  29. Hi Kristine,

    Thanks so much for setting up this page and helping all of us crew hopefuls, it really helps a lot! I am planning to apply next year – still a long way to go, I know – but I was just wondering what they look for during skin check. I have tattoos on my right shoulder blade and left hip that will both be covered when wearing kebaya, but I’m scared that the shoulder one will be visible if I bend down to pick up something. Also my skin is quite dry, and my legs have some scars from eczema. Will this be likely to disqualify me? My scars are not a lot, about 5 or 6 small spots on each leg, and will not be obvious if I wear skin tone stockings. Is this accepted in the uniform?

    Also, I read your post about applying around July/Aug for better chances. I grad (from uni) at that time but my cert will only be available sometime around nov/dec but I can produce an official transcript. When will be best to apply? And also, if it is in Aug, will training be delayed until I can produce my cert?

    Thanks in advance for your help, I’m really quite anxious to know!

    • hi dear,

      you can go for the interview then. Its fine as long as you can be availble for traiing within 6 months.

      As for the conditions.. well.. I am not in the position to say anything now because I dunno exactly how everything is. But just one advise is, for things you can change, ie, scars (lessen) or relef them with creams, you can do it. I only fea the case of “everything adds up”. ie, one thing they can still close eye.. but 3, 4 5 flaws.. its hard to ignore..

  30. Hi kristine
    i very interesting for cabin crew in tis job ,how to appy my resume or go where can get the Interview ?thanks 🙂

  31. Hi K,

    I am Indian(Singapore PR),30 yrs old.Do they reject candidates because they are over qualified? I have about 7 years of working experience in the banking sector(client service) and got a Masters aswell. I am thinking of attending the recruitment on the 9th march

    Really appreciate your advice on it.


    • hi…

      erm.. I believe if you are over qualified.. you should apply for their management post instead of being a crew =)

  32. i have a tatoo on my neck at the back just at the start of spine …what can i do to clear the skin round

  33. Kristine the Air Godess :3

    I made it through all the stages in February 23 Malaysia interview! Thank you so much. I really think what you doing here in this site is a big contribution to other girls. I appreciate a lot Kristine.

    Everything went well, except my medical check up though, i have a curved spine… 20 degrees… I cried a little at home later that day. Was quite put down because i was a sporty kind, never smoked or drink, was a healthy girl. It’s not detectable when looking at me & i have no back pains too. I just found out on the spot.

    I thought i was a gonner, then a few days later 2 of my friends which i made that day called & told me they had the same prob. 1 is 10 degrees, another 1 is 18 degrees with abnormalities. I was somewhat relieved. However 1 week later the 10 degrees friend got a call from SIA & the 18 degrees friend got an email. They called to notify me, really kind of them :3 but i am starting to get panicky… why didn’t they contact me? & not at least a reject letter?

    I have this hunch that maybe if they call + email = higher confirmation; only email = moderate; & I am the backup plan 3: sob!

    P/s: I am like 24/7 eyeing my gmail, praying hard!
    (Taking up yoga & swimming plus tai chi in my neighbourhood, this is as a tip to scoliosis hopefuls)
    Love from,
    Your worried reader.

    • Hi Nic,

      actually, if I am not wrong.. 20 degrees should be fine too. Maybe its the quota of the current batch and they could reserve you for the next batch.

      just keep a lookout for their call and email ok ?

      Hope everything will go well for you ^^

  34. Hello! 🙂 I made it through the March interview (yay!) & I end my exams at NUS mid-May. Do you know when training would start for me? Is it possible to request to start at a later date e.g. August? Especially as prior to “official” graduation (which is in July), I would get diploma pay.

    • hi dear..

      your training should start 1 month after u summit certificate. =)

      They will let you know de. ^^

  35. Hi Kristine!

    Thank you for all the lovely posts and your kind replies. Well this is what I wanna ask: I have a scar on my lower leg which I think will be visible in SQ uniform… but if I apply concealer to it, and it’s not that obvious anymore, will they still mind it? Silly question I know, but I’d deeply appreciate your answer. 🙂

    Also, I have heard many stories about the hopefuls who had passed all the stages and even medchecks and they were left with no news from SQ until 5 months… and apparently they didn’t get thru after all. Is this possible? Why do you think they do that? 😦

    I had been rejected once in the first stage (mass introduction), but I won’t give up! Thank you! 😀

    • hmmm.. really ?

      The only case I heard about that was during the “Economic Crisis” back in 09. But usually, this wun happen.

      As for the concealer, well… if its the leg, they more or less will close an eye. More concern about the tip half of the body and hands though

  36. Hi kristine,

    Went for my first SIA interview on 9 march 2013.But unfortunately,i got booted out at the management round.However,i am still intending to try out again for the next interview.I am thinking do you have any idea when will be the next SIA interview after 9 march??I heard that normally is after 3 months time…. which is so long:(

    • Hi Jasmine,

      usually, its between 2 months to 6 weeks… so.. keep a look out for the next SIA recruitment date.

  37. Hi, I just finished my medical and was asked to come down for 2nd check up on eyesight as I had a blurred vision when I was asked to read the numbers because I didn’t know my degree went up. Then again, my eyesight is 6/6(left)&6/9(right). Is it possible for them to reject me for medical?

    I went for my medical on both tues(12/3)&wed(13/3), no calls and letters. I don’t know if I should feel happy or stressed about it! Thanks so much Kristine! xoxo

    • hi dear,

      if the review u can see well, then it shouldn’t be any problem getting the cabin crew job.

  38. hi Kristine,

    It’s really a pleasure reading your blog.
    I’d like to ask about the application process. Do SQ Fa applicants need to send their application prior to the do walk in interview? Or directly bring the documents to the walk in interview? Thanks..

    • All u need is just fill in the dcuments and bring them along for the walk in interview =)

  39. Hi Kristine!

    Thank you for the answer for my question above hehehe. You’re very kind. Something I’m really curious about is actually, how many times did you do SIA interview before you got in? Or was that your first and single attempt? Hehehe thank you sooo much.

    You’re our inspiration. Hope I can get into SIA and fly with you. 🙂

  40. Hi Kristine,
    I had a question about about SIA recuitment 2013 in Japan. I am UK citizen currently in Japan. I have applied for the SIA cabin crew recuitment for Japan recently and just wanted to know what you think my chances (if any) of getting shortlisted are? My Japanese is upper intermidiate level. Are they just looking for Japanese nationals? Am I, at 29, too old?

    • Hi dear,

      from what i know, they only recruit japanese nationals.

      Have you thought about trying for emirates or qatar ? I believe they pay better and even at 29, yr chances are still decent as compared to SQ.

  41. Hi Kristine,

    I’ll like to ask what’s the age group SIA will be recruiting and also i’m curious if they are particular to those who are married with kids?
    Hope to get your reply.

    • hi CI,

      there is no official age group. But technically speaking, yr best chances are below 27 for girls. But below 30, there aew still chances.

  42. Hi kristine,

    I would like to ask if there’s a scar on my my hand, is it possible that i won’t get pass the stage??

  43. hi kristine
    do you have any idea whether the Singapore walk in interview will be for Singapore citizen permanently or only for this 13 april only? so sad for those malaysian like me not able to join the interview here in singapore.

    • ehh ? I am sure its open to both Singaporeans and PR, if u hold one.

      Else, I am sure they do hold frequent interviews in Malaysia as well. =)

  44. hai kristine,

    i have always wanted to be a part of sia. i have tried a few times but failed. i was wondering is my weight plays a role in this. i used to be 68kg but nw im 63kg and im losing goal is 59kg. im 170m in height. my question is does weight plays a role in the interview? and how abot d dress code? is it okey to wear a nice dress? i am planing to go for the may interview here in malaysia.=)

    • your BMI dear ?

      try to go for 18-21. It would be easier.

      yes.. weight plays a large part in the selection process

  45. I have a small tattoo on my wrist which can be covered by wearing a watch. Do you think I will pass the skin check test?

  46. Hi Kristine,

    I just missed the April recruitment. Do you have an idea when the next one will be? And what is the age limit for guys?

  47. Hi Kristine,

    Im 28 this year. Do you think i still stand a chance?

  48. hi kristine,
    my passport is in process ,and it will take around 20 days to come,but my interview is after 10 days,if i go with the passport slip,would that be fine?(or any other alternative)

    • I am sure u can as long as u provide some form of proof or official documentation

  49. Hi Kristine,

    I would like to know how strict are they on teeth requirements. I have a perfect set of lower teeth but my upper set isn’t as good. I have a vampire teeth on my right which can be seen when I smile. Is that gonna affect my chances?

    • Well cw.. there are still chances. While they are strict with teeth, it doesn’t mean you need perfectly straight teeth. if its not very bad, ie, the vamp teeth, there are still chance if it doesn’t affect the overall outlook.

  50. hi Kristine,
    I made it through all the stage of interview of china recruitment. So now I’m waiting medical check up. because I’m in singapore now, and my china friends all finished medical check up in china around 1 week ago. I already asked my china supervisor about whether I could do the medical check up in singapore or now, she said can. but I waited more than 2 weeks, they still not give me any notice that what time I need go for my check up. Is it possible that they miss me out?

    • Hi dear,

      its unlikley they will miss you out. They will call u de. its just that sometimes, it can take quite long. If you are still afraid, you might want to check with yr in charge ?

  51. Hi kristine,

    I’m going to have a medical check.
    Could u tell me how much degree of scoliosis is accepted by SIA?
    Thank you.

  52. Hi Kristine,
    I have pass d interview 4 silkair n i ve received d offer letter. i have yet 2 sign d bond on early june, can u please tell me is it okey 4 me 2 go for d sia interview on 27 of tiz month?since i love 2 b singapore girl more den anyting, if i were 2 pass d sia interview would it b okey for me 2 reject silkair before i sign d contract? please reply me asap.

    Thank you. =)

  53. hai Kristine

    i want to know is there chances that sia will take up cabin crew of silkair. if i have completed my bond n wanting to try 4 sia will they take me if i were 2 go for d walk in interview o will d fact that im a silkair crew b an advantage o disadvantage?

    Thank you. =)

  54. Hi kristine,
    im planning to go to the interview tomorrow. but i am kind of nervous and not sure what to prepare. Im roughly 156 cm and i am afraid it would put me down… and i am not that great at interviews either.. Would the interviewers prefer a chatty person or one that gets to the point?

    also, how should i dress for the interview? is formal dress prefered or business wear (button blouse)

    thanks for your help!

    • Hi dear,

      erm.. first question is your height.. erm.. you need to measure at least 158 to qualify =(

      As fo the preferred.. many things matter, depending on how you present yourself. Chatty.. is not exactly good… to straight forward also not too good.. because what you say must make sense and in a “diplomatic” way as well…

  55. Hi Kristine,

    I’m 24 this year and I’ve always fancy being a steward. However, due to my training back in NS days, I’ve gotten myself visible scars on both my left knee and back of my right palm. Does this lower my chance during the interview round? Can i also check with you what do they look for in the criteria when recruiting a steward?

    your reply will be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Wayne,

      the knees are usually not a problem. But for palms.. well.. it dpends on how bad they are. Its an “image” question when serving pax.

  56. Hi Kristine,

    i did take note on the SIA requirement for qualification.
    Do you think i have the chance if im a ‘O’ level holder but only got 2 credits (which includes English)?

    • hi dear, minimal is 5 ‘Os’ though even that, chances are slim.

  57. Hi Kristine,

    if im just a O level holder with 2 credits, can i go for the interview?
    or do they accept certificate in hotel & restaurant ops from shatec?

    Thank you

    • Hi dear,

      no they dun… but is it like a diploma ? or just a cert ?

  58. Hi Kristine!

    I have some scars caused by mosquito bites on my legs (both upper and lower), will it be a big issue? 😦

    • Hi dear,

      it depends on how bad are the scars.. if its very minor, its usually fine. =)

  59. Hello Kristine!

    I’m around 157cm tall, which i know it’s lower than the requirement, but i heard that there will be an arm reach test, any idea approximately how tall like the mark be? 🙂 and also, i have ‘chicken skin’, those small little tiny bumps on my arms’ skin as im born with it. Hence i dont have flawless skin… Will the interviewers close an eye since it’s a since-birth situation?

    Hope to hear from you asap! 🙂

    • Hi dear.. for height test.. in SQ, now is more of a strict criteria

      So.. if you cant pass the height test, you wun go for the reach test either…

      As for the tiny bumps.. erm.. it depends on what bumps u are talking about. I cant see so i wun be able to tell.. but generally speaking, if its not a lot, and not exactly very noticable, its usually fine. And if it is the upper arm.. its even better because the kebaya can cover

  60. Hi Kristine!

    I didnt get a very good result in my high school, but i do hav two diploma which in make-up one is msia cert other is uk. Would it be a problem in my coming july 20 interview??? But i had been into service line for 3 years already, dose my exp help me to get more chances to get into SIA.

    • Hi dear.. the UK cert should be ok =) not the make up cert..

    • the make up cert wouldnt count.. but the UK one, i suppose it will suffice if its an academic cert

  61. Hi Kristine,

    My height is 163cm and my weight is 40kg. I’m underweight person. Is it possible to enter the interview?

    • I would suggest you put on more weight first dear… =)

  62. Dear Kristine
    i have a one-liner slightly raised scar on my neck which can be covered by concealer (nt covered by kebaya). but afraid that during skin check everything concealed will become ‘visible’. do you think i should still go try for the upcoming interview? are there crews with scars that aren’t covered by the kebaya but concealed w/ makeup? im sure along e flying yrs crews might get injuries and wounds.. would they be fired bcos of small physical flaws? thank you! 🙂

    • Hi dear,

      if you ask me, I would say go for it. you wont know until you try it right ?

  63. Hello, is it possible for PRs to try out for interviews? Thanks, T

  64. Hi I recently tried for the first time but I got kicked out during the skin check round. I had a reasonable clear skin with a few bumps and I pointed out I had a scar on my shin area. The interviewer asked me if I had tried before I said no but she didnt ask me to walk around like the rest. What was the issue?

    • Wow… the way you ask could be pretty subjective. But I guess the key point is your scar and also, the way you handle the interview. =)

  65. Hi Kristine,

    I have myopia of more than 600 and I would like to know if that will greatly affect my chances of being recruited? I have considered wearing contact lenses but I believe that the air up there is very dry that may make my eyes uncomfortable. Will they choose not to hire me because of my shortsightedness? .


    • Hi Isaac,

      I am sorry that I cant exactly answer your question because I dun know how serious 600 is. Mine is about 300 – 350 and I got in. So… being short sighted should not be an issue.. unless its very very serious. Key point is, unless you are colour blind, I think you still stand a chance

  66. Hi Kristine,

    I would like to ask if you know SIA will conduct any walk in interview in KL soon..i have been waiting for quite some time 😦

    • Hi dear,

      You can check the website on SIA’s upcoming interviews. It should give you an idea. If you want, try to plot the pattern of yr current city and you’ll roughly know how long they conduct once in each different city in Malaysia.

      • Hi kristine. I really like reading ur blogs, they are really infomative. I always wanna try for the interview, but i have a 2cm long scar on my wrist from stitching. It can be covered by a watch easily. Can i wear a watch during the skin check? Or the interviewer will definitely force me to remove the watch? i don’t know if i should give a try…

      • They will ask you to remove your watch. But again, it also depends if you are a guy or a girl. If guy, maybe there is still chance cos of the uniform. for girls.. its a bit of a challenge…

  67. Hello, may i know if we have to remove stockings/socks during the height test as i am 157.5cm but with socks i might be able to pass it off as 158cm

    • Hi dear,

      dun risk it. If possible, try to get to at least 159 or 160 to be safe. According to alot of hopefuls, sometimes, even though they measure 160 at home, when it comes to the cabin crew interview, they are measured 158…. so… a 2 cm disparity. To be safe, its best to move beyond 158

  68. Hi Kristine! 🙂

    I would like to ask if there will be a chance for me to apply as cabin crew, though I have eczema on my arms and legs, do you think I still stand a chance to apply for air steward position? I love to become an air steward and it has been my dream though. I hope you will answer my question please. Thank you very much! 🙂

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi David,

      Actually.. it depends if they are visible or not. But in most cases, it is not recommended.

      I try not to be direct, but I am sure you can figure out what I am trying to say

      • Dear Kristine,

        Can give your suggestions about the requirement *high level in english proficiency* how if our vocabulary about aviation or food n beverage or first aid are not so good ?
        Tks Deae Kristine
        waiting for your reply…

      • Hi dear..

        I dun quite get what you mean but, erm… usually the bombastic words are little.. you don’t exactly need to know a lot of avition words or food and beverage or even first aid. In fact, you’ll learn them during training. ie, those more important stuff like Rennie which is for indigestion.

        My Vocab is not good as well.. and sometimes, being simple is good. As long as you can get yr point across.

        “High level in English Proficiency” basically means to be able to converse fluently in english.. it does not mean you need to have good or big bombastic vocabs =)

  69. What if I have scars/markings of mosquito bites on my legs? Will it affect anything?

    • Which part of the leg is it ? The markings big ? Usually, its ok. =)

  70. Hi dear, I made it for all the interview but did not declare my tattoo during the interview. But it was discovered during the medical check up. Do you think my chances of getting hired are gone now?

    • Hey dear..

      As long as its not “open”, it should be fine. ie, hidden away inside clothings. =) Dun fret too much about it

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